Links | Communist UAF & White Pride

29 08 2010

Two posts I’ll like to promote that was brought to my attention from a compatriot.  The first is in regards to the fascistic tendencies of the leftarded front group for all things multicultural, so long as it ain’t White, the oxymoronic named Unite Against Fascism (so long as it ain’t Islamic or Communist fascism).  The next is in regards to the blatant hypocrisy the Vanguards of the multiCULTural nightmare/dream (depending on perspective).

The Truth about Communism and the Communist UAF by Silly Kuffar from the Wigan Patriot blog, which includes an excellent video of UAF’s lead scumbag Martin Smith showing his true colours (and they’re not red, white and blue).


An Important Message to All White People consists of a video outlining the double standards when it comes to pride from the Bolton Patriot blogsite.

That is all.




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