NHS | Whistle-blower and passing the buck

29 08 2010

NHS sack a whistleblower and end up costing Britain £1.2m in compensation.  Now, forget about the compo, what I would love to happen is those responsible for such a grave error of judgement be dragged out and hung from the nearest lamppost.

Hospital whistle-blower awarded £1.2m compensation over sacking – Telegraph

For if we keep picking up the bill, those who fuck up with biblical proportions will carry on as usual.  Time to end the corruption and the best way to do that is with rope.  Fuck rehabilitating the hairy runts*.  Sod learning from past mistakes.  Plain and simply, those found to be corrupt should be hung by the neck till dead.

Sure, humans are capable of making mistakes, but when the repercussions are felt by everyone except the guilty, surely the time has come to put proper punishments in place for those who cause it.

Next up we have the childish actions of councils and primary care trusts doing their utmost to deny servicing to a soldier who has lost both legs!

Soldier who lost legs unable to return home due to council row – Telegraph

For the love of God, if this was an illegal immigrant, those same councils and PCTs would be falling over themselves to help.  But for a ‘customer’ born and bred here, who actually got off his arse and signed up to defend this nation, here they are debating whether or not Ashley Hall is their problem.

Here’s an idea, just sort him out and work out who pays later you deluded fools!

Those in charge huh?  Utter bastards the lot of em.

Remember, guilty by association.

* Rhyming slang




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