Third-way | Drinking Charities

29 08 2010


Don Shenker (Alcohol Concern), Victor Adebowale (Turning Point), Simon Antrobus (Addaction), Nick Barton (Action on Addiction), Sally Scriminger (Foundation66) and last but not least Brian Watts (Equinox Care) have had a letter supporting higher alcohol taxation published in the print version of yesterday’s Telegraph.

These organisations would not exist if it wasn’t for the generous grants from government so why the fuck should I listen to them?  The simple reason people do any form of drugs is to escape from the shite we call civil society.  Stop being a bunch of toffee-nosed cunts and people may not sulk away into drugs.  It’s not fucking rocket science you stupid cunts.

We’ll end up with ration books the way our busy-body cunting governmentals and their co-conspirators are carrying on.

I fucking hate charities.  I actually physically despise them.  Even the good ones won’t be safe from my scorn no more, so sorry Help for Heroes, you lose too sadly.

You know the saying, guilty by association, and if anyone who announces a tendency to vote for a nationalist cause can be painted as xenophobes, then I will deem every charity as a waste of time and space, and most importantly, an infringement of my God damn Right to be left to my own devices.

And yes, I have been selective in my links for the simple reason there is so much bullshit on the internet concerning the above FAKE charities that’d it take me a week plus to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So, if by chance any of the deluded CEOs of the charities above read this, YOU’RE FUCKING WITH MY LIFE, STOP IT OR I WILL START FUCKING WITH YOURS.




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