Dickheads of the Week | Brothers Yohan and Yamani Clarke

2 09 2010

“Brothers Yohan and Yamani Clarke took photographs after the bloody heist at a cash and carry in which one man was shot in the stomach.

But Yohan, who fled the store with bundles of notes and an 18 carat white gold ring, was snared when police caught up with him and came across a camera containing the incriminating images.”

Yohan Clarke, 31 (left) and Yamani Clarke, 23, pose with money and jewellery after the robbery Photo: PA

What frikking retards.  I’m crying with laughter at their frikking stupidity.  Any half-decent crook knows you don’t document your crimes, especially when bloodshed is involved.  They deserve to rot for their stupidity, let alone the barbarism.

Still, these are my Dickheads of the Week




9 responses

16 03 2011

you might want to get the correct information before commenting……no money was taken from the robbery…yet you said this money was taken??? thats wrong

28 03 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

Have a word with the Telegraph then, it is where I got the info from.

Still, you have a funny sense of right and wrong if the most worrying aspect of the above is the money angle… someone did get shot afterall.

17 05 2011

its not a case of right and wrong…I was wrongly accused and had my life reuined by the police mistakes…I did 10 months in prison for a crime I didnt commit…I got to trial and the CPS offered no evidence against me…so now you tell me whats right and whats wrong????????????

All im asking is that you dont read every thing you hear in the papers…and as for the money in the photos…that was given back as I proved that it WASNT from the robbery………..well I hope you understand now!!!!!!

17 05 2011

I was on remand only to be sent home on the first day of the trial…….what that poor man (colin thomas) went through is totally wrong and I hope they find the real people that shot him and did the robbery…..they put the wrong people in jail.

15 06 2011

jack d you shouldnt listen to every thing you read in the papers…..naughty boy….how old are you????

16 03 2011

and also this ring was never recovered and there is no evidence that it was from the robbery..I know this for a fact as I have seen and read evidence and reports on this case

27 04 2011

u guy dont know nothin about it so shut u’r fuckin mouths year there my bloody dad and uncle year so if u know u aint gonna say it to there face don’t say nothing atall year. u guys tag them dickhead f the week but who are u to judge i bet the things u don in the past or in secret are much worst > it wornt there money year so say something u funckin dick head in my book you all are r dickheads of my week year so go put a sock in it and stop worryin about stuff that aint nothin to do with u. there s a saying that says miss and mr wednesday meanin u mind to much of anyones bussness year. im done her . u guys act like they aint got familly out here so u guys who said they should rot in jail 4 there stupidity should fuck off and put a sock in it i hope u do somethin that lands u in jail so u can rot in there as well remember those who thinkevil for someone they dont know it comes back 2 haunt them in there pussy holes . ur stupidity could land u into a lot of trouble eg your mouth and tough. thanks for readin my reply u assholes.x : 0 haha im so funny +u so shocked by te way im only 14.xx

15 06 2011

hey brit, you ok how are you? dont worry hunni your right they are dickeads of the week and have nothing better to do so dont worry.love you always xxx

13 01 2012

thank u .at least some1 has sence.:)

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