Peckham | Gang’ Gun ‘n’ Mayhem

16 09 2010

Another week and another wanabe gangsta from Peckham takes up residence in Hotel HMP for a compulsory holiday lasting a minimum of three and a half years (depending on bad behaviour).  What gets me is at the tender age of 20, Gary Mayhew is the father of four kids.  Damn, in-between being gangsta and changing nappies, it was only a matter of time before he started to cut corners in his life of crime.

Recorder Richard Marks QC said Mayhew admitted hiding the revolver in his garden for a period. But the pistol, which was “loaded and ready to go”, was in a holdall in his bedroom where his three-year-old son had access.

Hid it in the garden until he couldn’t be bothered with the time-consuming process so chose the bedroom for even easier access.  Brains of rocking horses some of em.




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