Jokes | Islamic Rain

26 09 2010

A charity single has been released in aid of the Pakistan Flood Relief. It’s called, “Raindrops Keep Falling On Ahmed.”

The rescue workers at the Pakistan flood area say that the smell of bodies is unbearable. They expect it to get worse when they start finding the dead ones.

There were no survivors from that recent Pakistani Airlines plane that crashed, killing all 152 people on board. Both families are devastated.

Ramadan is here again. The one time of the year when Muslims cannot eat or drink within the hours of daylight, they just starve.Never has the term, “Not enough hours in the day” been more appropriate!

A little Pakistani girl goes to her mother and says, “Mummy, I don’t want to be a lesbian when I grow up!” Her mother says, “What makes you think you’ll be a lesbian, Minjeeta?”

I fostered a Muslim child yesterday….. all four cans hit him on the head!

I got banned from a Muslim clothes shop today. I only asked for a bomber jacket. Touchy bastards!




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