Lauren Booth | Conversional Traditions

27 10 2010

If you’ve got the stomach for it, Wigan Patriot has embedded Lauren Booth’s Dhimmi act.  Personally, after hearing Cherie Blair, I haven’t the stomach for her sibling.  There are multiple reasons I can think of, and think is the prerogative word here, behind Ms Booth’s decision to join the maddest cult on Earth, with the most noble one being that she has had a profound religious experience that spurred her to convert.  Considering she shares genes with Cherie Blair, I like to take the more cynical route.

So perhaps as in the traditions of Royal Marriages, where the Regal married off their siblings, children, uncles and aunts in the name of friendship and treaties, this is the War Industrial Dynasty cementing ties with certain Islamic Oil Fundamentalist Hordes of Arabia.  Of course, who would want to marry Ms Booth, all she ever does is complain so the compromise conversion seems fitting.

Then again, this could be over a man.  Many a smitten fool there has been and history is littered with them.

A final shot in the dark, for that is what this opinion piece is, a peep from over the gutter into the halls of Righteousness.  I suggest the possibility that this could be a minor publicity plus campaign or even a ‘journal of my life’ experience to be milked at a later date.

With the World as it is, I can’t take anything at face value anymore.  Fool me once an’ all that.



Recommendation | And a waffle

27 10 2010

What did you do in the war Daddy? is a take on an old WW2 call-up campaign and a very good one at that.  Also, I cannot recommend the following book enough.  Aldous “the only universe you power over is your own” Huxley, alleged Mason, Satanist, the lot, wonderful dystopian/utopian novel;  Brave New World.

If there is a plan, and there surely is, fail to prepare, prepare to fail an’ all that, then I think the unintended result whatever the original intentions will probably resemble something like this book.  Efficiency is key to survival, it is what separates the species and the individual alike.  How we can overcome nature’s temperament and beasts is due mainly to our ability to communicate and work as a team working from the same gameplan.

Every human being is capable of being a cog, and in the past, great personal sacrifices were made unwillingly but necessarily so others could perhaps enjoy another minute of life.  The social revolution of the late Victorian, Early Edwardian age was true progress.  After the war, every gift given has been a poisoned chalice, from the ‘free at the point of service’ NHS to the ‘free for all’  State Education.  ‘The mass replacement of cheaper cogs to plug up the gaps due to the killing fields in Europe and beyond was regressive.

Some human beings are born leaders, and I don’t mean the big-eared inbred nobility that have avoided the axe, I’m talking about your Horatios and Drakes.  A few become legends, King Arthur and Robin Hood to name but two, and to ensure the ladies don’t feel underrepresented, Britain’s Pagan Saint Boudicca.

Other human beings can be a nuisance but in the most part bearable.  A few have their moment in the sun, Edward Teach and Dick Turpin from our dark past yet we survived their thievery.  Some are despatched by the gallows while some don’t but justice has always been a fickle mistress.

Yet there are those with dark souls and darker hearts (baby-eating Satanists) who just cannot help themselves but be bad.  Many probably began with the most modest of intentions and just saw a hole that needed to be filled.  Then again, perhaps they were responsible for the hole in the first place???

The birth of thinking man spawned the geo-political hydra we see today.  Probably started with a few tribal heads at first yet with the wonders of modern gizmos and gadgets, has grown into the miliary-style ‘help the world‘ brigade we possess today.  Filled with the likes of the United Nations, NATO, European Union, United Kingdom and various extra admin zones, the African Congress, the Islamic one, the <insert cause here> Lobby Groups and the billions of idiots who think blindly that clap their hands in applause cos they’re getting something for nothing.

There’s always a catch though.  Always.

ConDemnation | Foreign Aiding and Abetting

23 10 2010

Official line regarding the increase in foreign aid is Chairman Cameron along with his little pet Clegg, proclaims (and I paraphrase angst licensed);

We (as in the British Taxpayer) have a Moral Duty (treaty conditions enacted for the benefit of British Companies that may (or my not) hire British Workers) to help the world’s less fortunate (we’re giving them your livelihood).

The above is the United Nations, which should be renamed the Divided Nations considering the various voting blocs that call this building home.  This sponsored holding-hand band is staffed with the unelectables of their home nations and hosts some of the most disputed NGOs on Earth.  The list of scandals is extremely long as usual with these behemoth organisations.

The picture to the right is the Eurocratic headquarters of the Brussel’s Elite, which looks rather like the imagining of the Tower of Babel to the left.  Another talking shop which has the UN’s recognition as the One Stop Shop for European Relations.

Those in the above picture are not British Subjects or citizens (or British freemen of the land for that matter).  These are not the British Electorate and so the British Government have no Moral Duty whatsoever to use Our Credit Card supporting the above family.

A Government has a Moral Duty to protect Her People first and foremost.  If the nation can help nations along the way, great, but we should not be going out of our way and maxing out our credit for the benefit of our competitors.

Main benefices of the foreign aid will be Multinational Charities, dodgy staff, dodgy despots, political whores, admin, jolly outings, various military outfits and manufacturers, logistical multinational corporations, celebrities and actors and useful idiots, and oh, some illiterate voodoo doctor who believes in leprechaun’s.

Mmm | Obama facing defeat?

23 10 2010

Thanks to the knowledgable vault inside an American Brethren, my understanding is that Democrats are Labour while the Republicans are the Tories, which probably means they’re both as bad as eachother, so it is a breath of fresh air that the Tea Party arose.

Now, I will never forgive the Original Bostoners for wasting so much tea, it’s criminal, those poor defenceless leaves never hurt no-one…   I hate to see good tea wasted and it is my understanding that it wasn’t cheap tea thrown overboard but the fancy stuff.

Alas, that was then and this is now and even though I digress at the loss of tea understand the symbolic act of defying a government’s imposition of taxes which began the road to independence from the Crown.  Lucky buggers.

Still, the REpublican Party seems to have jumped on the coattails of the popular Tea Party as well as a few heavy backers.  Whether or not this will affect the direction the movement takes.

One step at a time though.

Sure the Leftarded Armies of Doom are still singing Obuma’s name, yet the growing chorus against Saint Barry may soon swallow up his power in the Senate;  In effect, he’ll be facing a real opposition instead of the current Goon Squad.

A New American Revolution? Anti-establishment Tea Party is on the brink of election victories that could leave Obama a lame duck (Daily Wail)

Well, from my side of the Atlantic I wish the Tea Party every success.

HMS Astute | Crash bang wallop

22 10 2010

Just thankful there was no injuries and no ‘boom’. Lives gone can never be replaced and that beauty of a boat costs a hefty £1billion, with kit like that, we need to be careful.

Thankfully it was just a test run but thanks to the Royal Navy news department and the Patriots in the Media, the whole world can know of another embarrassment.  Then again, perhaps it wasn’t a test run but now deemed one to try to cover the error.  Of have they brought back the rum ration???

If so, alcohol keeps increasing in price, I’m quite tempted to sign up.  Who knows, perhaps I could get captured and cry like a baby, then to top that of, after my safe return sell my story with the blessing of my CO…   Standards, what is the point in having them if they are not maintained???


Anything that can mimic the wrath of God deserves awe.  No matter how much you dislike our weapons capable of total war, these machines and the men and ladies that crew them  Just wished our Royal Navy to shape up with the technology instead of imitating our foreign counterparts.

The whole world is coming down.  Worse yet, it’s affecting my little bubble.  My beloved Millwall, barely breathing;  My employment hopes and dreams, shattered and kicked in the nuts;  My ancestral homeland invaded by foreign minds and foreign laws, a real doom and gloom moment this thought.

So please Royal Navy, pretty please, pretty please with ice-cream sprinkled with nuts will you stop being so f**king lazy!  You’re not sea cadets, the masters of the oceans, able to tie a thousand different types of knot, endure hardship with a wipe of the brow, for the love of God, you’re walking in the steps of Lord Nelson, the greatest Englishman, nah, the greatest sentient being in the history of sentient beings…  okay okay, perhaps not the greatest ever, but definitely bronze in that podium.

Wishing the HMS Astute and her crew a quick lesson learnt and a future free of drunken sailor antics.

Yellow Tories | What’s wrong with this picture?

22 10 2010

Yellow not for the civil partnership with the weasel Lib Dims, but for the gross cowardice shown with the indecent dismissing of Councillor Mike Gardener for the above picture, which in his defence:

“I don’t dress up as a Nazi normally. This was an exception. I am not a Nazi and I don’t behave like that.

It was a private birthday party and the dress code was the war. Do I feel ashamed? No. It was fancy dress and a piece of fun.

The invitation was to depict the year in which you were born, I was born in the war.

‘There were a lot of people at the party who are in the armed forces or the MoD, it was not offensive to them or to the family.

I was brought up in the war, my mother and father were heavily engaged in fighting the Nazis. We grew up hating the Nazis.

M’y father was a pilot in the war, and my mother worked in the munitions industry. The fight against Hitler and the Nazis dominated my life in childhood. In that context everyone was greatly amused.

If I had done this as a councillor I would expect to be shot. I have done nothing wrong, I am sorry that offence has been taken but it does not impinge any standard in the council.”

Now come on, to seriously think that dressing up as some dead guy should be punishable by death, it’s the Royal Harry story all over again. I find those dressed as Daleks and Ninjas more scary than some middle-aged non-politician (I didn’t have a clue of his existence until now) in fancy-dress.

Now an education for Eton boy Mr Cameron from Peckham’s finest Pleb, moi.

Original Nazi

Major contributor to the creation of Nazism.  Now dead. Has been since 1945. Can’t do no more about him, he’s already got his own biography channels on the TV. Get over it.

Western Neo-Nazi

Notice the manner flags Mr Cameron?  And what looks like a few individuals Mr Cameron?  This is how you can tell whether or not they are actually Nazis.

Islamic Neo-Nazi

Does this even need an explanation?

Geddit David you mong???

OWG | Agenda 21 and Diet

22 10 2010

James Delingpole is oh so more eloquent than myself in the writings of rage, that I shall direct you to his piece in the Telegraph regarding the ideas thrown around about our collective, and that word is important, diets.  I won’t cut and paste it all but just highlight the third from bottom paragraph and one phrase in particular.

‘Let them eat vegetables’ says the Eton Grocer’s eco-fascist quango

Apart from being riddled with false assumptions – the main ones, of course, being that “Greenhouse Gases” need to be controlled in the first place; that their effect on “Climate Change” is anything to worry about; that any of this is any business of the Food Standards Agency anybloodyway – the document is really just a means of further advancing the cause of the Quangocracy, Big Government and the UN’s Agenda 21.

Now, just what is the UN’s Agenda 21?  Well, according to the following video, just another step towards One World Governance resulting in property rights suspended, collectivism imposed, and just a general corporatisation of the entire globe under one roof.  One glove fits all.  Or possibly one iron gauntlet to keep all in check.

The official plan can be read HERE, yet unsurprisingly, once more the authors deliberately skirt around the written bush, using all sorts of soundbites that no sane human could reject, yet what one says they are going to do and what they actually do, are two very different things.

1.4. The developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries, in order to cover the incremental costs for the actions they have to undertake to deal with global environmental problems and to accelerate sustainable development. Financial resources are also required for strengthening the capacity of international institutions for the implementation of Agenda 21. An indicative order-of-magnitude assessment of costs is included in each of the programme areas. This assessment will need to be examined and refined by the relevant implementing agencies and organizations.


Redistribution of wealth which of course will be handled by a respected banker who of course wouldn’t dream of skimming some of the top…  whose ever heard of an untrustworthy public servent 1US??? 2UN??? 3UK???

2.4. Governments recognize that there is a new global effort to relate the elements of the international economic system and mankind’s need for a safe and stable natural environment. Therefore, it is the intent of Governments that consensus-building at the intersection of the environmental and trade and development areas will be ongoing in existing international forums, as well as in the domestic policy of each country.


Consensus-building usually means “We’re right, you’re wrong and if you step outta line, we’ll smack you one“, or worse, ‘blow you up‘ as if the below was an innocent mistake.  (warning, those with a nervous disposition should not view this as this is uncensored)

I could go on but it’s best if you skim through the whole thing yourself, and I say skim otherwise it’s like reading any governmental release, mind-numbingly protracted bullcrap that actually has the ability to make you vomit.  When something looks too good  to be true, it is usually bullcrap.  And after all them years finessing this art, the political masters and their puppets in the world do a splendid job of smoke and mirrors and top of the range bullcrap.

Even the best intentions can have the worst consequences.  And every time I hear the UN and various whores mention sustainability, I can’t help but picture euthanasia on tap.  Remember our business partners in the Chinese government’s approach towards over-population.  No problem with murdering an unborn soul to sustain their economy.  How long before the UN adopts this stance as a way to save the planet?  And why, in the age of equality restrict this barbaric and sadistic measure to those conceived yet not received?  Why not the over 50s?  Or the unemployed?  Or the disabled?  Or those on low incomes?  Or anyone else that doesn’t tag along?

Just like UN Peacekeepers raping their way across Africa to the dodgy dealings with Saddam and the Oil for Food programs, I wouldn’t trust this bunch of despots with my shed.  Bet the UN is just one giant horse-trading show in which each representative tries to outdo the others in vying for the UN’s cushy jobs. Oh yeah, we’re the horses.  And oh yeah, the Owners of this planet appoint the cushy jobs;  for economic power can buy political power, ad infinitum.

The root of all evil is the love of money…  money buys many things, yet most sought, is good old-fashioned control.  And it doesn’t matter how well-off you think you are, compared to Earth PLC’s stockholders, you’ve got sweet FA.

All’s fair in love and war.