Blighted | A military coup is what’s needed

19 10 2010

Britain’s ‘feed Palestine, finance an Indian space program and prop up Pakistan’s nukes‘ aid budget ring-fenced, all threats defended, our Coalition Conners have swung the axe at our own military spending.

Our very existence is being undermined while vast amounts of resources are sucked into NATO’s War on Everything Foreign, EU’s War on Everything Local all at the behest of our failed political class who oversee the Rotten Boroughs of Britain!

The time for a military coup is NOW, if our Generals leave it any longer, they’ll be lucky to have a bolt-action rifle.

Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad, and Western Civilisation, after two millenia of enlightening domination, are now stark raving, running naked through the supermarket mad.




One response

19 10 2010
Silly Kuffar

You can put that down to the Communist/Marxist enemy within, which has done everything it can to attack Britain without resorting to military means.

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