Still unemployed | and loving it

21 10 2010

No alarm clock, no deadlines, no lazy know-nothing boss blasting about missing deadline, I imagine this is what heaven is like.  But alas, far from enjoying myself, I’m only half happy due to the fact that I no longer pay for the incompetence of my masters.  Instead, they can now pay towards my own.

Of course, once the indians start circling the wagons I shall need to find an income stream and considering that I speak English better than most of my fellow communtarries, won’t have half as much trouble finding some sap of an employer to pay me a salary.  Probably the NHS considering their lax standards.  So yes, be scarred.

Still, I’m sure no one wishes to hear my tales of watching daytime tv while scratching my arse so instead, a couple of rants.

News from the Express that we may face a tax imposed by the European Paramentarian Nobility, my eagerness to rejoin the wage slaves is waning once more.  Sure this won’t get pressed into law yet, but it will.  Those satanic Eurocrats don’t spend resources hammering out such proposals for the fun of it.  Oh no, all part of the bigger plan to make us European, whether we like it or not.

Then another governmental musing mentioned in the Telegraph regarding social housing tenants ‘bequeathing’ the family home to their own.  This has nothing to do with cost but the need to privatize everything.  Scammed some of the tenants into buying their 20+ year old council properties, now just need to push the rest out.

Well, spank you all who voted for the same old shite.  I truly mean it.

Things don’t change, they just revolve.  Main reason I feel the political class treat the plebs with such disrespect is the utter gullibility of the general public.  No matter what immoral act the Bastards that Be commit, the brain-dead masses will continue to vote the same old shite.

Spank you very fucking much.

A million bullets wouldn’t be enough to shoot the traitors in this nation.  Thank the Lord for rope.




One response

21 10 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

Very ‘Green’ of you sir – indefinitely recyclable, environment-friendly, rope.

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