HMS Astute | Crash bang wallop

22 10 2010

Just thankful there was no injuries and no ‘boom’. Lives gone can never be replaced and that beauty of a boat costs a hefty £1billion, with kit like that, we need to be careful.

Thankfully it was just a test run but thanks to the Royal Navy news department and the Patriots in the Media, the whole world can know of another embarrassment.  Then again, perhaps it wasn’t a test run but now deemed one to try to cover the error.  Of have they brought back the rum ration???

If so, alcohol keeps increasing in price, I’m quite tempted to sign up.  Who knows, perhaps I could get captured and cry like a baby, then to top that of, after my safe return sell my story with the blessing of my CO…   Standards, what is the point in having them if they are not maintained???


Anything that can mimic the wrath of God deserves awe.  No matter how much you dislike our weapons capable of total war, these machines and the men and ladies that crew them  Just wished our Royal Navy to shape up with the technology instead of imitating our foreign counterparts.

The whole world is coming down.  Worse yet, it’s affecting my little bubble.  My beloved Millwall, barely breathing;  My employment hopes and dreams, shattered and kicked in the nuts;  My ancestral homeland invaded by foreign minds and foreign laws, a real doom and gloom moment this thought.

So please Royal Navy, pretty please, pretty please with ice-cream sprinkled with nuts will you stop being so f**king lazy!  You’re not sea cadets, the masters of the oceans, able to tie a thousand different types of knot, endure hardship with a wipe of the brow, for the love of God, you’re walking in the steps of Lord Nelson, the greatest Englishman, nah, the greatest sentient being in the history of sentient beings…  okay okay, perhaps not the greatest ever, but definitely bronze in that podium.

Wishing the HMS Astute and her crew a quick lesson learnt and a future free of drunken sailor antics.




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