Yellow Tories | What’s wrong with this picture?

22 10 2010

Yellow not for the civil partnership with the weasel Lib Dims, but for the gross cowardice shown with the indecent dismissing of Councillor Mike Gardener for the above picture, which in his defence:

“I don’t dress up as a Nazi normally. This was an exception. I am not a Nazi and I don’t behave like that.

It was a private birthday party and the dress code was the war. Do I feel ashamed? No. It was fancy dress and a piece of fun.

The invitation was to depict the year in which you were born, I was born in the war.

‘There were a lot of people at the party who are in the armed forces or the MoD, it was not offensive to them or to the family.

I was brought up in the war, my mother and father were heavily engaged in fighting the Nazis. We grew up hating the Nazis.

M’y father was a pilot in the war, and my mother worked in the munitions industry. The fight against Hitler and the Nazis dominated my life in childhood. In that context everyone was greatly amused.

If I had done this as a councillor I would expect to be shot. I have done nothing wrong, I am sorry that offence has been taken but it does not impinge any standard in the council.”

Now come on, to seriously think that dressing up as some dead guy should be punishable by death, it’s the Royal Harry story all over again. I find those dressed as Daleks and Ninjas more scary than some middle-aged non-politician (I didn’t have a clue of his existence until now) in fancy-dress.

Now an education for Eton boy Mr Cameron from Peckham’s finest Pleb, moi.

Original Nazi

Major contributor to the creation of Nazism.  Now dead. Has been since 1945. Can’t do no more about him, he’s already got his own biography channels on the TV. Get over it.

Western Neo-Nazi

Notice the manner flags Mr Cameron?  And what looks like a few individuals Mr Cameron?  This is how you can tell whether or not they are actually Nazis.

Islamic Neo-Nazi

Does this even need an explanation?

Geddit David you mong???




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