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27 10 2010

If you’ve got the stomach for it, Wigan Patriot has embedded Lauren Booth’s Dhimmi act.  Personally, after hearing Cherie Blair, I haven’t the stomach for her sibling.  There are multiple reasons I can think of, and think is the prerogative word here, behind Ms Booth’s decision to join the maddest cult on Earth, with the most noble one being that she has had a profound religious experience that spurred her to convert.  Considering she shares genes with Cherie Blair, I like to take the more cynical route.

So perhaps as in the traditions of Royal Marriages, where the Regal married off their siblings, children, uncles and aunts in the name of friendship and treaties, this is the War Industrial Dynasty cementing ties with certain Islamic Oil Fundamentalist Hordes of Arabia.  Of course, who would want to marry Ms Booth, all she ever does is complain so the compromise conversion seems fitting.

Then again, this could be over a man.  Many a smitten fool there has been and history is littered with them.

A final shot in the dark, for that is what this opinion piece is, a peep from over the gutter into the halls of Righteousness.  I suggest the possibility that this could be a minor publicity plus campaign or even a ‘journal of my life’ experience to be milked at a later date.

With the World as it is, I can’t take anything at face value anymore.  Fool me once an’ all that.





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27 10 2010
World Spinner

Lauren Booth | Conversional Traditions « My mindless mind ……

Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

4 11 2010
Bert Rodinsky

“all she ever does is complain”

Yup but muslim men have ways of dealing with women who complain alot. It usually involves a fists, feet and a stick and sometimes stones, I believe.

Personally I reckon this is all about the publicity, but I’m a cynical old bastard.

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