Concrete Jungle | Lewisham and the Lord

20 11 2010

A former Tory MP for Lewisham in the 90s who now happens to sit in the House of Lords has inadvertently(?) had a pop at his former electorate.  John Maples, or as noble’d, free-from-election-process Baron Maples of Stratford-upon-Avon was comparing the past illiterate and immigrant inhabitants he had to woe to the ones he currently Lords over.

“One was three square miles of concrete. Lewisham did not have an identity with Lewisham and I don’t think many people knew which borough they lived in.”

He added that Stratford had a “‘very articulate” electorate and Lewisham had “immigration and housing problems”.

My tuppence;

Course it does, since 1945 the political turds have embarked on a policy of shipping em in and stocking em high…  for the love of God, we either have devious little bastards running amok in Our National Destiny or worst, the no-goo, do-nothings that rather plod along throwing out the odd complaint until pension day.

Unsurprisingly, we only find out what he thinks of his past electorate when he is sitting in the Lords.

Turncoats the lot of em.  As for Lewisham, he doesn’t explain.

Yes there has been, and continues to be, high immigration into the area from the WORLD, although Africa seems to be a contender for the top place of origin, thus of course there would be overcrowding in the 3 square miles that Lewisham is.  So lo and behold, a heck of a lof of concrete was needed although the Council did manage to save a 60ft patch of green (next to the DLR and bus stops – very pleasant in the summer for the drunks at least).


Stating that Lewisham doesn’t have an identity is a barefaced lie.  It just so happens to be foreign.  Like most of Southwark, Hackney and many other boroughs ruined by the tosspots-that-be with their plan to subvert Britain.  After inviting the world to plant entire communities in Blighty, surely even the blind would have been inclined to think that this would be the possible result.  Those with a basic understanding of maths should be able to compute the need for more concrete for more flats for more people.

The idiocy displayed by some of our Lords, men who are supposed to have been elevated due to superior intellect and abilities, is too damn embarrassing.  Not content with honouring Johnny Foreigner to the ball, our own kin are sourced for the prestigious title from the Nation’s gutter world of parliament.

God help us, for we need some divine intervention if our protectors are made up of ‘men’ with scruples like Lord Maples.


Irish independence | Didn’t last long

19 11 2010

What will probably go done as one of the shortest periods of independence ever experienced by a developed nation, Ireland will soon be lock, stock and barrel in the hands of the Eurocratic Overlords.  Just like the English bought the Scottish parliament, today it is the Eurocrats who are busying themselves buying the Republic’s Taoiseach.

And to think, there wasn’t even a united Ireland until the English turned up and subsequently turned them over.  Yet ever since the birth of Empire, Eire has done Her utmost to sever the ties with the rest of the British Isles, and to moi amazingly preferring to subjugate themselves to the pontificating activities of the Vatican.  Given another thirty years and another terrorist-appeasing Labour government, I would have been in no doubt that Ulster would have eventually ceded to the Republic.  All I see now though is a change in management.

I once looked up to the Republicans in their earlier efforts of minimising casualties with the half-hour warning to maximise the time allowed for the evacuation process.  Sure the effort was spurred on by the heavy-handed reply from the Special Forces to the previous bloodshed perpetrated by the IRA.  Of course, the response details which are most definitely sealed and will remain so for the indefinite future, What the IRA did find out was unless you have a terrorist-appeasing Labour government, blowing up innocents’ and off duty soldiers isn’t the way to conduct rebellion.

Shudder to think of the ‘threat’ today.  Shudder even more if I really do hark back at the old IRA campaigns as the glory days but things at least seemed more civilised back then, ya’know, before all the Madhammad Bombers of Doom from the Islamic quarter showed up complaining of how un-Islamic we are.

In honour of the passing of my grandmother’s homeland, a few pre-prepared Irish themed anecdotes:

Wee Irish boy crying by the side of the road. A man asks “What’s wrong?” Boy says “Me Ma is dead” “Oh bejaysus” the man says “Do you want me to get Father O’Riley ?” Wee boy replies”No thanks Mister, sex is the last ting on me moind roight now.”


Man lost in a hot air balloon over Ireland . He looks down and sees a farmer and shouts to him, “Where am I?” The Irish farmer looks up and shouts back “You can’t kid me ya bastard, yer in that feckin basket!”


Paddy is cleaning his rifle and accidentally shoots his wife. He dials 999. Paddy says “It’s my wife, I’ve accidentally shot her. I’ve killed her” Operator “Please calm down sir. Can you first make sure she really is dead?” CLICK,BANG Paddy “OK, done that, what next?

I’ll miss Ireland for a host of reasons, one of them not being Cork, that place reminded me of Croydon.  Sure there were fewer blacks and even lesser asylum seekers but the buildings similar and I still couldn’t understand a word spoken by a Corker, so sadly it’ll always be another Croydon for me.

IMF’s Strauss-Kahn | Ever closer union

19 11 2010

With a name that sounds like an electric guitar, Chief Strauss-Kahn of the world-renowned IMF has called on the leaders of European Nations to surrender what little autonomy they have left to the unelected Board of European Financiers so to avert future cash confidence crises.  Now remember that the IMF is an intergalactic organisation that can transfer, ahem, I mean transform Nation’s ailing economies into more productive industries so are not to be scoffed at.

Yet talk about twisting-arm politics.  Just so we’re clear, Dominique Strauss-Kahn said;

“The wheels of co-operation move too slowly. The centre must seize the initiative in all areas key to reaching the common destiny of the union, especially in financial, economic and social policy. Countries must be willing to cede more authority to the centre.”

Placing all our eggs in one basket, now isn’t there an old proverb regarding that???  Still, spiday’sThat would be a great leap forward… only we’re on the verge of the abyss” at least brought a sly smile to my mug.

No matter what democratic process you are subject to, the rule is the same.  Vote the same, get the same.

Blighted | Woe-e me, woe-e me

19 11 2010

To think that these lands once produced godlike beings of supreme wit and intelligence yet now succumb to the point of being told the obvious by a Frenchman.

Stop giving them money and a place to live and they will soon go somewhere else. End of problem” – Franck ‘the Frenchie‘ Dhersin

It’s embarrassingly simple.  With so many enticements dangled to the wannabe NuBritons, it’s not exactly hard to see where the problem lies.

Of course, the yellow brick road to the Ancient Land of Albion is not only lined with free healthcare, free education, free shelter, free food and of course the icing around the cake, freedom and security, oh no, it is probably more due to the attitude of the bend-over-backwards crowd who for a myriad of reasons seek to ‘transform‘ Britain.

A pondering on Anglicized Islam from Conservative Home’s Melanchthon along with the plethora of race-hustling organisations such as Operation Black Lesbian Gypsy Vote and Muslim Gay Witch Police subgroups only increases the flavour of reaching British shores.

On a lighter note, thanks to a Royal Wedding seems we’ll all be given the day off to celebrate…  or not if that’s your stance.  Personally, I would prefer a proper Royal Wedding.  To think that I might have to bow towards a commoner, I shudder at the thought.

Wow | White Briton outnumbered by 2066

18 11 2010

So said some soon to be deemed racist from a little university of hate in Oxford according to the Teletubbygraph.  Kudos to a compatriot for the nudge otherwise I would have missed it considering that I have been scanning the opportunity/misery pages for employment most of my online time so have been neglecting my leisure time, wouldn’t want you all thinking you’re fully subsidising my time for mindless twaddle.

White Britons to become minority by 2066

White Britons will be outnumbered by 2066 if the rate of immigration continues, researchers have claimed.

By Laura Roberts 7:19AM GMT 18 Nov 2010

Foreign workers will “change national identity” according to a population expert, unless the flow of immigration is dealt with.

The white British-born community (defined as English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish-born citizens) will fall to less than half of the overall population in just over 50 years.

The warning from Professor David Coleman, from Oxford University, comes ahead of an announcement today by the Migration Advisory Board of its recommendation for the proposed immigration cap for people outside the EU.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that if immigration remains at a long-term rate of around 180,000 a year the proportion of the white British-born population will fall from 80 per cent to 59 per cent by 2051.

In that time the white immigrant population will have risen from four to 10 per cent and ethnic minority population from 16 to 31 per cent.

Writing in Prospect magazine, Prof Coleman wrote: “On those assumptions the ‘white British’ population would decline to 45 million by 2051.

“Were the assumptions to hold, the ‘white British’ population of Britain would become the minority after about 2066. It’s a milestone that would be passed much earlier in younger age groups.”

He said this would “represent an enormous change to national identity – cultural, political, economic and religious”.

The Coalition Government has pledged to reduce net immigration and proposed a cap on non-EU immigrants.

Businesses, however, have complained this could hamper their competitiveness to attract the best candidates globally.

However, Prof Coleman went on to say that even if net immigration was reduced to 80,000 a year white Britons would still be outnumbered by 2080.

He said the transition of white Britons to a minority was likely to be “unwelcome” following opposition from the general public to high immigration.

Hate to break the news to my fellow Britons, but vast swaths of English lands are already overwhelmingly occupied by the foreign hordes that it is inevitable.  The light that once was Britain shall forever be shaded and there is nothing gentlemanly we can actually do about it.

Great Britain?  More like Damned Britain – well on Her way to becoming a multiracial, multicultural, sectarian society at the mercy of the demented factions that pose as masses.

Judas had more pride than the souls that have sold us down the river.