Blighted | Woe-e me, woe-e me

19 11 2010

To think that these lands once produced godlike beings of supreme wit and intelligence yet now succumb to the point of being told the obvious by a Frenchman.

Stop giving them money and a place to live and they will soon go somewhere else. End of problem” – Franck ‘the Frenchie‘ Dhersin

It’s embarrassingly simple.  With so many enticements dangled to the wannabe NuBritons, it’s not exactly hard to see where the problem lies.

Of course, the yellow brick road to the Ancient Land of Albion is not only lined with free healthcare, free education, free shelter, free food and of course the icing around the cake, freedom and security, oh no, it is probably more due to the attitude of the bend-over-backwards crowd who for a myriad of reasons seek to ‘transform‘ Britain.

A pondering on Anglicized Islam from Conservative Home’s Melanchthon along with the plethora of race-hustling organisations such as Operation Black Lesbian Gypsy Vote and Muslim Gay Witch Police subgroups only increases the flavour of reaching British shores.

On a lighter note, thanks to a Royal Wedding seems we’ll all be given the day off to celebrate…  or not if that’s your stance.  Personally, I would prefer a proper Royal Wedding.  To think that I might have to bow towards a commoner, I shudder at the thought.




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