FIFA | Sweet FA*

5 12 2010

Got the following request from one of my dearest, who it is safe to say is a little peeved off regarding the recent malarkey involving yet another snub to the English.

They’re all at it. Politicians, Bankers et al.

Here’s a little plea from KC which I hope will steam-roller like a snowball down a mountain.

For those of you who do not read the newspapers, watch television, own a radio or have the slightest interest in anything sporty, it’s the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

It’s Congress, or governing body, is made up of the following:

Joseph S. BLATTER, Switzerland (President)

Julio H. GRONDONA, Argentina (Senior Vice President)

Vice Presidents:

Issa HAYATOU, Cameroon

Chung MONG JOON, Korea Republic

Jack A. WARNER, Trinidad & Tobago

Angel Maria Villar LLONA, Spain

Michel PLATINI, France

Reynald TEMARII, Tahiti

Geoff THOMPSON, England


Michel D’HOOGHE, Belgium

Ricardo Terra TEIXEIRA, Brazil

Mohamed BIN HAMMAM, Qatar

Senes ERZIK, Turkey


Worawi MAKUDI, Thailand

Nicolas LEOZ, Paraguay

Junji OGURA, Japan

Amos ADAMU, Nigeria

Marios LEFKARITIS, Cyprus

Jacques ANOUMA, Cote d’Ivoire

Franz BECKENBAUER, Germany

Rafael SALGUERO, Guatemala

Hany ABO RIDA, Egypt

Vitaly MUTKO, Russia

Secretary General:

Jerome VALCKE, France

My request is this, help me make their lives a little uncomfortable by forwarding this to folk you know. If, as I hope, some of you out there are fed up with these football fat-cats, or just plain bolshi, you might wish to strike a blow for the little man on an international scale.

For example, are you a baggage handler at an airport? A travel agent, hotel staff, traffic warden or any one of a number of the little folk who could be sugar in the petrol tank of these Lords of Corruption? Perhaps a Customs Officer might require Mr Blatter and his cronies to be given special attention, insist on going through their luggage say, or perhaps instituting a full body search.

I’m sure you know how someone in your position, can best irritate someone in their’s.

I thank you.

Geoff Thompson should remain off-limits though, considering he was one half of our total votes…  still, at least I can bask in the knowledge that the greatest sport ever invented, came from my beloved shores, not China Blatter!  Now, if only England could invent a new world cup winning team…  well, more realistic than getting a decent government.




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