Apocalypse approaching | What to do

7 12 2010

Well, apart from pissing yourself and running around screaming it’s Labour’s fault, I came across a long and Holy read from the Latter Day Saints, aka; the Mormons, regarding preparation for emergencies, disasters and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Heavenly titled the Latter Day Saints Preparedness Manual by Christopher Parrett, being a spiritual orientated book, does contain vast tracts of Bible history, yet if you skim through the Holy parts, you will reach a well-versed written manual on survival.

Of course, me being an uneducated oik from Sarf London who escaped the womb only to be trapped in a larger prison, my own survival options are rather pessimistic.  For if the worst comes, my action plan would probably either involve holding-my-nose cannibalism or a quick exit stage right via rope and a lamppost.

(Click the image enlarge, for no matter how ugly the scene, what a painting)

And if it just so happens to be Conquest, War, Famine, and Death riding atop white, red, black, and pale (respectively) horses bringing the apocalypse, think it’d definitely be the rope option.




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