UK Police | Bunch of fairies

7 12 2010

And the reason for my generalisation?  Well, whoever was MENTALLY SCARRED after eating a dodgy chicken and tuna sandwich.

“The court was told some of the officers were left MENTALLY SCARRED and even feared they would die because of the staphylococcus aureus infection.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  You have got be having a bubble.  If a chicken and tuna sandwich can do that to a cop, God forbid what a real situation would cause.

And to think, the officers involved were on their way to police an EDL demo.  Are we really expected to put our faith in such fragile beings?

Now, I’m not anti-Police per se, I just can’t stand arseholes and sadly, a requirement to becoming a Police Officer is being a fully fledged and full of shit arsehole.  And sadly, I’ve yet to witness any exceptions.  Even when Off-Duty, coppers are a bore.  Even Thinking Policeman (what irony) and Inspector Gadget (preferred the cartoon) display the same warped sense of duty.




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