WikiLeaks | Assange arrest; D’uh!

7 12 2010

Arrested by the MET, who didn’t even have to leave the station considering Mr Assange handed himself in, and in time to be deported to Sweden.  Facing charges of rape, I personally doubt he will get to face trial.

Reasoning behind this is simple.  You can’t kick every national leader in the nuts and expect them not to seek retribution.

MI6, CIA, FSB, MOSSAD, the list of clandestine alphabet organisations capable of permitting such acts is as long as it is unpronounceable.  AND THESE ARE ONLY THE ORGANISATIONS we are told about.  No self-respecting purveyor of disinformation and espionage would be without a cleaner department, to get rid of those stains that manage to make Big Wigs and Co look dirty.

I’ve been quiet about the whole diplomatic storm in a teacup.  Sure it has thrown up a few interesting facts, and terrorist targets, but the bulk of information released consist of nothing more than opinions.

Didn’t a wise man once say opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one???  I mean for the love of God, if every opinion I’ve ever held was published, I’m sure you’d find more than a few distasteful remarks.

Plus, I’ve neither the paitience nor expertise to read geo-political bullcrap, jeez, I struggle keeping up with the wierdy beardy Liberal Democrats.

Onto a more morbid although satirical thought now, I’m wondering if it is worth phoning up Paddy Power to ask for the odds of survival of Mr Assange.  Or perhaps I should open my own book.  Odds would probably look something like this.

1000/1 – ends up orange-suited in Guantanamo

500/1 – plane crashes, no survivors reported

250/1 – commits ‘suicide’ while awaiting trial with a safety-pin and a packet of Weathers’ Originals.

200/1 – shot while trying to escape

100/1 – ‘escapes’ and is never seen again

2/1 – MET’s finest ‘fuck-up’ (wouldn’t be the first)

UPDATE: Just finished reading, okay, skimming the Daily Wail article, seems that in the interests of making sure any wannabe tinpot terrorist knows about certain soft spots by highlighting the damn things in their own little blue box!  Why not have a whip round too and get a minibus for the Jihadists you fools!?!  I’m not linking to it.  If some sod wants to burglarize my home, they can at least put in the effort to find out when I’m not in, I’m not going to do their work and highlight the times I’m not at home.




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