Equality | Well, this is one way to achieve it

9 12 2010

When you send your little ones to school, apart from worrying about the Louise Yeoman’s and the Timothy King’s that seem to infest the education system, is your child getting the help they deserve?

Or are they being held back in the interests of diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance?

Poor white boys ‘more likely to struggle at primary school’ (Telegraph) includes the following paragraphs:

“Poor children from black African, black Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani families all performed better than their white British classmates, figures show.”


“Among girls, poor white British pupils were also the worst performing group. Some 56.7 per cent achieved good results in England and maths – 6.6 percentage points higher than boys.”

Could it be the so-called ‘benefit trap’ culture dragging down our youth’s aspirations?  Could it be the constant peddling of consumer culture so prevalent in today’s world?  Or, just perhaps, where classrooms are over-subscribed by those of a different creed, have our children become despondent to education?

Remember, these kids see the future growing up around them, and for many, the prospect of becoming a productive pawn just to have more diversity shoved down their throats isn’t appealing at all.

They are indoctrinated that winning doesn’t matter, everything is equal and worse of all, have ‘No Outsiders‘ (more details on this group can be found HERE) preaching the virtues of gay sex, is it any wonder the white youth of this country are being cheated out of their birthrights?  And all this positive discrimination, do the people who instigate these ideas not think that any form of discrimination witnessed by a child will be deemed such, no matter what positive spin is spun for it?

We are taught that we are evil, barbaric and now, thanks to decades of bad governance with equally bad policies, dumb.

Fuck you very fucking much.




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