Other Worlds | Diamond encrusted planets

9 12 2010

Earth is nothing but an atom.  Yet we are not the only atom.  In our own backyard (Sol), there are atoms of various shapes, colours and content, all circling around the atom that binds us, the Sun.  Further afield and the sky is littered with atoms.

Now, I’m a great believer in going the whole hog in regards to propelling interstellar travel as our only viable and collective future.  I’m also a great believer that the Richard Branson way is too long-winded and if totally honest, has no ambition apart from ferrying the super-rich into the higher atmosphere.

No, no, no!

In the rocky belt between us miniature inner planetary bodies and our larger gas massed cousins, there are probably asteroids floating around that could feed our raw material needs for centuries.

That should be our first stop.  For if we can harness the resources there, we could then build bigger and better ships, not the tiny three-part tin-cans currently in operation.

Why the sudden detour into space.  Well, just read Diamonds ‘could be as common as sand on some planets’ (Telegraph) and I urge you to do the same.

The oceans once separated the lands on this Earth yet we overcame them in the interests of exploration and discovery, leading to economic growth unseen before.  Let us now concentrate on the ocean above, for if the world holds many wonders, just imagine how many the universe has.

For the Space Buffs out there, another site I highly recommend is SPACE.COM




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