The Web | End in sight?

9 12 2010

We all take for granted the wonderful freedom the internet provides us, from checking out the most mundane subjects to hiding behind a cloak of an anonymous name shouting abuse at fellow YouTube videos.

“Too big to police” is the claim that is made whenever the internet is threatened but if this freedom is so dangerous to governments, doesn’t mean it cannot be switched off.

For one, who has all the blueprints showing the infrastructure of this vast network?  Who controls the power lines and satellites?  Who, as a matter of corporate responsibility, has every single back-door password key to every program ever created?

That’s right, the very Corporate Government you rage against.

Long ago I mused that the only reason the internet has been left uncensored is it’s ability to drag the true emotions felt by people.  Of course there is also data-mining, where corporations build a profile of yourself to better understand the customer’s needs, and heck, is probably the only reason Google are worth billions.

Well, they know we don’t trust them.  They know nothing can remain hidden for too long in this world of copiers, scanners and wi-fi technological wonder world.  Yet through all this time, they haven’t had any justification for retribution.  I mean it is only illegal to hate someone if they happen to belong to a special interest group, hating corporations and countries is still kosher I guess.

Well, they didn’t have any justification until WikiLeaks showed up.

At this very moment, keyboard freedom warriors are busying themselves attacking the vested interests using nothing more than a PC and an internet connection.

So now, the internet has become weaponized against the ones who control.  Shall’t be long till it is fully commandeered by some group.

Hope I’m wrong and the embarrassed parties just tighten up their own security…  for if the internet becomes a virtual reality Police State, I may have to go back onto the streets with my spray can.




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