New Word | Demon-Stators

14 12 2010

– Demon –

As in theological context.  Spawn of Satan and what not.

Considering the Satanic and sadistic acts committed during the demonstrations against tuition fee increases and cuts in university direct grants, it is safe to say that the mob were full of spiteful demons.

– Stators –

Incorporating State with Olde English for many; ‘ors’

13 years of feeding the masses leftarded bullcrap has encouraged an unpalatable mess of delusional entitlement.

The current crop of demonstrator is nothing more than misplaced anger managed by various leftarded groups, most notably usual suspects include Labourites, Socialist Worker types and political Union affiliated organisations for the simple task of attacking the sitting Government for having the gall to turn off the public-financed tap.

In essence, all screaming for a bigger State.



The scrounge of the world.





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