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16 12 2010

and how to spoil the mix

Imagine a lump of dough.  Nice, white, fluffy dough.

Now, you bake that for a lil’ while, let it raise naturally while keeping a watchful eye, and presto, you have some nice biscuits.

But what if we add some more butter to mix?  Maybe a few raisins too?

Okay, we’ll put that in the oven for a lil’ while, and mmm, we have a nice buttery and raisin cake.

But what if we put loads of butter in and hundreds of thousands of the raisins?

Sure, why not, isn’t like I’m running out of imaginary dough.  There we go, we’ll pop that in the oven, and tell you what, imaginary gas is still imaginary expensive so we’ll put em on high and take it after a few minutes instead of the lil’ while.

Now, considering that the raisins have clogged together and the loose butter have demoralised the texture that once held it altogether.

In other words, what Britain’s immigration policy has been since 1948.




2 responses

19 12 2010
John Williams

For 60 years, ‘Let them eat cake!’ has been the ruling elite’s policy with regard to the indigenous British population. Now that the ingredients have become so diverse & enriching, it’s little wonder so many Brits who remember a more balanced diet can’t help spewing every time they hear about moslem paedophile gangs or black criminality. Time to leave the cultural Marxist cake out in the cold cleansing rain, & watch it disintegrate as the Utopian fantasists weep over the crumbs of madness.

20 12 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Sadly, that is the plan.

Fragmentation, separation, each suspecting the other… Our Government probably still got a dozen more tricks up their sleeve too to wiggle a dozen more centuries of control through stealth.

And sadly it won’t be rain that cleanses us, it’ll be one clump of damp crap fighting another segment of damp crap. In plain English; Sectarian Violence on a local scale.

I’ve seen the future (Peckham), and it ain’t pretty!

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