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4 01 2011

After reading and re-reading Bamiyan’s ‘How to defeat Islam – non-violently; Altering the spiritual and material cost/benefits of being a Muslim‘, I find myself in agreement with the tactics.

Only thing I will add (here as I’m not registering for yet another forum), is:

Perhaps there isn’t a non-violent way.  Perhaps, just perhaps, as this globalised world gets smaller, we’ll end up in a situation similar to the old spaghetti westerns, where “this planet isn’t big enough for the both of us”?  And if so, then sadly, UN convention or no UN convention, genocide will be the only answer to ensure the survival of the other.

And before you get all high and mighty and declare me criminally insane, imagine only having enough to feed one child.  Do you;  (a) feed your own, thus preserving your future or (b) decide to feed your neighbour’s child, thus ending your future?




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4 01 2011
Silly Kuffar

I also think that he has his/her history wrong with this comment

“The only option for defeating Islam is to undermine it in the same way we undermined communism – by a slow process of ideological warfare.”

Did we undermine Communism ? Communism and Communists seem to be doing well in Britain and other EUSSR countrys.

I don’t think Communism was defeated, if it was it wasn’t because we, the West, undermined it.

In my opinion Communism is alive and well in Russia and the EUSSR. All they did was take down the Berlin wall and then changed clothes and style to create a softer image (Communism Lite)?

Though we should follow some of the things we were doing in the Cold War, such as creating a new Iron Curtain. Keep Islam at arms length and out of our country.
When the removals start don’t expect them to go meekly and mildly. I mean why would any Muslim want to go and live in athird world shithole? The reason they came here was to escape the wretchedness and tyranny of thier existence in Islamist ruled shitholes.
So we must be prepared to fight back as they will probably kick off BIG style, bringing Terrorism in Britain to new levels.
Which is probably one of the reasons the Traitorous Cowards in Parliament are unwilling or unable to do anything for fear of an Islamic backlash.
Bring it on I say.
WE don’t have anywhere else to go. We can’t jump on a plane or ship and go back home to the Mother Country.

4 01 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

Although the poster wanted non-violent suggestions, I could think of none myself.

Violent solutions on the other hand… well, that would have been a different (and probably highly unlawful) matter and I’ve got them by the bucket load 😉

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