Mindless Minding | Democracy doesn’t work

6 01 2011

EARLY WARNING – This is a bit of a waffle and in no way complete, because, let’s face it, Churchill was right;  Democracy is the best of a bad bunch.  Still, doesn’t mean I can’t tinker with the idea.

Politicians reflect those who elect them, and considering the subversives and selfish parliamentarians and councillors elected since the end of WW2, it is a sad reflection.  Some say it is a triumph that the common man and lady have the vote.  I say it is a travesty that will be our downfall.

I mean, has every single Briton (I’ll speak about NuBritons later) you have ever met in your personal travels had the capacity of individual thinking?  No, they have not.  Worse of all, it doesn’t matter how mad you are and soon, thanks to a slaughterer of an old lady, how many years porridge you’re doing, you’ll have the right to vote!

You wouldn’t place your life in these idiot’s hands so why do we risk our nation with them???

Next up, how can it be right to give immigrants (and descendents) the vote? Forget all the wishy-washy bullcrap, we are talking about people whose first love will naturally be their ancestral land of origins.  How can we ask for their input on which direction we, as a nation, should be heading???

Many will scream that if they are taxed, they wish to have a say on where the money goes but again, look at the evidence.  You don’t vote for the national budget, you currently vote for a party who then implements whatever measures will benefit their financial and political backers.

Now before you place a ‘FASCIST ALERT‘ sticker upon my forehead and try to string me up in barbed wire, I do agree that Freemen should have the possibility to vote, I just don’t agree with the haphazard way it is currently dished to all and sundry.  And honestly, at what age are we truly free?

When we’ve completed substandard indoctrination in the form of education at the age of 16?  Perhaps after choosing a career path at 18?  Or perhaps at 21 when at least you can claim a fifth of a century’s existence?  Of course, considering that at these ages, instead of freedom or slavery of mind, they instead have obligations to undertake and ideals installed that would undoubtably cloud their judgement.

Well, personally, the only way to ensure intelligent governance, we need an intelligent electorate.  With this in mind, no one should automatically receive the right to vote.  Instead, people should earn the right to vote and in doing so, will perhaps give more thought to it than “my daddy always voted such and such” or “blue is my favorite colour”.

So with that position, the next thing to do then is to specify how and at what age should we be eligible?

Now of course, there are young’uns who could give Albert Einstein a run for his money, yet the question remains;  how do we sort out the wheat from the chaff?  If such political-leaning young’uns wished to obtain a vote before time, would an aptitude test highlighting independent thinking even work?

A spanner in the works is intelligence doesn’t necessary mean experience.  I’ve known many a student who worked during breaks who had to be taught the basics so again, a minefield of propositions.

Considering the above points, no matter how intelligent they are, an arbitrary age of 25 years should suffice.

Now the age has been set, what possible way can people prove they’re capable of voting?

How about military or civil service?

Again, as much  as I respect Our Boys and Gals in the Armed Forces, some are out-and-out warriors whose political knowledge resorts to who to shoot first (not always a bad thing mind you).

As for the disdain I have towards the civil service (yes, all of them), I will not let that bias get in the way of my views that those who work in the political machinery perhaps would be more suitable to gain the right to vote but then again, most will have a direct conflict of interest, considering they are in effect voting for their own continual State financed occupation.

Again, testing could be involved to ensure the best possible chance of weeding out the non-political minded.  Problem with this though is the possibility of State interference, for example, manipulating the results to exclude opposing political ideas.

Of course, there would need to be a non-State way of achieving the right to vote but to be honest, I’m at a lost at what to suggest.

Do we attach tax contributions to the remit or propose a bond system of a set price?  Now remember, just because people have money doesn’t necessary mean they are intelligent (Billy Bragg for example).  Also, not every well-meaning individual has the means to contribute so again, a difficult one to consider.

So perhaps, and I hate writing this as much as I hate hearing about it (NuLabour’s ‘Thirdway’ and the current ConDem’s ‘Big Society’), instead of any of the above, although I am partial to cut the Armed Forces some slack on this one, a voluntary scheme to prove you’re willing to get stuck in.  I mean, why should the criminal class be tasked with community work when they should really be punished and/or rehabilitated?

Again, a system would be needed to ensure no undue influence could undermine the participants and sadly, another thing I hate, would involve more bureaucracy, and considering that the Elections Commission can’t even do their own job properly, the room for abuse is abundant.

Maybe I’ve been going about it the wrong way.  Instead of looking for ways to limit the democratic rights of individuals, perhaps there is an easier and better way to encourage the voting population to think before blindly casting their vote.

The simplest way I can think of is instead of just a tick-box ballot paper, room could be made along the bottom for the voter to put down the reason behind their choice of candidate.

So if a voter supports Candidate A, not only do they need to mark the box but also give one short sentence for their choice.  This would not only nudge the participant to consider his actions but also act a rough guide to people’s priorities.

Again, with the manipulation that the political machinery are capable of, I doubt it won’t be long before would-be voters are given the reason.  Election time last year and I spotted two dozen African voters (or NuBritons if you prefer) with Labour pamphlets explaining in simplistic terms where to put their cross, so using a little more ink to school them to write a sentence of support wouldn’t matter to them.

Still, I reckon this would at least provoke the voter to think.  And that cannot be a bad thing.

PS: I cannot stress this enough, this is only me thinking out loud, I’m not secretly wishing nor working for an autocratic takeover or anything.  A return to a Constitutional Monarchy would be nice with all those wonderous checks and balances we once had but sadly, HRH Queen Elizabeth II has already trampled upon Her Coronation Oath…  so not much chance of that.




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