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7 01 2011

Leftarded reject from the happy farm Libby Brook, the Islamic and immigrant apologist working for the Guardian bogpaper has come to the defence of the “Muslim community”.  And all on the basis of what the British National Party have said.

Does she make a habit of scanning the words of the BNP and from there build her counter arguments?  If the BNP ran a story on preferring dogs, would she then defend cats!?!

She sprouts out some statistics from Engage (another subversive organisation) that nationwide, 80% of all perpetrators in the grisly crimes of sexual abuse are white.

Now, considering that not only Britons are white, for example, most of frigging Europe is, 80% is a rather generous figure.  Still, this is what she proclaims so let us say that the other 20% are just the non-white perverts.

Considering that the only reliable statistics on non-white Britons are a decade old with 7.9% of the national population are classed a different shade, it has been a decade so it has probably doubled to 16% at least.

So 16% of the population are committing more sex crimes per head meaning (and remember, fellow Europeans are included) that the remaining 84% of the population are committing LESS offences per head than those a shade darker than white.

Also consider these stories of injustice:

Margaret Hodge council thwarted paedophile case, says police chief (The Free, 2006 The Mail on Sunday)

Sex Attacker stays because of Human Rights (Express, Wednesday October 31,2007)

Fury as jailed East Lancashire sex attacker wins deportation fight (The Blackburn Citizen, Sunday 18th April 2010)

Anger as child sex attacker back in victim’s neighbourhood (The Telegraph and Argus, Monday 15th November 2010)

Why must we continue to put our kin at risk to foreign perverts, haven’t we enough of our own!?!  Is it so people the likes of Margaret and Libby can feel all warm and fuzzy!?!  If so, it isn’t good enough.  Not only should sex cases be strung up by the neck, but so too their enablers, their apologists and their appeasers.

This country’s governance makes me sick!




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