Criminal | Crooks and the Crooked

13 01 2011

Many moons ago, a teenage gang of degenerates attacked a another teenager outside a school.  The heroic headteacher stepped in to protect the victim and ended up dead for his trouble.  The killer was 15 at the time.

Not so many moons ago, after serving 15 years for his act of murder, the killer was released from prison.  Was he remorseful for his crimes?  No.  Was he rehabilitated?  Obviously not.

Headmaster’s killer charged with robbery (UKPA)

There are some people beyond hope.  This teenage degenerate is one of them and it is for this reason alone that I suport capital punishment.  Especially to cowards who roam about in gangs.

Sod life imprisonment or deportation of these degenerates, the only solution should be the final solution for those unwilling and unable to control themselves.

Justice in Britain is about as foreign today as my new neighbours.  A pox on all those apologists and appeasers who have made this possible.

May the Gods do to you, what you do to others.




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