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14 01 2011

By accident, I have come across some sort of government-sponsored guide for those wishing to partake the citizenship test and to be honest, I cannot believe that this is possible.  Talk about setting the scene for the NuBritons.  No wonder everywhere these migrants look they see racism, it seems to be our only defining feature according to these composers.

Word for word with my highlights, from the horse’s mouth.  Well, webshite:

Racism in Britain

Assessing how these immigrants have been welcomed in Britain since the 1950s is a complicated task. There was, and still is, a minority of hardcore racists, with policies based on the idea of ‘keeping Britain white’ and banning all immigration. Groups such as the British National Party (BNP) have remained on the extremist fringe of British politics. It is also true that black and Asian immigrants faced various degrees of hostility and racial prejudice in postwar Britain. Surveys conducted in the mid 1960s, for example, revealed that four out of five British people felt that ‘too many immigrants had been let into the country’.

This view has expressed itself in racist violence relatively rarely – the flashpoints in Britain during the past 50 years have largely been confined to poor areas where local white and black communities compete for scarce jobs and housing. But it has frequently been represented by more casual and insidious forms of racism. Anti-immigrant feelings have also been inflamed, both directly and indirectly, by agitation for tighter immigration controls – usually proposed when there is not an acute labour shortage.

If you don’t believe me, go here:  Postwar immigration.  It’s even called Brave New World for Christ’s sake!  How creepy is that?  Painting the Nationalist as xenophobic racists, for forget about the words British and Party, the authors have made their intentions clear, and in the same paragraph, give the very reason for it;  we never wanted them.  Then in the next, it is explicitly written that these racial flashpoints as the call them, are confined to the poor.

All those times imbeciles of the Leftarded Armies of Doom have had to ask me why I feel the way I do, THIS IS THE ANSWER.  We are never listened to.  Time and again we are ignored.  Survey after survey.  And if we ever dare march, the traitors and stooges amongst soon break it up from within.

Yet every media outlet regurgitates the same old bullcrap, as if their words will be enough to satisfy us natives.

Immigration is too high, say four in five Britons (Today)

Four out of five Britons want immigration capped, poll shows (Six months ago)

Could ‘Record four out of five jobs going to foreigners between May and June‘, published by the Telegraph four months ago have something to do with it?

Brave New World infuckingdeedy.

BACK-UP: Just in case the wording on the governmental-webshite ever changes in some type of Orwellian rewriting, have captured the entire screens.  Gov AGov BGov C.  Yes it is a little bit paranoid but as my father use to say, “shut the fuck up, the little green men can hear ya”, so you can never be too careful.

PERSONAL NOTE: Every Labourshite and Con’dDemselves that I ever have the pleasure of ranting at, be it with the technological prowess of fibre-optics or through the art of mime, I will make it my duty to remind them they are ignorant fools Satan would be proud of.




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14 01 2011
Silly Kuffar

4 out of 5 want an end to Immigration. Yet they keep voting for the parties who are encouraging immigration. Go figure ?
As for the British National party, well in my opinion we have been going using the wrong strategy over and over again.
Why can’t the National Executive have 4 or 5 meetings in the regions and listen to what the we the members think we should be doing.
Collate all the info and ideas and work them into a new strategy.
Otherwise we might as well give up.

14 01 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

Sad but very true – the posting on your own site is very illuminating and I will surely do my level best to spread the message.

We have been infected with subversives and have been fighting on the wrong fronts.

It is not just political power we need to strive for, it is economical and social power, too fronts sorely lacking.

The ‘will’ of people is shaped daily by the mass organs of information and disinformation. And I hate saying this, too many of our kin just cannot stomach voting for real change, preferring the multicoloured devil they suffer.

We need a great man. The problem is, they all go to the premiership where the big bux is, none of them wish to join the struggle.

There is also one other area that should have been targeted. The opposition.

If all is fair in politics, as the current polichikens and tools behave carrying out their subversive activities, we should do the same.

Infiltrate the Police, the Armed Forces, NHS Trusts, Immigration and Foreign civil servant positions, Fake Charities, Leftwing Organisations, wherever there be power, should have been targeted.

The problem is, we dropped the ball in that regards thinking we’d only need a parliamentarian, yet look at the independents elected. As soon as they perch their pampered arse on those green benches, they become irrelevant at best, tainted at worse.

Only now beginning to realise the extent of treachery involved.

We will continue to fight on. We have no other choice. It may not be this decade, or even this century, but this land will one day be free from foriegn influence.

It is inevitable. No empire lasts forever.

2 02 2011
Jack'd Ripp'd

FAO Spammers that seem to be attraced to this posting like flies to shit:

Dirty Little Spammers

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