Leftarded Fallout | They cannot make up their mind

9 01 2011

With the media circus that has flared up around the issue of certain sections of society preying on defenceless children, the Left do not know where to look.  As Rod Liddle points out…

A bizarre report on the Asian child abuse court case on the BBC last night, which spent most of its time attempting to exonerate the Pakistani community as a whole, including clips of Pakistanis saying “actually, we probably shouldn’t abuse kiddies” and a white child abuse campaigner saying hey, look, it’s not Pakistanis who are the problem, etc etc.

This was broadcasting as a form of crowd control; undiluted propaganda. The fact is that some Pakistani men think it perfectly ok to abuse white girls and there are still gangs out there right now doing so. When Nick Griffin mentioned this fact, many years ago, they tried to prosecute him. When Radio Five covered the story five years ago they were eviscerated for it.

The praise the Left give towards Wikileaks verges on Sainthood, yet God damn those who expose any non-approved fact.  The indignation they display to the public to counter distasteful information stresses the concept of Controlled Media.  All this fallout amongst them shows just how vain and contradictory their ideals are.  And so, they are lashing out at anyone who might try to make political capital out of it, be racist, even the beloved Stooge of Labour, Straw Jack!

Most telling though is the one man you’d think the Controlled Media would be trying to hose down would be Nick Griffin, currently lending a hand to Derek Adams campaign in Oldham.  Instead, we have his views regurgitated, twisted and manipulated by those apologists and appeasers.

A recap of what has so upset the meeja darlings from the spectrum I’ve found are running with; Former home secretary says gangs of Pakistani men see young white girls as ‘easy meat’ (Independent);  Jack Straw, the former home secretary, has sparked a fierce row over his claim that some British Pakistani men regard white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse (Telegraph);  Labour MP Vaz says it is wrong for former home secretary to stereotype entire community over sexual assault case (GulfNews)

This is where I despair at all the criminologists.  The majority of crime victims, no matter what the crime, be it robbery or rape, are usually chosen for their perceived weakness and wrongs.  And the ones doing the choosing are by a large, opportunistic degenerates whose only resemblance to bravery happens when in a gang (or getting the Police or Armed Services to do it).

However, with rape and other sexual offences, it doesn’t help if the Koran advocates treating non-believers as fair-game.  Nor does if help with the constant promoted degradation of women by the Satanic Gods in the Meeja Industry (From Hollywood to Fleet Street).

It would be wrong to isolate this as an immigrant problem, yet the biggest immigration problem is that whenever they have a problem, it’ll be oppressive to point it out.

See where I’m going.  The problem is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in a MULTICULTURAL environment.

They keep going around and around in circles asking is this the result of one thing when it is a combination of many aided by Cultural Marxism disguised as Political Correctness.

(((Click image to enlarge)))

Never forget what Harriet supports!

Never forget what Hodge was head of!

The enemy is not outside the gates no more.  They were imported here by the Enemy to divide us, making it easier to destroy Our Heritage and replace it with a New World Perversion.

Just say NO!


Convict Chaytor | tip of the iceberg

8 01 2011

WARNING This is a long read.  If it takes you half as long to read as it did for me to write it, I can only apologise in advance.  To make up for it, see a showcase of the most offensive cartoon ever created HERE

A sentence of 18 months.  Meaning he’ll be out in 9 months.  Probably only spend 2 months in a naughty prison then the rest stuck to Ian Huntley.  Best we can hope for now is when he is released, he’ll need to get expensive reconstructive anal surgery.

I still feel he got off lightly.  All that pussyfooting around, bending the law, trying to surpass the law, then trying to blame it weather conditions, the constant moaning about the constant hounding from the cruel and mean public…  and he gets just 18 months porridge.

The ACPO‘d and Common Purpose‘d directed Filth Police had their arms twisted and looked for the least offensive thing they could charge the corrupted Chaytor with. That said, why only the few bent Parliamentarians???

Blighted in Blighty

The more I think about it, the more I feel we’ve been Royally shafted with a 30ft barge pole with extra splinters.  Hundreds of elected Members of Parliament were dirty.  Probably thousands more complicit partners in return for preferential government job agreements.

Cannot forget that seeing how probably thousands of journalists knew of this vast scam, they were either silenced by their Editors, and then remained silent due to the threat of losing jobs and leads, or worse, were criminally involved in the mess.

Also, for the love of God, the Telegraph were trying to boost their Sales Figures!  They weren’t doing that graft as a Public Service!  In all honesty, you would have a story as important to the public and as big as ExpenseGate would have spurred the Media Giants to pool their resources?  Rhetorical question there, of course they wouldn’t, another reason they are aptly sneered at as the Controlled Media.

Then there are the hundreds of thousands of willing workers, those who know what they do is immoral but, understandably, need to feed their families and can ill afford to ruin those promotion prospects.  They boss the lower level pit bosses and stewards.  These then coerce the one below them, ad infinitum to the lowest organism leaving nowt out.

Worse of all, they prepare the future generations to accept even more crap, sponsoring the indoctrination of our children with what once was called education.  Multiculturalism good, Nationalism bad, Hetro-sex, Gay-sex, jeez, no doubt they skirt around the issues of bondage and role-play, all the while highlighting you have rights (so long as it is Multiculturalism’ approved behaviour).  And if some spoil-sport comes along and reminds you about duties and responsibilities, remind the “faschistic stasi pig” of said rights.

Of course, financing it all takes more than our cattle taxes.  Needs lots of money and hard cold cash to monopolise national governments, unions, charities, religious and educational institutions.  That is where the Top-Collar Criminal Class come in, not the petty pimps or thugs that infest Blighty, nor any of those score-a-wrap dealers down the rubber dub.  The Drug Kings (usually Lords or ‘Special Military Men’, always State-sponsored), the Corporate Kings of the Circus, ahem, entertainment industry (Billionaires and Millionaires), and worse of all, the international Merchants who dabble in all and whose finest skill is trading Nations’ Peoples like pieces of meat.

If this isn’t a conspiracy, I truly do not what is.  Or is a conspiracy okay when several hundred thousand Secret Club members benefit from the misery of millions???  When has the dilution and Our Nation’s Blood at home due to a lack of political defence, preferring pandering tactics against an ever-increasing army of colonists justified???

For that matter, how can we continue to allow the waging of diversionary wars, at great cost to Our Nation’s Name and worse, wasting Our Nation’s Blood, ever be justified for personal financial benefit???  Or is fine and dandy for the Nation’s future prosperity to be abused to feather their own nests???

Where have all the Grand Saviours gone?  Do not we deserve Leaders who can Lead by example?

It isn’t the rotten apples in the barrel alone that is the cause of woe, oh if only so.  Unfortunately, the very source of these apples is a private orchard surrounding by a shark-infested moat, walls 20ft thick, interspersed with constantly manned machine-gun nests with additional anti-armour weaponry, along with a ring of steel with anti-air defences.  Yet over the impregnable perimeter is when the Corrupting Powers of Mankind tend to a twisted and perverted Tree, whose roots suck at the very essence of not only my beloved Britannic Islands and Her Peoples, but the whole World.

I might be paranoid, yet if you had the power to change the world to as you see fit, wouldn’t you?  If yes, then why not those who actually do possess the power.  It has been proven time and again that history is shaped by the few who were led the many.

From the pre-Biblical myths and tales to the modern ages, Man has surpassed himself, civilisations treading up the right path flourished, those that err tp the side, perished.  Some have been Good.  Some have been Bad.  Many were just fortunate.

That leaves it to us, the forunate, to promote the Good that is National Inclusion and reject the Bad that is Multicultural Sectarianism.  Otherwise, we will continue to repeat the Tower of Babylon fable.

I perhaps do propose one or two idealistic pipe dreams, but I’m in no doubt that most would be a pipe dream the Gods would bless.  No doubt that is what every well-meaning sod have thought, from the Divine Autocratic Rulers of old to the Gunboat and Subverted Masters that we suffer today.

To prelude this particular pipe dream, I’ll like to illustrate my point of Corrupted Officialdom by suggesting what should have happened.

ExpenseGate; a golden opportunity wasted

The moment the Telegraph had those files, the MET should have assigned an Anti-Fraud Squad to the Newspaper’s office and photocopied every file the reporters had.  Once done, an operation room should have been handed over to a lead Peace Officer who would then lead the investigation on the simple basis:

Even ONE discrepancy shown in the un-reducated receipts counts as CAUSE FOR ARREST.

The charge:  Corruption in a Public Office resulting in Treason against; and Theft from; every single man, woman, child and embryonic conception conceived at the time of the crime who love to call Britain home.

Now we all now that probably a baker’s dozen were Angels out of the bunch in the whole charade.  That would mean hundreds of arrests and the suspension of Parliament (which happens already every Christmas and Summer holiday Parliamentarians have so it wouldn’t be that bad).  Due to an instant ‘bringing in the Houses of Parliament into dispute’ card, they shall be stripped of their posts with the promise of instant reinstatement if validated.

With that in mind, there would be a need for a Special Task Force to do the job, and the Riot Officers of the infamous Territorial Forces would be a lovely and justifiable choice.  Not only footsoldiers are needed though, but experienced detectives and investigators, even if they have to be drafted in from the Armed Forces.  With the previous in place, all the accused can be arrested with and then transported to a convenient Holding Station for the investigating Team.

While this is happening, search warrants and confiscation orders can be issued against all the accused.  Homes and offices, even the boxroom one in the Commons most share with another, searched.  All items catalogue and marked confidential.  Bank accounts frozen and phone records collected, even lists of known associates should be compiled for later questioning.

I wouldn’t even mind the Police doing door to door knock and greet on the off-chance of finding someone with information regarding dirty Parliamentarians.  So long as they don’t enquire about the exotic smell, I’d be glad to put Harriet Harperson in the proverbial.  I’d even do a ‘politician’ and make up a fable of debauchery involving her and a Alsatian named Bojo.  What?  More believable than anything she has had to say the last twenty years.

Now, considering that trialing them separating through the court system would be too long-winded and expensive, instead, just one mass trial could be commissioned, where a mass examination of all the facts could be had in an open and recorded environment (again be done before, namely Nuremberg).

Of course, every single individual charged would be entitled to a fair hearing but it should be before a panel consisting either of, and, or, several unaligned judges (no Masons), a few high-ranking military officials, perhaps a few dozen constitutional experts as well as the cherry on the cake, a jury of their peers to decide the sincerity of the accused (oh, how we could have shown those filthy dogs real cruelty and meanness).

Those found GUILTY of hoodwinking the public should be punished accordingly.  If a serial crook, a stretch of the neck by hanging would suffice.  Those who just dabbled, a lesser charge could be life imprisonment, meaning natural life, no parole and definitely no compassionate leave possible.

Those found NOT GUILTY should be hanged just in case.  Nah, just kidding.  They shall receive a full reprieve and instantly be reinstalled in their previous post.

Now, this is by no means the end of the matter.  These are just the puppets us plebs get to argue about, the Democratic Tools of our Enemy, the hammers, the spanners and the screwdrivers.  If we just punish them, those reelected will be sponsored by the same cretins.  So each and every disgraced parliamentarian convicted should be given the chance of a reprieve.  Call it an Act of Retribution for their Sins against Man if you want to poetic about it.  But If they, given their inside knowledge of their Backers, name names and can point to areas of interest to the Task Force, the Guilty could not only keep their life, they could be granted the chance of parole.  All depends on success of course.

And considering the vast scale of such an operation, and the ever-present danger it is, a full-time Anti-Corruption Squad would be justified to carry on the campaign. Those found guilty of corrupting the officials will face the same fate.  They shall also be given the same option.  Even if we end up at Satan’s doorstep, we must never cease in ironing out those who would sacrifice us for their vision.  For too long the population has been led by the nose down the thorny broken path of introverted progressive word-twisting politics.

This isn’t an argument for an all-powerful State to have the green light, dealing out death indiscriminately to all and sundry.  Not at all, rather more of an appeal for a purer one, Holy you could say, a population on the path to advancement, where those who make a true contribution are rewarded to encourage the next.

Even those that have wronged however, those who have willingly and happily profit from Satanic hegemony and misery, I’d rather their repentance and spare the necks.  I truly seek the villains and the fools repentance, for only then can we all share in the glory of righteous salvation and soldier on defeating the real battles that face our way of life.

Back to Earth

Why is it, no matter how grand, how magnificent, how glorious Idealistic Institutions such as the State and all her apparatus, even the God damned Church, after so much evolution, loses all self-control and begins crumbling into corruption?  Is it the natural order of things.  We individuals begin life with so much potential yet every year, it ebbs away, all until it’s broken completely, then the slow shuffle to the inevitable exit.  Could it be the same for Institutions, just the shuffling along takes many times longer?  Like creator, like created?

All variables considered, the Bastards’ that Be, that’ll be the true owners of the Earth, according to their very legal paperwork, have the best hand possible.  They have their little drones and stooges in the nooks and crannies of every organisation.  Sometimes they finance both sides of the argument, possibly to hedge bets or possibly a counter-measure, keeping your audience looking elsewhere is an art in itself.

Never forget, it wasn’t only the past decade our parliamentarians have been scoffing their faces.  Ever since the unlawful enactment of surrounding British Sovereign Rights to a foreign power, the mass of Judas’ inspired political whores and traitors have regularly been paid off with their thirty pieces.

They just haven’t the decency to stop.

DeMOCKracy | You can’t be trusted

25 05 2010

There is talk of having democratically elected overseers of the police authorities instead of the usual Government-backed ones.  I think this is a good idea due to the fact that for too long the police have been nothing more than Draconian State Enforcers.

Yet there are once again worries from the leftarded armies of doom who fear that “the change could hamper the fight against terrorism and organised crime and boost the far-right British National Party.

God forbid the British people have a choice in their protectors, especially if the Establishment’s feared enemies have a chance.

Lincolnshire Police | Lazy Plod

28 03 2010

I had the displeasure of reading Inspector Gadget’s ‘Wasting police time’ book full of anecdotes of the thin blue line.  One of the chapters I found highly enlightening was in regards to the ticking of detectable crimes.

For the Police Service, they now not need a conviction to improve their statistics, they only need to identify the wrongdoer, go through the motions and then release the ‘perpetrator’ for another ‘successful’ detection.

A prime example of lazy policing is from the Telegraph.

Flame-thrower scooter owner arrested

Published: 8:00AM GMT 27 Mar 2010

Colin Furze, a plumber who adapted his scooter to shoot 15ft flames from the rear, has been arrested for an alleged firearms offence.

Mr Furze, 30, displayed his modified his scooter, with an anti-tailgating flame thrower operated by the flick of switch, in the press earlier this week.

But Lincolnshire Police spotted the pictures of Mr Furze allegedly riding his scooter on a public highway – and arrested him on Thursday.

He was held on suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm, and was released on unconditional police bail without charge until May 6 pending further police investigation.

Possession of a firearm carries a maximum prison sentence of five to seven years at Crown Court.

Mr Furze, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, declined to comment.

Speaking before his arrest, he said: ”Everybody wants a flame thrower on a motor bike.

”I don’t need a flame thrower on the back of my bike, I’m not going to set fire to people’s car’s, it’s just something interesting to do.”

The scooter, which was built before Christmas, was Mr Furze’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: ”A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing an object converted to a firearm on Thursday. He was released on unconditional bail.”

So the hard-work of spotting pictures in a national newspaper leads to the arrest of a James Bond enthusiast?  Is this how Lincolnshire Plod spend their day, going through the publications trying to spot misdemeanors?  Still, at least Lincolnshire Police have another ticked box in the ‘fight against crime’.

With Policeman like these, who needs criminals.

London 2012 | Looking forward to it?

6 03 2010

The invitation to the world to jet here with vast teams of athletes, each with dreams of winning Gold in the tournament where running, skipping and hopping is a sport is painted as a prestigious occasion.  One where we can all share in the delights of humanity and the pursuit of perfection.

Also a very good reason for very good knees-up at the Public’s expense, a very good reason to ‘move-on’ communities then redevelop the land with vast architectural extravagances to sell to the highest bidder once the Planning Committee have been bled for cash.  And a very damned good reason to ‘up’ corporate security.  No word of a lie.

from Reuters “Eyes turn to “value for money” London 2012″

Police will have powers to enter private homes and seize posters, and will be able to stop people carrying non-sponsor items to sporting events.

“I think there will be lots of people doing things completely innocently who are going to be caught by this, and some people will be prosecuted, while others will be so angry about it that they will start complaining about civil liberties issues,” Chadwick said.

“I think what it will potentially do is to prompt a debate about the commercial nature of the Games. Do big sponsors have too much influence over the Games?”

I’m finding more and more reasons to stay in Peckham, seeing as the dreaded EU machine has only scarred my lands with a dodgy library and even dodgy-er swimming baths.  Hate to think of the coming shut-down that will bear down on East London this Olympics.

Crime | The Capers and the Scum

4 03 2010

https://thelunaticarms.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/capt-britain-mindless-ones.jpgFor legal reasons, I do not condone any criminal acts but some acts are more forgivable than others as I’m sure most would agree.

The first crime is a daring robbery executed perfectly with no victims and no violence with the simple motive of half-inching highly valuable and easily sellable assets.

‘Mission Impossible’-style heist hits N.J. Best Buy

March 4, 2010 11:18 AM PST

Daring thieves staged a “Mission Impossible”-style robbery at the South Brunswick, N.J., Best Buy store, making off with $26,000 worth of Apple laptops early Wednesday morning.

As reported by the Associated Press and Star-Ledger, around 6:30 a.m., store employees discovered the missing laptops along with a hole in the roof. No motion sensors were set off, and nothing was captured on security cameras.

According to South Brunswick Police Sgt. James Ryan, the thieves used a “high degree of sophistication…They never touched the floor. They rappelled in and rappelled out.” Police say the robbers used a gas pipe on the side of the building to climb up onto the roof. Once on the roof they cut a 3-foot-wide square hole using a saw, then some type of suction to lift the cut section out. They then lowered themselves 16 feet down to the metal racks inside store, never touching the ground, remaining 10 feet off the ground. By not touching the ground, the motion sensors were not triggered.

The thieves positioned themselves behind store banners while doing all this, which prevented the security cameras from seeing them. Then they stole the laptops off the metal racks while hanging from the ceiling, and went out the same way they came in, through the hole in the roof.

The police think the thieves knew the layout of the store and must have known the banners would block them from security cameras. “The tools they had to bring, the alarms they had to circumvent, it certainly required a high level of planning,” Ryan said.

This one though consists of a low scale thuggery operation to terrorize an old man for a poxy car.  That is no motive, that is a travesty.  Christian Churchwarden, asian thugs, clawhammer…  all too familiar nowadays as Sir Morgan points out.

Hammer thugs attack pensioner inside chapel

6:50am Thursday 28th January 2010

A CHURCHWARDEN tried to tackle a gang of masked robbers when they attacked him with a hammer as he prepared for a chapel service.

The 80-year-old victim recalled the sickening moment the thugs hit him with the weapon and said: “next time it will be your head”.

Speaking anonymously, the man said he feared for his life when the robbers struck at Gospel Chapel in Benson Street, Bury.

“At first in seemed so unreal, like a prank,” he said. “But it was very real. They could have killed me.”

The victim, from Whitefield, was setting up the chapel hall for a service last Wednesday when he heard a knock at the side door about 7.25pm.

When he went out to see if anyone was there four men jumped on him, brandishing a claw hammer.

“They bundled me back up the steps and into the chapel shouting for my car keys,” he said.

“I resisted and managed to pick up a chair to defend myself, but one grabbed the end of the chair and the others grabbed my arms.”

The robbers hit the pensioner on the knee with the hammer and pinned him down while they rummaged through his pockets.

“He said if I didn’t give him the keys, next time he would hit me over the head with the hammer.

“So I thought, if I carried on resisting I would get damaged and they would still take the keys. They ripped my trousers, grabbed the keys and ran out.”

The thugs locked the victim in before driving off in his car, which was parked outside.

The grey Ford Focus, registration number NL07 XXY, has still not been found.

The robbers are described as Asian men, aged between 20 and 30, and wearing dark clothing and balaclavas. One is described as six feet tall and the others are of average height.

The victim said: “This was a sickening crime of breaking into the house of God, fighting and robbing. Have they no shame?

“I have been a warden here for the last 50 years and have never seen trouble like this. They are scum, the lowest of the low.”

DI John Mazzolai said: “Amazingly the victim was not hurt though he was pushed around violently. Needless to say though he is left terribly shaken up by this. Attacks like this on vulnerable, decent members of the community will not be tolerated and we are working very hard today to trace those responsible.”

Anyone with information on the attackers or the whereabouts of the car is asked to call police on 0161 856 8145, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

I’d rather have a hundred extra ‘mission impossibles’ than this recurring nightmare of low-level thuggery.  Peckham seems a paradise compared to what is being allowed on some of our streets.

Only way to stop this is to vote Nationalist, and the BNP are the only Nationalists worth voting for.

Of course, they would also be seeking to get the daring raids down too.  No matter how much I enjoy reading about em, crime is crime, and unless I’m getting a cut, I say ‘hang em’ (sic).

A Patriot’s response to Leftards

24 02 2010

More Establishment Bullcrap from a Minister of State, the one in charge of Immigration of all things, the other a NUJ-Backed rent-a-penny Hack.

You’d think Phil would be busy running that department, but oh well, the floor is yours Mr Woolas.   With the help of the Russian-(hence, foreign)-owned Evening Standard, spreading lies as professional lairs do:

Mr Woolas said the Met police and the Crown Prosecution Service were preparing for a surge in public order offences and taking precautions.

“You allow free speech of course, but you take measures to ensure that inflammatory incidents and events are not juxtaposed” and…  “You take care that public figures are kept away from inflammatory points. I’ve been very impressed by the sophistication of the Met so I think we will prevent the problem.”

The threat of the law and no right of reply for the British National Party though but they do have a comment thread,and unsurprisingly, mine hasn’t made it past ‘Winston Smith‘ sadly but thanks to the wonders of the internet though, can place my reply as a Nationalist here:

You and your Party are waging wars of aggression against third world countries and have the cheek to call the BNP dangerous and violent?

Your Government has overseen murder on our streets too. Some say even complicit (re: David Kelly files).

And how can you find time to berate a political opponent when you are supposed to be running the Nation?

Shame on you and the rest of the House of Pigs.  You make me sick!

I cannot stress that last part enough for I do feel sick, for I see the oncoming pain when London will become overcrowded, drug-infested, gang-controlled with the biggest being those crooked ACPO-backed cops.  For you surely don’t think Ali Dizaei is one of those isolated ‘officer’ do you? The MET is the biggest gang in London.  They know where everything is and just take their cut of the pie.  Not only that but even those thieves in the Houses of Swine spoil the scenery of London, you outside of the M25 don’t know you’re born!

That is a different gripe and one that could make walks in the wood ‘difficult’ for me.  Instead I’ll move onto the next of piece bullcrap is announcing yet another Organisation that “blames the BNP for everything” which has been launched to attack our democratic rights.  Surely political opponents should battle their ideas, not have an entire host of State-Backed, State-Sponsored and so-called ‘Public Support’ attacking one Party.

What they do to the BNP today, they will do to YOU tomorrow.

Some more coincidental evidence that the entire Establishment, political and media, are terrified at the prospect of a Nationalist Government.  All their conspiring including taking us into Political Europe and the mass influx of diversity silencing opposition with the threat of racism, even the petty thefts undertaken by our so-called Protectors.  All have been highlighted thanks to the diligent efforts of certain individuals who forced the media to expose those turncoats.  With MPs like those, who needs enemies?

Although if we had a free media, they would have exposed the liars and the cheats the moment they stepped out of line.  But no, the Media Hacks today knew all about the expenses and the back-room dealings and sold out.  Now they are nothing more than propagandists perverting the truth to firther their ‘editors’ goals, conveying ‘the message’ that “everything will be sorted if you trust Cameron, Brown or Clegg”.

This is Grade-A Bullcrap from  ‘rent-a’penny-hack’ James Macintyre in the New Spectator, and the only thing worse than a NUJ ”journalist’, is a NUJ ”journalist’ blowing his own trumpet. with the “fighting the BNP”, which no doubt will be put in his CV, promoting the Established Media Empires of the World’s attempt to “EXPOSE” the BNP.  Why not, they already want to “BASH” the BNP.

Last night, a lively rally took place at the Amnesty International headquarters in east London to launch a new pressure group called Expose, aimed at sharpening media scrutiny of the British National Party.

The organisation, whose work-in-progress web site is here, and of which I am a founding member, owes its inception to the hard work of a number of NUJ representatives, especially David Crouch of the Financial Times. The idea of it emerged after the BNP gained two seats in the European elections last year, and after its leader’s subsequent appearance on BBC1’s Question Time.

I would urge anyone opposed to the BNP to sign up.

He equates voting Nationalist to being an anti-Semite and racist, when it is clear to all who are the real Racists in our Nation.  Those who deliberately import those from every swamp, desert and jungle to displace our own people, to undercut our wages, or maybe they did it out of spite.  A hundred and eighty years ago the Bastards that Be were deporting our sorry white arses to Australia, so it wouldn’t be the first time our masters have done us harm.   My response to his idiotic column is as follows:

Is this the Albert Einstein’ quote?  “Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world.  The root cause is the use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity.”

Sounds like playing the ‘special-interest’ card.  Sometimes known as the ‘race’ card, the ‘religion’ card, the ‘gender’ card and probably many more ‘thought crimes.  Yet here you are blaming the ‘evil narrow-minded nationalists’ for their discontent?

What about our ‘English and these are our lands’ card?  Oh yeah, that is ‘racist’, for this land should be divvied up to anyone who sets foot here, as long as they can sustain a ‘immigration idustry’, lawyer fees, hospital fees, translators and social housing, all ways of extracting money from the public purse into those who own those ‘services’.  Or maybe a sort of ‘Vote Party’ State- I’ve always wondered if it would be possible for a ‘Inner-Party’, ‘Outer-Party’ and then us plebs at the bottom participating in the organised ‘punch and judy’?).

Us Britons are not allowed to stand up for our rights for “We’re a tolerant people”.  Nevermind the word ‘tolerance‘ implies a temporary nuisance.

How much diversity should we tolerate?  How much is too much?

The best thing about all this collusion on the part of the Establishment, Global-backed Media and all those ‘special-interest’ groups joining forces to condemn the only true Nationalist Party in Britain, just proves the point of the fear of losing control.

Now it seems we are being ENFORCED to be MORE tolerant people.  MORE housing estates.  MORE people from polar opposites.  MORE trouble.  All so you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside while we lose our freedom and country.

What they do to the Patriots today, they shall do to you tomorrow.