BNP | Battle of Barking

2 12 2010

An honest review from a commentator named Overlord of the ‘Battle of Barking‘ documentary by that recently aired on More4.  Found this in the comment section at the bottom of the drivel Benji Wilson sprouted.

I watched the battle for barking last night, and frankly it disgusted me.

The filmmaker obviously was trying to portray Hodge in the better light but honesty I think the BNP came off better.

It is true that they did come across as a bit thick and lonely, but they have genuiene grievances about what has been inflicted on this country. It seemed to me that most of the white people filmed seemed to support them. Hodge herself seemed to admit this, when she told her team to ask constituents whether they would go for BNP or Labour. If they admitted BNP, she said it was best to focus on other voters. Ignore the BNP voters.

Then the only campaigning we saw from Hodge was meeting ethnic groups either in their churches or mosques. Her grovelling in the mosque was sickening. She would talk to the odd white person on their doorstep, but the group diplomacy seemed to be reserved only for ethnics.The only time she met white people in any sort of a group was the multicultural street party in the photo above. And obviously there were lots of ethnics there too.

Some of the things she said to people about the BNP were very dodgy and bordered on lies or incitement. She told a group of Africans in church that the BNP would send every one of them home. She said something similar to a the mother and baby in the picture above. Then came a white man with an asian wife. There she did not say they would send her home but they would cause her trouble.

Then we saw groups of youths aggressively attacking the BNP with impunity. If not actually hitting them they would be shouting and swearing aggressively right in their faces. Calling them “white C###s”. Spitting at them again and again. Spitting is assault. Throwing fruit at them. A few punches were definitely thrown at the BNP too. Serious violence was only averted by the BNP constantly moving location. They were not free to stand where they chose. Much of this was in the build up to the fight that was reported in the news just before the election. That news report made out that the BNP were to blame. From the documentary it is clear that the youths were spitting at and goading them all day long.

To me the documentary showed that the establishment stoked a deliberate campaign of intimidation against the BNP. The BNP were demonized and dehumanized. Ethnic minorities were wound up with claims they would be deported, and it was made clear that the BNP were fair game for the youths. The BNP could not fight back as they would instantly be labelled thugs, and no doubt actually be arrested, unlike the youths.

The establishment media always make much of Griffin’s minders. They are used a proof of his thuggishness. However, as the documentary showed, if Griffin did not have security, he would likely be dead. And no doubt the police would miraculously have no leads on the suspects.

Some bloody democracy.

Too right, some bloody democracy.  All I saw was the State-sanctioned illegal actions of everyone BUT the BNP.  From the immigrant to the political whore named Hodge, I was sickened by the depths plunged by the Labour Party, although not surprised, and the Battle of Barking is a very appropriate title considering the amount of dirty tactics employed by the Red Machine.  From soliciting BIGGER donors to employing THIRD-PARTY GROUPS to denounce their opponents’ cause…  Labour’s campaign should be investigated by the Fruad Office.

Even worse is the official declaration (Kudos GV) of the “England doesn’t exist in the EU” malarkey.  We’re nothing but cattle, although don’t taste as good, can be milked all the same.

Another sore spot must e the Lord Nelson pub located in Brighton that will soon be opposite a Mosque due to the Somali influx, which will no doubt increase racial tension, yet do the council give a damn?  Do they fuck (source HERE).

And I wish I could leave you on a lighter note, except Brian Gerrish, the thorn in Common Purpose’s paw has loads (seen six so far) of speeches regarding that political Beast that can be found HERE.

Stay angry, one, it’s good for the heart rate, and two, it’ll keep you warm.  The more we’re nibbled at, the more difficult it will become to remain gentlemanly, and then the fireworks.  Just hope the riots wait til the summer cos I don’t fancy stepping out in this weather.

Damn, only good thing about snow is seeing the face of some of my newly arrived equatorial neighbours.  Damn, only good thing about my equatorial neighbours is their dress sense.  Come Sunday, it looks like a walking forest of bright-colored floral curtain-like wraparounds with contrasting heads poking out.  Jeez, some of ’em even smell of coconut, which is damn better than the usual BO encountered by supersized Africanoes, main reason I avoid public transport in the summer.


Blighted | Just like Rome

18 05 2010

Has Nero returned from the dead and directing a  campaign of hate against the Christians again, this time in Blighty?  Or could it be our NuBritons showing their gratitude at our hospitality?  Or worse yet, future Labour voters!

First I read about the teen vandals in Blackburn who desecrated a Cathedral and coming to attention for all the wrong reasons (‘Magistrate axed for calling teenage vandals ‘absolute scum’ hits out at demotion‘) but now, across the border in not-so-bonnie Scotland, am directed to another tale of Christian persecution.

If I was a judge I would face reprimand for the following opinion yet I’m just a normal member of the public and I think that the perpetrators who committed these sickening crimes are nothing more than SCUM.

Church vandals break arm from crucifix

Friday, 14 May 2010 16:25 UK

Vandals have torn the right arm from a figure of Christ on the cross outside a Catholic Church.

Human excrement was also smeared on the doorstep of St Mary’s RC Church in Stirling some time between 0900 BST on Thursday and Friday morning.

The damage to the outdoor crucifix was spotted by a boy who had gone to the church with his grandfather.

The Austrian-made crucifix has been in the same position outside the 105 year-old church for 60 years…

Absolute scum.  All thanks to the cultural marxist revolution voted in time and again by you.  Twenty bloody million.

Being brought up CoE, I do forgive.  Alas, I do not forget and thanks to the wonders of technology, have a photolog of all those I wish to destroy.  Hope you can be Christian enough to forgive me.

To NSA, CIA, MI6, Stasi, Leftard, Press Hack and every other shady organisation (yes, you google) or weirdos (yes, you spammers) that have the misfortune of reading these posts – Most contain anger scribbled down in the hope of averting a natural disaster – that disaster being me losing the last of my remaining marbles.  It also has layers of satire with dollops of jokes and should not be taken at face value.  If you do spend a penny, cent or magic bean in pursuing myself as a ‘threat’, I will see to it that you are sacked for incompetence. And if I can get away with it, sexual harassment to boot.

BNP | Fulltime Anti-BNPers

16 05 2010

A campaign of hate directed at the British National Party in Barking, sanctioned by the Establishment, coordinated by Searchlight, promoted by the Mirror and performed by the deluded is the main reason why there was no political earthquake.

Since last June, when 1,000,000 Britons decided to use their democratic right and voted for Mr Griffin and Mr Brons in the EU elections, Searchlight’s chief Nick Lowles has organised the undemocratic use of subversion, indoctrination and incitement to hatred to oppose them.

So how did they do it?  From the dreaded Hope Not Hate blog hosted by the leftarded news-polluter, the Daily Mirror:

We have had brilliant support from pensioners, black and Asian voters, white voters, young voters, women and men. On Monday 385 people delivered 55,000 leaflets and even on polling day we had 175 people out knocking up the vote.

So saturating the area with anti-BNP literature for the run-up to the election and, with 175 people manning the polling booths, it’s no wonder the BNP polled so little.

Nick Griffin was belittled, vilified, treated like dog dirt and told he was a third-class citizen who wasn’t wanted in Britain.

Argumentum ad hominem it’s called, attacking the person instead of the argument and has worked throughout the centuries as people are too stupid or lazy to see the motive behind the comments.

The world is upside down.  That or there is definitely something in the water.

Equalities Minister | You’re all “male and pale”

15 05 2010

Milliseconds after her ministerial butt plonked upon her ministerial position, the mad (by association to the Lib Dems of course) madam Featherstone is making headlines, describing the new Coalition Cabinet as “male and pale”.

Personally, it’s getting very old this recurring habit of hateful remarks directed at Whitey incorporated.

New equalities minister Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone hits out at ‘male and pale’ party negotiators

By Tim Shipman, Daily Mail.  Last updated at 7:55 AM on 15th May 2010

A woman once voted the ‘most fanciable MP’ in Westminster was made equalities minister yesterday – and promptly attacked the lack of women in the new coalition Government.

Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone, 58, will follow in Harriet Harman’s footsteps to fight sexism and discrimination.

She wasted little time yesterday in attacking her own leaders, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, for failing to find room for more than four women in the Cabinet.

Mrs Featherstone said she was ‘very disappointed’ at the lack of women at the top and condemned as ‘male and pale’ the two negotiating teams that thrashed out the terms of the coalition deal.

She said that on being offered the job, she told the PM: ‘We must do better.’

Mrs Featherstone, a mother of two who divorced in 1996, said: ‘It absolutely matters that women are in politics and getting into positions where decisions are taken.’

She said a woman’s perspective was necessary because her previous experience working on London transport issues had shown men concentrate on ‘big macho projects like who’s got the biggest airport or the longest train, rather than looking at the journey to school’.

Mrs Featherstone called for female ‘role models’ – but she has not always been an advert for feminism herself.

Mrs Featherstone, a millionaire whose family owns the Ryness chain of electrical stores, attracted controversy when she once told women to enter politics because they could use their town hall allowances to pay for cleaners and babysitters.

She was embarrassed in 2006 when she put down Parliamentary questions about a date rape drug that had been invented as part of an email hoax.

And she raised eyebrows during the election campaign when she agreed to be filmed for an internet spoof singing along to a remake of the Bucks Fizz pop song Making Your Mind Up.

She has called for the abolition of the Sun newspaper’s topless Page 3 photoshoots.

Mr Cameron boosted the female head count yesterday by sending Maria Miller to the Department of Work and Pensions.

Nick Hurd, son of ex-Foreign Secretary Lord Hurd, became charities minister, Hugh Robertson is sports minister and Lib Dem MP David Heath will be deputy leader of the Commons.

But Mr Cameron alienated more of his former shadow ministers by giving posts to Lib Dems.

I want a meritocracy, not a token society made up of know-nothing every colour-of-the-fecking-rainbow party apparatchiks whose only purpose is to sprout the virtues of their Master’s mad cultural marxist social engineering project.

A derogatory remark against blacks, Asians or any other special group is met with the full force of the law, resulting in extra work for the Police and months of stress for the ‘suspect’.  The other side of the coin and it seems the Establishment can’t help themselves but demean me by the shade of my skin.  Sure the authors were directing their comments towards a certain group of monochrome privilege pricks, doesn’t mean I wish to replace them with a bunch of multicoloured useless tits.

And it sure as hell doesn’t limit the fallout for myself and others like me who sadly cannot afford the same level of protection that the BBC execs and Parliamentarians enjoy.

Had to moan about this before the footie otherwise I would be screwing all the way through the match.  Can’t have that, us Lion fans are world-famous for our friendly charming manners.

BNP | The New Crucifixions

15 05 2010

I thought the campaign was to Kick Racism out of Football, not a legitimate political party.  Yet in today’s world, the mere sign of opposition to cultural transformation via endless immigration can be a good enough excuse for a lynching.  And mentioning a preference for the BNP is to be condemned to Crucifixion with absolution only granted if apologies are offered and the sinner reaffirms their commitment to the cult of diversity.

And with the constant propaganda against Nationalism, it isn’t any wonder why the deluded do what they do.  For the barrage of disinformation and half-truths is nothing more than State-sanctioned Hate and fear mongering.  Think Orwell and the theme of ‘Hate Week‘.  The indoctrination, subversion and manipulation of the masses, cultivating the hatred inside and then directing the venom not at themselves who caused the mess, but those who report it, and God forbid, change it!

The undemocratic nature encouraged by the Establishment is more suitable to the jungles of the Congo than my beloved Blighty.

The most recent victim of the State-sponsored Hate Unit is a professional footballer who in a discussion about the General Election, revealed that he voted BNP.  This of course demanded an instant rebuttal, for how can someone dare use their democratic right and vote without considering everyone else first.

Leicester City star Wayne Brown forced into grovelling apology over BNP stance

EXCLUSIVE By Neil Moxley, Daily Mail.  Last updated at 11:22 PM on 14th May 2010

Wayne Brown has been forced into making a grovelling apology to his Leicester City team-mates after admitting that he voted BNP in the general election.

The Foxes defender sparked fury among several of his colleagues last week during a dressing-room debate turned sour and now he has been forced to ask for forgiveness.

A number of his team-mates — principally winger Lloyd Dyer and veteran defender Chris Powell — were particularly upset and rounded upon the former Hull City man.

Reports of a dressing-room punch-up appear wide of the mark but several of the Foxes’ squad were unhappy and told him so.

Matters became so heated that when Brown reported for duty ahead of the weekend’s play-off game against Cardiff City he was told to leave the club, having been suspended for the two fixtures against the Bluebirds.

Brown was told that he needed to apologise on Thursday after Leicester’s season effectively ended following a penalty shoot-out defeat at the City of Cardiff Stadium on Wednesday night.

It is unknown as yet whether he has had the opportunity to do so as the Foxes’ squad were allowed a day off following their heartache in south Wales.

A Leicester source said: ‘There was no punch-up. But Wayne has been asked to apologise to anyone he may have offended.

‘It seems as though there was a discussion and he disclosed how he had voted.’

Now wasn’t there something called the Human Rights Act that the previous Government hailed as the best defender for peoples’ beliefs, religious and political?  Or is this once more the hypocrisy of the State and Her children?

Mr Dyer and Mr Powell should have a good long think about their undemocratic actions.  Either you believe in the democratic rights for all, or you do not believe in them at all.

Another fine example of where State-sponsored hate can lead to.  And an even better one to vote anyone but Establishment.  Preferably the Party they all fear most, the BNP.

GE10 | BNP analysis

15 05 2010

It has been near enough two weeks since the result of the election and finally we are finding out how the Establishment fended off the Nationalist advance in Barking.

Thanks to the leftarded Guardian, find out it was not policy or personality that smashed the BNP in Barking but an Obama-style campaign of PR and intimidation coordinated by the Establishment’s agents.

The answer is a tale of determined activism by Griffin’s opponents, aided by the antics of his self-harming party. That activism began to develop a sharp focus two weeks after those Euro elections, when Lowles chaired a meeting of MPs, anti-BNP campaigners, church groups and trade unionists. He gave them a detailed breakdown of the BNP’s support. The message was stark.

“A decision was made to draw a line in the sand,” says one Labour party figure who was at the meeting. “The coming general election was going to be the defining moment. Everyone knew that if they won then, it would be almost impossible to remove them in the future.”

There was never a single anti-BNP campaign in Barking. There were meetings, events, leafleting initiatives run by Hope Not Hate – which coordinated much of the activity – and also by Labour and Unite Against Fascism. Hope Not Hate set up a base in derelict premises, and volunteers travelled across the country to prepare it for the coming battle; putting up a new ceiling, plumbing in toilets and setting up a print room. Some slept on the floors.

“The response was truly overwhelming,” says Lowles. “On one day of action, we had 541 people; on another, 385; and even on election day itself, 176 people came out to help get the vote out.” Many of the volunteers had not been involved in political activity before. “We had teenagers travelling up from Kent, old ladies from the other side of London turning out. It felt like a liberating experience for people who felt like we were doing something politically important.”

The Hope Not Hate campaign was supported by Joe Rospars, chief digital strategist for Barack Obama from 2007 until his inauguration, and his company Blue State Digital.

Rospars said it was the “best example” of a British organisation applying the lessons of the US presidential elections. “We are seeing a genuine community-based organisation, with people coming together around a common purpose,” he said.

Campaigners were able to identify the key groups least likely to vote for the BNP – women, pensioners and people from ethnic minorities. They built up an online volunteer force of 140,000 people, and Rospars advised on how to use them for maximum impact. In the month before election day, Lowles says more than 1,000 volunteers descended on Barking, delivering 350,000 specially tailored leaflets and newsletters.

At the same time, the Dagenham MP John Cruddas, and his neighbour who seemed most under threat, Barking MP Margaret Hodge, were fighting a parallel ground war against the BNP. Hodge escalated the effort she had begun some four years earlier to reconnect with voters Labour had lost to the BNP. Their rise in Barking had seen the then culture secretary heavily criticised by many inside her own party. For her, this election result represents a triumph for decency, and personal redemption.

“When Griffin announced in September that he would stand, that gave me a real scare,” Hodge says. “My husband had not long died, and I was still in grief. It was a tough period. I was quietly confident that I would win, but I really wanted to smash him. And I was really concerned about the prospects for the council.”

Hodge, with the help of volunteers from Unite Against Fascism, turned to the politics of shoe leather, knocking on doors and listening to people’s concerns. “‘What do you want to talk about?’ I would ask. It was up to them.”

Most talked about street cleaning, wheelie bins and antisocial behaviour, but inevitably many raised the BNP trump card of immigration. Even black residents raised the issue with Hodge. “I would say to them: ‘I can’t turn the clock back, but this is why the borough has changed, and we must make it work for all of us.’ Some people hated that. Some would understand. But they came to feel I was listening.”

Of  course the internal problems of the BNP didn’t help but the mobilisation and coordination between the Establishment and Vested Interests would put Robert Mugabe to shame.

And you still believe you live in a democratic country?

UK Plc | Business as usual

11 05 2010

After all the political ping-pong and backroom wrangling, we finally have a new Government headed by a new Prime Minister to head up a new agenda.  Must be similar to the previous financial initiatives for the markets are breathing a sign of relief but it’s too early to tell.  Just glad to have finally seen the back of McDoom.

Replacing the Kirkcaldy Kid in No.10 is the chinless PR King of Vagueness, David Cameron with his rather adorable wife Samantha, finally securing the British Premiership Title of Politics.  Not without the help from the Liberal Democrats of course, who have had more important meetings in the last week than the previous two decades combined.

Isn’t democracy grand?

Conservative Cameron takes over as PM

Reuters.  Tue May 11, 2010 10:16pm BST

Conservative leader David Cameron took over as prime minister on Tuesday and said he wanted to form a full coalition with the smaller Liberal Democrat Party.

Gordon Brown had resigned as prime minister earlier, ending 13 years of rule by his centre-left Labour Party.

The Conservatives won most seats in a parliamentary election last week but fell short of a majority. Labour came second and the Liberal Democrats a distant third.

Giving his first speech as prime minister, Cameron, 43, said he aimed to form what would be Britain’s first coalition government since 1945. The exact shape of the new government was not yet clear and the Liberal Democrats had yet to give their final approval to the deal on offer from the Conservatives.

“This is going to be hard and difficult work. A coalition will throw up all sorts of challenges. But I believe together we can provide that strong and stable government that our country needs,” Cameron said, his pregnant wife Samantha by his side.

The sterling rose against the dollar and the euro as Cameron spoke. Markets had been impatient to see an end to the uncertainty thrown up by last Thursday’s inconclusive election.

The BBC reported that George Osborne, a close friend and ally of Cameron, would become the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, or finance minister.

U.S. President Barack Obama called Cameron to congratulate him, the White House said.

Both the Conservatives and Labour had tried to win Lib Dem support to form the next government during five days of intense negotiations, but it became clear on Tuesday afternoon that Labour had lost and Brown would have to resign.

“I wish the next prime minister well as he makes the important choices for the future,” an emotional Brown, 59, said earlier in front of the prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street, flanked by his wife Sarah.


First among Cameron’s challenges will be how to reduce Britain’s record budget deficit, which has raised fears that the country could lose its triple-A credit rating.

Financial markets favour a Conservative-led government because they believe it would move faster and harder to cut the deficit.

Brown, his wife and their two children briefly posed for photographers after his farewell remarks, before leaving Downing Street. Brown then went to Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth accepted his resignation.

Shortly afterwards, it was Cameron’s turn to visit the queen, who formally asked him to form a government in her name. He went straight from the palace to Downing Street to deliver his speech.

Details of what the Conservatives and Lib Dems had agreed have not yet been made public. Both negotiating teams were due to report back to their legislators and party colleagues later in the evening.

The two parties will have to endorse any deal agreed by the negotiating teams.

(Additional reporting by Michael Holden, Peter Griffiths, Mohammed Abbas, Adrian Croft, Keith Weir and Tim Castle; writing by Estelle Shirbon; editing by Andrew Roche)

So for the next six months, looks like we’re going to have to suffer more EU dictates, more increases in tax and the introduction of the Big Society.  Hopefully, such actions will shake the sheep out of our fellow Lions and the next opportunity, maybe vote out the degenerates once and for all.

Vote the same, get the same.