OWG | Agenda 21 and Diet

22 10 2010

James Delingpole is oh so more eloquent than myself in the writings of rage, that I shall direct you to his piece in the Telegraph regarding the ideas thrown around about our collective, and that word is important, diets.  I won’t cut and paste it all but just highlight the third from bottom paragraph and one phrase in particular.

‘Let them eat vegetables’ says the Eton Grocer’s eco-fascist quango

Apart from being riddled with false assumptions – the main ones, of course, being that “Greenhouse Gases” need to be controlled in the first place; that their effect on “Climate Change” is anything to worry about; that any of this is any business of the Food Standards Agency anybloodyway – the document is really just a means of further advancing the cause of the Quangocracy, Big Government and the UN’s Agenda 21.

Now, just what is the UN’s Agenda 21?  Well, according to the following video, just another step towards One World Governance resulting in property rights suspended, collectivism imposed, and just a general corporatisation of the entire globe under one roof.  One glove fits all.  Or possibly one iron gauntlet to keep all in check.

The official plan can be read HERE, yet unsurprisingly, once more the authors deliberately skirt around the written bush, using all sorts of soundbites that no sane human could reject, yet what one says they are going to do and what they actually do, are two very different things.

1.4. The developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries, in order to cover the incremental costs for the actions they have to undertake to deal with global environmental problems and to accelerate sustainable development. Financial resources are also required for strengthening the capacity of international institutions for the implementation of Agenda 21. An indicative order-of-magnitude assessment of costs is included in each of the programme areas. This assessment will need to be examined and refined by the relevant implementing agencies and organizations.


Redistribution of wealth which of course will be handled by a respected banker who of course wouldn’t dream of skimming some of the top…  whose ever heard of an untrustworthy public servent 1US??? 2UN??? 3UK???

2.4. Governments recognize that there is a new global effort to relate the elements of the international economic system and mankind’s need for a safe and stable natural environment. Therefore, it is the intent of Governments that consensus-building at the intersection of the environmental and trade and development areas will be ongoing in existing international forums, as well as in the domestic policy of each country.


Consensus-building usually means “We’re right, you’re wrong and if you step outta line, we’ll smack you one“, or worse, ‘blow you up‘ as if the below was an innocent mistake.  (warning, those with a nervous disposition should not view this as this is uncensored)

I could go on but it’s best if you skim through the whole thing yourself, and I say skim otherwise it’s like reading any governmental release, mind-numbingly protracted bullcrap that actually has the ability to make you vomit.  When something looks too good  to be true, it is usually bullcrap.  And after all them years finessing this art, the political masters and their puppets in the world do a splendid job of smoke and mirrors and top of the range bullcrap.

Even the best intentions can have the worst consequences.  And every time I hear the UN and various whores mention sustainability, I can’t help but picture euthanasia on tap.  Remember our business partners in the Chinese government’s approach towards over-population.  No problem with murdering an unborn soul to sustain their economy.  How long before the UN adopts this stance as a way to save the planet?  And why, in the age of equality restrict this barbaric and sadistic measure to those conceived yet not received?  Why not the over 50s?  Or the unemployed?  Or the disabled?  Or those on low incomes?  Or anyone else that doesn’t tag along?

Just like UN Peacekeepers raping their way across Africa to the dodgy dealings with Saddam and the Oil for Food programs, I wouldn’t trust this bunch of despots with my shed.  Bet the UN is just one giant horse-trading show in which each representative tries to outdo the others in vying for the UN’s cushy jobs. Oh yeah, we’re the horses.  And oh yeah, the Owners of this planet appoint the cushy jobs;  for economic power can buy political power, ad infinitum.

The root of all evil is the love of money…  money buys many things, yet most sought, is good old-fashioned control.  And it doesn’t matter how well-off you think you are, compared to Earth PLC’s stockholders, you’ve got sweet FA.

All’s fair in love and war.


Banking Harassment | Robotic Debt Collectors

27 08 2010

Every couple of hours, the family phone receives an automated phone call which I always assumed was simply a marketing scam, so like every sane consumer, hung up.  Now, it has come to light to it is in fact a ‘reminder’ from the bank with the embarrassing proclamation of DEBT owed.  Before I bellow further about this subject, it is not moi in debt but someone who used to live here.

Okay, I’ve a slight bit of debt to the Spaniards, yet that is a pittance compared to some I know.  The staff at my bank have probably received more death threats from me than pennies from my account, fight em all the way, especially you can use a work phone, some of those calls can end up expensive.

Alas, I thought I see if it is a bigger problem concerning more than myself.  Now, neighbours are not ones to talk about their financial affairs unless you catch them in your home trying to half-inch your telly, then out comes the “ah come on man, I’m up to my ears in the shit and can barely see” half-arsed excuse.

Thankfully, Auntie Beeb have provided the necessary message board although how Susan from London can suggest a return to Debtor Prisons is beyond me, that is what bankruptcy is for you stupid cow.

“If you spend the money and don’t pay it back then that’s stealing. The banks are totally reasonable to call you constantly – a shame that they don’t have more power to get people to honour their debts. Think how much better everyone would become at honouring their debts if, say, one missed payment equalled a week in jail, two, two weeks and so on.”

I mean for the love of God, does she really mean that?

Thankfully, I’m more inclined to agree with Mr Norris from Birmingham with his explanation of harrassment:

“It is an offence under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 to engage in a “…course of conduct…” that the perpetrator “…knows or ought to know amounts to harassment…”. It further states that it is harassment “…if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment…” Phoning someone up to six times a day is in my mind clearly a criminal offence. The Act also explicitly allows for a civil remedy. In other words “sue them”. British banks treat their customers with utter contempt. The proper role of government is to protect us.”

Best start taking notes of the calls.  Every one could be worth a bag of sand* if I play my cards right.

For future reference maybe.

Protection from Harassment Act 1997

* Thousand £ pound

ConDem | Immigration

25 06 2010

The ConDem Coalition are planning to implement their immigration cap policy and once again will ignore the English people who will inevitably live next door to them.  Instead, they wish to ask businesses and universities (same thing in my book) how many new ‘customers’ they need.

For the love of God, this is the whole reason we have a multi-million pound race relation industry due to the constant disregard of the social costs.  Time and again, the wants of the few, in this case the business and university leaders, are put over the needs of the many.  This leads to resentment which sadly manifests into hatred towards those who seek a better life.

In simple mathematics for all you thick arseholes.

MORE people = MORE competition.

Wages decrease while rents increase due to this competition.  This will breed resentment and unrest which will lead to ever more draconian laws through the back-door.

It isn’t rocket science!

So I will not begrudge anyone in the back of the lorry who tries their luck doing a Houdini, instead, I will send dog shit to the addresses of those who caused it.  And due to my laziness in finding the individual guilty parties will randomly send them to anyone who is associated with the Establishment.

If I can be deemed racist by my promotion of nationalist perspective, then by rights’, all twenty-odd million c**ts who supported the shite I have to put up with are also guilty by association and will be the ones receiving Fido’s fudge.

If England doesn’t become England again, I’ll renounce my nationality and invent my own!

BP | Disaster and money

24 06 2010

Excellent video from AlienScientist regarding the money-men and their corrupt practices to ensure the status quo.  Of course, this is done at the expense of every living thing on the planet but hey, that’s progress for them.

What I’ve always found odd is the idiocy of taking trillions of barrels of oil out of Earth’s crevices without considering why it was there in the first place.  Surely there is a reason why so much grease is under our feet.  Perhaps the planet’s tectonic plates need that grease more than our own mechanical engines.

With so many crooks in charge, we never stood a chance.

Blighted | Selling your ass

23 05 2010

Once again the Government finds itself in shit creek and once again, look to balance the books by selling our rights.  This time, it is the right to travel.

Before the election there was talk regarding Rothschild’s plan to charge every Briton for the use of motorways, motorways that are already paid for by our collective taxes.

Vince Cable of the Condem Coalition has no “ideological opposition” towards this idea and so we shall probably see this in the next two years.

Well Mr Cable, I have.

If I wish to get to work, I have the choice of a 15min 381 bus ride or a 25min walk.  That is it.  Either I hand over my money to a Government sanctioned monopoly to spare me ten minutes of my life or I use my legs and get to ponder the inequalities of life.  And as I’m not keen on the body odour of fellow Africans in Peckham and am partial to a ponder, I walk.

Also Mr Cable, ever heard of ‘pass the buck’?  An American term that means whenever there is a problem, there is always someone else to blame.  This is a wider scale version of that.  Corporations put the prices up which Government pleads it is powerless to stop, yet said Government still more than willing to take their cut in VAT and Corporate Tax.

And the biggest gripe I have regarding this is the simple matter that selling our assets is not the way out of a hole.  Our collective wealth paid for those motorways and now, due to Government incompetence, our current Government is pursuing with a plan inspired by the money-making machine that is the Rothschild Dynasty now want us to pay for the privilege again.

The day mushroom clouds rise from Earth is the day I’ll be happy.  Reason being, we don’t deserve compassion or understanding, how the heck can we understand those who vote for their continual slavery?  It is you degenerates that voted for the Establishment who are the ones to blame.

I can’t blame the corrupt politicians cos twenty-million sods put them there.

I can’t blame the banking dynasties for it is in their nature to squeeze every penny.

I can’t blame NuBritons for they know no better and only seek a better life than the one they had before.

No, I blame each and every one of the twenty odd million who voted Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats.  I’d rather have lived under a Socialists Workers Government for at least they have principles.  The current scum that pass themselves off as honourable with the help of the deluded electorate have no morals, let alone principles.

EU | One-way street political warfare

12 05 2010

With the Lisbon Treaty firmly in place with all the possibilities wanted by Eurocrats, the sweet-talking and reassurance of a team ethos has ended with Anglophobic reactions from the French once more.

I want OUT of the European Union.  Main reason I support Nationalism is that it keeps my tyrants local.

For the love of God, how much longer must we put up with the disdain shown towards us from our Parliamentarians in regards to the undemocratic Eunification Project?  And more importantly, how on earth can we throw our lot in with the Europeans?  This is a continent that contains tribes who, since naming of our isles the Pretanic Islands, have only ever sought to conquer Her.

The mind boggles, especially after reading that a French politician who is supposedly on of our ‘team’ once again plans to destabilise Her Auld Enemy with financial warfare.

Britain must fend for itself in event of crisis, French official warns

By Angela Monaghan, Economics Reporter.  Published: 12:20PM BST 11 May 2010

Britain should not rely on EU help in the event of a renewed financial crisis after refusing to sign up to the bulk of a €500bn (£429bn) rescue package for the eurozone, the head of the French financial markets watchdog said.

Jean-Pierre Jouyet said the UK would have to fend for itself if ongoing political uncertainty led to a meltdown in the financial markets.

“The English are very certainly going to be targeted given the political difficulties they have. Help yourself and heaven will help you. If you don’t want to show solidarity to the eurozone, then let’s see what happens to the United Kingdom,” he told Europe 1 radio.

Mr Jouyet, European affairs minister from 2007-2008, was clearly angered by the Chancellor Alistair Darling’s refusal to pledge funds in an attempt to protect the euro, by failing to agree to provide troubled eurozone countries with €440bn in loans or guarantees.

He said it was a clear sign of the divisions within the European Union. “There is not a two speed Europe but a three speed Europe. You have Europe of the euro, Europe of the countries that understand the euro…and you have the English,” he said.

However, Mr Darling did agree to contribute to a €60bn extension to an existing European Union facility to help those countries in particular difficulty.

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to provide a further €250bn.

The bail-out agreement boosted markets around the world on Monday, including the FTSE 100 which closed up 5pc – the biggest one-day jump since December 8, 2008.

Part of that gain was unwound on Tuesday morning, with the FTSE 100 down 1.8pc at 5291. The pound was down at around $1.48.

As political uncertainty rumbled on, with no new government in place, analysts at Morgan Stanley said investors should sell the pound, targeting $1.35. It said the prospect of a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition would hit sterling.

“We have decided to initiate a short pound-dollar position,” said Stephen Hull, global head of currency strategy. “This coalition would probably find it difficult to make the required tough spending cuts to the public deficit, risking a downgrade by the rating agencies in coming months.”

I agree with the Frenchman on one point though.  It is time we helped ourselves and cut all ties with those who seek to defraud us.

We could start by withholding the £15bn Alister Darling magicked out of thin air for the Euroloan to bail-out Greece, we have our own house to worry about.  Actually, we could withdraw from the Political Straight Jacket that is the European Union, once more resulting in a bountiful saving of billions.  After that, we could reinstate Britain’s coastal territories and fishing rights, goodbye landlocked Luxembourg’s fishing fleet.  And then finally, to seal off Europe completely in case of another plague, plug up the channel tunnel.

We’re friends with these people?

Once more, we need out of the Eurozone completely.  No referendum, just a complete political withdrawal.  I’ve seen how the EU hierarchy handle (more like blatantly interfere with) democratic referendums and from experiance.  Just as bad as our recent General Election that was a fitting tribute to South African politics.

I wouldn’t trust the Political Establishment to oversee a Pot Noodle’s progress in the microwave, let alone deMOCKracy.

UK Plc | Business as usual

11 05 2010

After all the political ping-pong and backroom wrangling, we finally have a new Government headed by a new Prime Minister to head up a new agenda.  Must be similar to the previous financial initiatives for the markets are breathing a sign of relief but it’s too early to tell.  Just glad to have finally seen the back of McDoom.

Replacing the Kirkcaldy Kid in No.10 is the chinless PR King of Vagueness, David Cameron with his rather adorable wife Samantha, finally securing the British Premiership Title of Politics.  Not without the help from the Liberal Democrats of course, who have had more important meetings in the last week than the previous two decades combined.

Isn’t democracy grand?

Conservative Cameron takes over as PM

Reuters.  Tue May 11, 2010 10:16pm BST

Conservative leader David Cameron took over as prime minister on Tuesday and said he wanted to form a full coalition with the smaller Liberal Democrat Party.

Gordon Brown had resigned as prime minister earlier, ending 13 years of rule by his centre-left Labour Party.

The Conservatives won most seats in a parliamentary election last week but fell short of a majority. Labour came second and the Liberal Democrats a distant third.

Giving his first speech as prime minister, Cameron, 43, said he aimed to form what would be Britain’s first coalition government since 1945. The exact shape of the new government was not yet clear and the Liberal Democrats had yet to give their final approval to the deal on offer from the Conservatives.

“This is going to be hard and difficult work. A coalition will throw up all sorts of challenges. But I believe together we can provide that strong and stable government that our country needs,” Cameron said, his pregnant wife Samantha by his side.

The sterling rose against the dollar and the euro as Cameron spoke. Markets had been impatient to see an end to the uncertainty thrown up by last Thursday’s inconclusive election.

The BBC reported that George Osborne, a close friend and ally of Cameron, would become the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, or finance minister.

U.S. President Barack Obama called Cameron to congratulate him, the White House said.

Both the Conservatives and Labour had tried to win Lib Dem support to form the next government during five days of intense negotiations, but it became clear on Tuesday afternoon that Labour had lost and Brown would have to resign.

“I wish the next prime minister well as he makes the important choices for the future,” an emotional Brown, 59, said earlier in front of the prime minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street, flanked by his wife Sarah.


First among Cameron’s challenges will be how to reduce Britain’s record budget deficit, which has raised fears that the country could lose its triple-A credit rating.

Financial markets favour a Conservative-led government because they believe it would move faster and harder to cut the deficit.

Brown, his wife and their two children briefly posed for photographers after his farewell remarks, before leaving Downing Street. Brown then went to Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth accepted his resignation.

Shortly afterwards, it was Cameron’s turn to visit the queen, who formally asked him to form a government in her name. He went straight from the palace to Downing Street to deliver his speech.

Details of what the Conservatives and Lib Dems had agreed have not yet been made public. Both negotiating teams were due to report back to their legislators and party colleagues later in the evening.

The two parties will have to endorse any deal agreed by the negotiating teams.

(Additional reporting by Michael Holden, Peter Griffiths, Mohammed Abbas, Adrian Croft, Keith Weir and Tim Castle; writing by Estelle Shirbon; editing by Andrew Roche)

So for the next six months, looks like we’re going to have to suffer more EU dictates, more increases in tax and the introduction of the Big Society.  Hopefully, such actions will shake the sheep out of our fellow Lions and the next opportunity, maybe vote out the degenerates once and for all.

Vote the same, get the same.