Islam & the West | An Arabic perspective

15 01 2011

An excellent youtuber is IslamicFarming, who has uploaded some of the most thought-provoking videos I’ve seen in a long time.  The one below contains an Arabian gentlemen who understands history better than some of our own.

I only wish I had more information regarding the guy.  He puts some of our own political minds to shame with his logic and reasoning.


UK Police | Hand’n’Hand with the ones they arrest

10 01 2011

Police want to get results.  But instead of doing it the old-fashioned way and deterring crime, they infiltrate and encourage it.  From the Diamond Heist in 2000 to the Ecoloon Brigades of today.

A reminder of how intelligent the police were in their successful capture of the Diamond Heist gang, check out the Guardian’s point-by-point timeline.  All I will say is that it was set-up from the word go.  Without Police involvement, there would not have been an attempt.

But I don’t want to bring up the muck of the past, especially one where the officers involved all received big shiny medals for a set-up well done.  Why would I when there is a much recent one to bemoan.

Trial against environmental activists dropped after undercover Met police officer switches sides

A trial against six environmental activists has been suddenly dropped after an undercover police officer switched allegiance and offered to testify on their behalf.

The Ecoloons allege that the UC in their midst not only helped recruit new members but also help plan out the never-materialised crime.

What is worse in all this, PC Mark Kennedy spent nearly a decade, at our expense, shaping this group, and when push finally becomes shove, offers to undo his work.  How many millions was wasted on pursuing this bunch of idealistic persons?  And would they even have gotten so far without the help of the copper?

Alas, so much easier to catch crooks when the Police help plan the crime, I doubt the Thick Blue Line will cease these sting operations.

Educational | Gangsta Patois in London

9 01 2011

Excellent rendition of Gangsta speech that infests certain sections of London from a pure and proper lass who had me fooled at first.  Still, if you’ve ever wondered what the patios rudeys were ranting about, this is the video for you.

I could close my eyes and be transported to Queen’s Road station’s platform overhearing my fellow public transport users.  Not an all too pleasant experience I can tell you.  Thank the good Lord for tools is all I will add.

PS: Dont leave any nasty-arsed remarks on her video, no need to taint the lady with guilt by association and I would much prefer it to stay up.  If you feel the need to sprew any bile, no matter how vile, all slanderous and libelous comments are welcome at this blog.  Although I may do a MTV and beep out the naughty words, depends how lazy I am of course, Labour educated.

Leftarded Fallout | They cannot make up their mind

9 01 2011

With the media circus that has flared up around the issue of certain sections of society preying on defenceless children, the Left do not know where to look.  As Rod Liddle points out…

A bizarre report on the Asian child abuse court case on the BBC last night, which spent most of its time attempting to exonerate the Pakistani community as a whole, including clips of Pakistanis saying “actually, we probably shouldn’t abuse kiddies” and a white child abuse campaigner saying hey, look, it’s not Pakistanis who are the problem, etc etc.

This was broadcasting as a form of crowd control; undiluted propaganda. The fact is that some Pakistani men think it perfectly ok to abuse white girls and there are still gangs out there right now doing so. When Nick Griffin mentioned this fact, many years ago, they tried to prosecute him. When Radio Five covered the story five years ago they were eviscerated for it.

The praise the Left give towards Wikileaks verges on Sainthood, yet God damn those who expose any non-approved fact.  The indignation they display to the public to counter distasteful information stresses the concept of Controlled Media.  All this fallout amongst them shows just how vain and contradictory their ideals are.  And so, they are lashing out at anyone who might try to make political capital out of it, be racist, even the beloved Stooge of Labour, Straw Jack!

Most telling though is the one man you’d think the Controlled Media would be trying to hose down would be Nick Griffin, currently lending a hand to Derek Adams campaign in Oldham.  Instead, we have his views regurgitated, twisted and manipulated by those apologists and appeasers.

A recap of what has so upset the meeja darlings from the spectrum I’ve found are running with; Former home secretary says gangs of Pakistani men see young white girls as ‘easy meat’ (Independent);  Jack Straw, the former home secretary, has sparked a fierce row over his claim that some British Pakistani men regard white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse (Telegraph);  Labour MP Vaz says it is wrong for former home secretary to stereotype entire community over sexual assault case (GulfNews)

This is where I despair at all the criminologists.  The majority of crime victims, no matter what the crime, be it robbery or rape, are usually chosen for their perceived weakness and wrongs.  And the ones doing the choosing are by a large, opportunistic degenerates whose only resemblance to bravery happens when in a gang (or getting the Police or Armed Services to do it).

However, with rape and other sexual offences, it doesn’t help if the Koran advocates treating non-believers as fair-game.  Nor does if help with the constant promoted degradation of women by the Satanic Gods in the Meeja Industry (From Hollywood to Fleet Street).

It would be wrong to isolate this as an immigrant problem, yet the biggest immigration problem is that whenever they have a problem, it’ll be oppressive to point it out.

See where I’m going.  The problem is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in a MULTICULTURAL environment.

They keep going around and around in circles asking is this the result of one thing when it is a combination of many aided by Cultural Marxism disguised as Political Correctness.

(((Click image to enlarge)))

Never forget what Harriet supports!

Never forget what Hodge was head of!

The enemy is not outside the gates no more.  They were imported here by the Enemy to divide us, making it easier to destroy Our Heritage and replace it with a New World Perversion.

Just say NO!

Merry Christmas 2010

25 12 2010

The 12 Days of Winter

(Modern Version)

Mmm | Practical solutions to fairytale problems

14 12 2010

Being unemployed I have plenty of time between bouts of begging for work and petty shoplifting for pondering life’s bigger problems.  Of course, being as poor as a Church dormouse, I haven’t the facilities to pontificate and investigate these ideas and considering I’m perhaps the worst salesman in the world, I could never prostitute myself before the Dragons on that God-awful but damn addictive Beeb show.

Enough of the waffling, down to the brass tacks.  Also, please note that my technical expertise comes from reading manuals so I’m not professing to be Einstein here, hopefully someone else can put it together.

The energy crisis.

Exercise bikes hooked onto a pulley type system which could multiply the output to run a small generator.  Imagine hundreds of thousands of these things hooked into the grid.  Possibly could be a paid scheme open to all with a 50 watts equals a penny prize.

True People Green Power that also promotes individuals to improve their health and physical well-being.

Global Warming:  Specifically, rising sea levels

Considering the success of underwater tunnelling and the very impressive man-made islands of Arabia, we already have the tools to extract large amounts of mass from the ocean floor to the surface.

So with a little modification, considering the warmists insist that sea levels will rise, why not begin a construction project of taking large tracts of the seabed?  We can then use materials gleaned from the bottom incorporating it into our raw resources.

Overpopulation, Land and Employment creation

No two-ways about it, we even start concreteing over our Green and Pleasant Land, or we start to look at technology.  And no, I’m not going to cease breeding to ‘save the planet’, in fact, the more upstanding Britons, the better, remember, we’re a Global Minority, and according to some UN reports, there are more gays in the global population than us Anglo-Saxons.

Now, I’m not suggesting we do it the Arabian way and make fancy sandy islands, oh no, we are the land of Brunel, MacIntosh, Wren, Stephenson and Bell…  we will need something much more grander.

I suggest reclaiming the coastline with vast batteries of floating habitats, offices, water treatment and purification plants and even corporate industrial complexes with their energy needs all aided by the natural bobble of these structures to power water pump turbines that sit below.

The benefits would be outnumber any detrimental effects caused by such a developement.  One of the least important reasons for this enterprise is if indeed the water-levels are raising, it would be wise to encourage some of the population to live upon the waves, just in case.  The economical reasoning behind it is if land is expensive, surely we should be doing everything to increase our ‘portfolio’, and apart from annexing Normandy (we do have a legitimate claim to it after all), employing many to construct new land would be a lot safer than conducting Operation D-Day again.

Another benefit, and this would be the unique location atop of the ocean, where it would be possible to ‘farm’ all types of seaweed efficiently for use in fuels and medicines (I’m sure an extract is used some medicines).

An environmental benefit is the cover it can provide for all manner of life, which means increased fish which means cheaper Cod.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas.  But be warned, if I ever see said projects taking shape, I’ll be expecting a dedication (and perhaps a kickback), although even a name drop of the blog would do, God knows I could do with the hits 😉

British Army Gals | Telegraph’s videos

3 12 2010

Just watched a few videos containing some of our darlings in the Army based in Afghanistan.  ‘Sergeant Carly Lambert. Soldier, mother‘ recites her hopes and dreams.  ‘Lance Corporal Laura Roberts, single woman‘ having a giggle.  And lastly, ‘Lance Corporal Sophie Wright’s frontline home‘ which shows you where (and how) the gals live.

I’m sure they’ve got more videos available but if I watch anymore, I might be too tempted to go down the Strand and sign up myself.