Leftarded Fallout | They cannot make up their mind

9 01 2011

With the media circus that has flared up around the issue of certain sections of society preying on defenceless children, the Left do not know where to look.  As Rod Liddle points out…

A bizarre report on the Asian child abuse court case on the BBC last night, which spent most of its time attempting to exonerate the Pakistani community as a whole, including clips of Pakistanis saying “actually, we probably shouldn’t abuse kiddies” and a white child abuse campaigner saying hey, look, it’s not Pakistanis who are the problem, etc etc.

This was broadcasting as a form of crowd control; undiluted propaganda. The fact is that some Pakistani men think it perfectly ok to abuse white girls and there are still gangs out there right now doing so. When Nick Griffin mentioned this fact, many years ago, they tried to prosecute him. When Radio Five covered the story five years ago they were eviscerated for it.

The praise the Left give towards Wikileaks verges on Sainthood, yet God damn those who expose any non-approved fact.  The indignation they display to the public to counter distasteful information stresses the concept of Controlled Media.  All this fallout amongst them shows just how vain and contradictory their ideals are.  And so, they are lashing out at anyone who might try to make political capital out of it, be racist, even the beloved Stooge of Labour, Straw Jack!

Most telling though is the one man you’d think the Controlled Media would be trying to hose down would be Nick Griffin, currently lending a hand to Derek Adams campaign in Oldham.  Instead, we have his views regurgitated, twisted and manipulated by those apologists and appeasers.

A recap of what has so upset the meeja darlings from the spectrum I’ve found are running with; Former home secretary says gangs of Pakistani men see young white girls as ‘easy meat’ (Independent);  Jack Straw, the former home secretary, has sparked a fierce row over his claim that some British Pakistani men regard white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse (Telegraph);  Labour MP Vaz says it is wrong for former home secretary to stereotype entire community over sexual assault case (GulfNews)

This is where I despair at all the criminologists.  The majority of crime victims, no matter what the crime, be it robbery or rape, are usually chosen for their perceived weakness and wrongs.  And the ones doing the choosing are by a large, opportunistic degenerates whose only resemblance to bravery happens when in a gang (or getting the Police or Armed Services to do it).

However, with rape and other sexual offences, it doesn’t help if the Koran advocates treating non-believers as fair-game.  Nor does if help with the constant promoted degradation of women by the Satanic Gods in the Meeja Industry (From Hollywood to Fleet Street).

It would be wrong to isolate this as an immigrant problem, yet the biggest immigration problem is that whenever they have a problem, it’ll be oppressive to point it out.

See where I’m going.  The problem is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in a MULTICULTURAL environment.

They keep going around and around in circles asking is this the result of one thing when it is a combination of many aided by Cultural Marxism disguised as Political Correctness.

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Never forget what Harriet supports!

Never forget what Hodge was head of!

The enemy is not outside the gates no more.  They were imported here by the Enemy to divide us, making it easier to destroy Our Heritage and replace it with a New World Perversion.

Just say NO!


Fascism | UAF’s Colin on R4

25 03 2010

The Leftarded Colin probably resembled his communist flag after his embarrassing defence performed on behalf of the fascist, anti-democratic, freaks of the Unite Against Freedom mob.  Mother of a concerned English Defence League member does an excellent job of demolishing Colin, serves him up good and proper.

Showing the usually peaceful ambiance of BBC Radio 4 the true colours of the Unite Against Freedom mob can only be a good thing.

Massive kudos to NATIONALISTgeordie for the upload.

I love it how Colin confirms that the Leftarded Armies of Doom are:

Anti-democratic Brownshirts.

Can’t have those nasty nazis running about, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of speech of any group we disagree with.

Racist low-lifes.

The EDL are subhuman from bad-breeding, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of expression of any group we disagree with.

Violent thugs.

We don’t care about causing violence, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of association of any group we disagree with.

Less brains than a rocking horse.

Yeah, in 1945, there was a nasty man, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of choice of any group we disagree with.

If I wanted to mimic the Unite Against Freedom tactics, I would insist on the rounding up of those Leftarded Fools in the UAF, taking to the main roads and then lynched high from the lampposts with signs around their necks proclaiming their treason.  Yet I’m not a savage so will do my fighting at the Ballot Box.

But if the Unite Against Freedom mob succeed in taking away that route,

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

SWP | Incitement to violence

21 03 2010

The Socialist Workers Party website, a Marxist front group that supports Labour due to the fact it is unelectable, is not my cup of tea.  But on hearing the possibility that UAF’s Dr Rhetta Moran may have been arrested, tried to find some info.

Sadly not much joy.  However, I did find the following which is proof of the pudding of the anarchic-fascism practiced by the SWP and UAF.

Smash the racist EDL in Bolton[1]

Veterans from the Battle of Cable Street support the mass protest this Saturday

On Saturday the racist and fascist supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) will try to march through Bolton city centre to spread violence and intimidation.

Our job is to stop them.[2]

Activists in Bolton have put out a statement asking everyone to join the Unite Against Fascism counter-protest.

Whenever the racists and Nazis try to rise, there are key moments which decide whether they are able to spread their poison wider or whether they are halted.

One such moment was the Battle of Cable Street in 1936, when anti-fascists stopped a march through London’s East End by the British fascists – Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts.[3]

Anti-fascists Max Levitas and Alice Hitchen, now both in their 90s, were at Cable Street – and they want you to protest against the EDL this Saturday.

“We have to stop the fascists and the racists,” Max told Socialist Worker. “We need public meetings and agitation in the communities and in the workplaces. But we also need to confront them on the streets.”

Alice Hitchen said, “Cable Street knocked the Blackshirts’ confidence. They never tried to march through Whitechapel again. That is why it is essential to fight today’s rascists and fascists – you’ve got to stand up to them, and stop them from marching.

“The police said don’t march in the 1930s as well. There were huge arguments at the time against confronting them.

“My father was a Jewish immigrant who escaped from the Baltic in a hay cart – he knew from experience what the pogroms in eastern Europe were like and he was terrified.

He said, “‘Keep your head down, and keep out of the way. If you ignore them and laugh at them they will go away.’

“But we knew that staying at home wasn’t the answer.”

“If you do nothing, you strengthen the fascists,” says Max. “Look what happened in Germany! We know now what fascism does when it’s in power.

“We have to make a stand against racism and fascism in Bolton. We’ve got to protest. Whoever you are – if you’re against fascism, come!”[4]

[1] The title itself is ‘incitement to violence’.  [2] Thought job would be a worse word than Nazi to these work-sky degenerates.  [3] Cable Street was not the ‘victory’ they claim (SOURCE), unless of course the communists, marxists, anarchists and other degenerates believe attacking police is okay.  [4] The Weimar Republic happened in Germany (SOURCE), where communists were actively trying to subvert.  Of course, when Communist-backed groups attached to Global Banking Houses try to subvert a nation, a natural reaction is the increase of Nationalism.

But of course, communists, marxists and anarchists will never let the truth get in the way of their collective mission.  They will scream ‘racist’ at those who see immigration as an unwanted burden, ‘fascist’ at those who oppose ever more socialism and even ‘nazi’ at those who support Nationalism.

In essence, those who oppose the freedom of association, freedom of thought and freedom of expression from the likes of Patriots and Nationalists are the real racists, fascists and nazis.  For it is them who seek to displace white Britons in their ancestral homelands, it is them who seek to control thought with the indoctrination of our youth and it is them who deem us Britons as ‘untermensch’.

They call themselves anti-fascist.  They are not.

They are actually anti-democratic and should be named as such.

Now what is that word…  oh yeah…