BNP | Battle of Barking

2 12 2010

An honest review from a commentator named Overlord of the ‘Battle of Barking‘ documentary by that recently aired on More4.  Found this in the comment section at the bottom of the drivel Benji Wilson sprouted.

I watched the battle for barking last night, and frankly it disgusted me.

The filmmaker obviously was trying to portray Hodge in the better light but honesty I think the BNP came off better.

It is true that they did come across as a bit thick and lonely, but they have genuiene grievances about what has been inflicted on this country. It seemed to me that most of the white people filmed seemed to support them. Hodge herself seemed to admit this, when she told her team to ask constituents whether they would go for BNP or Labour. If they admitted BNP, she said it was best to focus on other voters. Ignore the BNP voters.

Then the only campaigning we saw from Hodge was meeting ethnic groups either in their churches or mosques. Her grovelling in the mosque was sickening. She would talk to the odd white person on their doorstep, but the group diplomacy seemed to be reserved only for ethnics.The only time she met white people in any sort of a group was the multicultural street party in the photo above. And obviously there were lots of ethnics there too.

Some of the things she said to people about the BNP were very dodgy and bordered on lies or incitement. She told a group of Africans in church that the BNP would send every one of them home. She said something similar to a the mother and baby in the picture above. Then came a white man with an asian wife. There she did not say they would send her home but they would cause her trouble.

Then we saw groups of youths aggressively attacking the BNP with impunity. If not actually hitting them they would be shouting and swearing aggressively right in their faces. Calling them “white C###s”. Spitting at them again and again. Spitting is assault. Throwing fruit at them. A few punches were definitely thrown at the BNP too. Serious violence was only averted by the BNP constantly moving location. They were not free to stand where they chose. Much of this was in the build up to the fight that was reported in the news just before the election. That news report made out that the BNP were to blame. From the documentary it is clear that the youths were spitting at and goading them all day long.

To me the documentary showed that the establishment stoked a deliberate campaign of intimidation against the BNP. The BNP were demonized and dehumanized. Ethnic minorities were wound up with claims they would be deported, and it was made clear that the BNP were fair game for the youths. The BNP could not fight back as they would instantly be labelled thugs, and no doubt actually be arrested, unlike the youths.

The establishment media always make much of Griffin’s minders. They are used a proof of his thuggishness. However, as the documentary showed, if Griffin did not have security, he would likely be dead. And no doubt the police would miraculously have no leads on the suspects.

Some bloody democracy.

Too right, some bloody democracy.  All I saw was the State-sanctioned illegal actions of everyone BUT the BNP.  From the immigrant to the political whore named Hodge, I was sickened by the depths plunged by the Labour Party, although not surprised, and the Battle of Barking is a very appropriate title considering the amount of dirty tactics employed by the Red Machine.  From soliciting BIGGER donors to employing THIRD-PARTY GROUPS to denounce their opponents’ cause…  Labour’s campaign should be investigated by the Fruad Office.

Even worse is the official declaration (Kudos GV) of the “England doesn’t exist in the EU” malarkey.  We’re nothing but cattle, although don’t taste as good, can be milked all the same.

Another sore spot must e the Lord Nelson pub located in Brighton that will soon be opposite a Mosque due to the Somali influx, which will no doubt increase racial tension, yet do the council give a damn?  Do they fuck (source HERE).

And I wish I could leave you on a lighter note, except Brian Gerrish, the thorn in Common Purpose’s paw has loads (seen six so far) of speeches regarding that political Beast that can be found HERE.

Stay angry, one, it’s good for the heart rate, and two, it’ll keep you warm.  The more we’re nibbled at, the more difficult it will become to remain gentlemanly, and then the fireworks.  Just hope the riots wait til the summer cos I don’t fancy stepping out in this weather.

Damn, only good thing about snow is seeing the face of some of my newly arrived equatorial neighbours.  Damn, only good thing about my equatorial neighbours is their dress sense.  Come Sunday, it looks like a walking forest of bright-colored floral curtain-like wraparounds with contrasting heads poking out.  Jeez, some of ’em even smell of coconut, which is damn better than the usual BO encountered by supersized Africanoes, main reason I avoid public transport in the summer.


Blighted | A military coup is what’s needed

19 10 2010

Britain’s ‘feed Palestine, finance an Indian space program and prop up Pakistan’s nukes‘ aid budget ring-fenced, all threats defended, our Coalition Conners have swung the axe at our own military spending.

Our very existence is being undermined while vast amounts of resources are sucked into NATO’s War on Everything Foreign, EU’s War on Everything Local all at the behest of our failed political class who oversee the Rotten Boroughs of Britain!

The time for a military coup is NOW, if our Generals leave it any longer, they’ll be lucky to have a bolt-action rifle.

Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad, and Western Civilisation, after two millenia of enlightening domination, are now stark raving, running naked through the supermarket mad.

UK | Banana Republic

25 05 2010

When observers from 11 different commonwealth nations criticize our Nation’s abilities to hold free and fair elections and make some sensible recommendations, you’ve got to worry.  The following is taken from the Telegraph so is no Daily Wail sensationalism or Leftarded Guardian defence of the matter, this is a collection of more than a few soundbites.

Britain’s electoral system ‘corruptible and open to fraud’, say Third World observers

Britain’s voting system is “corruptible and open to fraud”, according to a group of official observers from the developing world.

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor.  Published: 6:33PM BST 25 May 2010

…  “There is a ‘casual’ attitude surrounding the process that leaves it vulnerable. While the system is not corrupted it is certainly corruptible.

“Trust may have been a sufficient anchor for the system in the past but while trust is good, caution and deterrent controls are better.”

They questioned whether a culture of trust at the ballot box could give rise to opportunities for abuse. Voters were assumed to be honest about their identities, ballot papers were left unattended and election officers left alone with ballot boxes.

The postal voting system was “particularly vulnerable to abuse” because there was no verification of identity when an individual applies for a postal ballot.

They were also concerned that cross-checking of ballot papers was carried out by council officers working alone.

They raised concerns over requiring a “head of household” to register all eligible voters at an address, because it could lead to people being excluded from voting.

The report called for better identity checks when people registered to vote, and when they cast their ballot at polling stations.

Centralisation of electoral roll software could improve identification by allowing the inclusion of photographs, signatures and voter numbers to improve identification.

The report also recommended that the pencils traditionally used to mark an ‘X’ on ballot papers should be replaced by indelible ink pens.

More staff should be allocated to polling stations, and security should be improved to ensure ballot papers are not left unattended.

The observers also questioned why young people in the UK did not display the same enthusiasm for politics and voting as in other areas of the world. It called for efforts to develop public engagement in politics.

They were “impressed by the culture of trust and honesty that pervaded the entire process and the calm and civilised way in which campaigning and voting and the counting of ballots was undertaken”.

The Commonwealth team included representatives from Bangladesh, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Guyana, Malawi, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.

They visited 63 polling stations in the days up to the day of the election on May 6.

During their tour, one of the teams had “heard about bullying and intimidation”, but they found that “the atmosphere on election day was generally calm.

Last week the Electoral Commission demanded “urgent changes” to the voting system after more than a thousand people were unable to cast their ballots on May 6.

The Commission hit out at “inadequate” planning, and criticised returning officers for not responding quickly enough when backlogs built up at polling stations.

At least 1,200 people were left queuing in 16 parliamentary constituencies when the polls officially closed at 10pm, the watchdog found.

The only pluses were “impressed by the culture of trust and honesty that pervaded the entire process and the calm and civilised way in which campaigning and voting and the counting of ballots was undertaken” and the election day atmosphere “generally calm”.

The rest would make Robert Mugabe wet the bed.

ConDem | Big Society

19 05 2010

The EU Constitution was renamed the Lisbon Treaty and thus continued the Eunification project, and by all means, call me a cynic but I’ve got a feeling that the promised Big Society is just another rebranding exercise for the continuation of the Establishment’s Big Brother agenda.

The Big Society policies include:

  • Training a new generation of community organisers who will support the establishment of neighbourhood groups
  • Giving communities a greater say over their local planning system
  • Encouraging volunteering and involvement in social action, including launching a national Big Society Day
  • Piloting the National Citizen Service, which aims to give teenagers from different backgrounds the chance to take part in a two-month summer programme including community involvement
  • Supporting mutuals, co-operatives, charities and social enterprises to have greater involvement in the running of public services
  • Funds from dormant bank accounts being channelled to a Big Society Bank, which will provide finance for neighbourhood groups, charities and social enterprises
  • Increasing access to government-held data through a “new right to data” for citizens to ensure Government data is published. The police will be obliged to publish monthly crime statistics
  • Extending powers for local government and conducting a comprehensive review of local government finance to help remove restrictions that limit the work of local councils

Yet Mr Sam Leith from the Evening Standard has painted the various reasons that could lay behind PM Cameron’s Big Society:

The simple view is that he was just trying to find a way of laying the ghost of Mrs Thatcher to rest by using the word “society” somewhere in a sentence — and, flailing around for a qualifying adjective, he hit on “big”.

A second school of thought maintains that he had in mind the vision of a Burkean civic Conservatism, with “little platoons” of volunteers — or, in this case, big platoons — swarming over the country doing good works and squeaking “heave! heave!” like the mice in Bagpuss.

The third school of thought is that the “Big Society” is simply a nice way of explaining public-service cuts. If you say: “Sorry, no more bin men, fire engines, surgeons. We’re doomed” you risk spreading despondency, see?

So instead, you say: “We are reaching out, to you, the people of this great nation. And this is our invitation. Join us. We need people, in their communities, to collect the bins and take pride, once again, in making a better place for us all to live. We need people who, when they see their neighbour’s house on fire, don’t just dial 999 — but fill a tooth-mug with water and run towards the flames.

“We need people who don’t just sit around collecting their disability benefits and waiting for the NHS to do their kidney operation for them — we need people who will pick up the sharpest teaspoon they can find and get stuck in. And you will learn these vital skills at the free school’ that we invite you, the people of this great country, to start.”

I’m in no doubt that whatever the intended purpose, it will just be more of the same old State-sanctioned theft, just wrapped in a different bow.

The Establishment | Told ya so

18 05 2010

The only reason the ‘orrible British National Party was kept out of the running was due to the Establishment colluding and conniving, pooling all resources into a well-oiled machine simply to keep the Nationalists out.

The Wicked Witch of Peckham, Harriet Harperson, on her first speech in Parliament as acting Labour Leader of the ‘Official’ Opposition confirms the unity of the Establishment:

“We all have our differences in this House but all of us are united in being very, very, pleased and relieved that there is nowhere on these green benches a member of the British National Party.”

Not bothered about losing the election, less fussed about the ConDem Coalition, just once again, implying that the elected Parliamentarians only job is to keep the Nationalists at bay.

Put simply, the State have openly encouraged and directed outright hatred towards anyone who opposed their social engineering agenda to such an extent, that the Lie has become Big enough to be believed.

Twenty million deluded turkeys voted for this shitefest.  Twenty poxy million!

With a stat like that, how can any sane Englishman, Welshman, Scotsman, Irishman, in fact, anyone on this planet with half a brain cell have hope in the future?

20,000,000 plus voted for thieves, cheats, liars, murderers, fraudsters, perverts and pimps.

BNP | More nails for Mr Wayne Brown

16 05 2010

The Mail are busying themselves in demonizing Wayne Brown for ‘racially motivated’ comments regarding immigration – well d’uh, people from other countries are different racially but leaving that glaringly obvious point aside – rather than actually voting for the BNP.  Probably due to the fact that it is not ILLEGAL to vote BNP, in fact, it is protected and enshrined in the Cherie’s ‘orrible money-spinning Human Rights Act.

So it wasn’t enough to imply that Mr Brown had simply expressed his voting choice, it needed to be highlighted that he did so, according to the sensationalist Mail, in a racist manner:

“Having returned to the dressing room after training, where a discussion was taking place between a group of players about the election results, Brown first told a stunned, racially mixed group of players that he had voted for the BNP.

He was met with a volley of protest. But rather than defusing the situation, the player, born in Barking where BNP leader Nick Griffin was wiped out in the election by Labour’s Margaret Hodge, and the party lost all its council seats, launched into an abuse attack on against ethnic minorities whom he claimed were ‘killing this country’.”

Wow!  It was not what he said but the way he said it.

This Public Execution of Wayne demonstrating his Human Rights is to serve as a warning to others who dare oppose the Globalists’ Multicultural Big Society that there are worst things in life than death.  More

See this as evidence that we do not live in a free and democratic nation but one where the morals and duties have been cultivated by those with the most political and economical might to produce certain conditions for certain solutions.  And if the NuBritons believe they will inherit the spoils, they are more deluded than our own foolish kin who voted Establishment.

There are only two classes, the Ruling Class and the underclass.  You pay taxes, you’re part of the underclass.  Even footballers.

BNP | Fulltime Anti-BNPers

16 05 2010

A campaign of hate directed at the British National Party in Barking, sanctioned by the Establishment, coordinated by Searchlight, promoted by the Mirror and performed by the deluded is the main reason why there was no political earthquake.

Since last June, when 1,000,000 Britons decided to use their democratic right and voted for Mr Griffin and Mr Brons in the EU elections, Searchlight’s chief Nick Lowles has organised the undemocratic use of subversion, indoctrination and incitement to hatred to oppose them.

So how did they do it?  From the dreaded Hope Not Hate blog hosted by the leftarded news-polluter, the Daily Mirror:

We have had brilliant support from pensioners, black and Asian voters, white voters, young voters, women and men. On Monday 385 people delivered 55,000 leaflets and even on polling day we had 175 people out knocking up the vote.

So saturating the area with anti-BNP literature for the run-up to the election and, with 175 people manning the polling booths, it’s no wonder the BNP polled so little.

Nick Griffin was belittled, vilified, treated like dog dirt and told he was a third-class citizen who wasn’t wanted in Britain.

Argumentum ad hominem it’s called, attacking the person instead of the argument and has worked throughout the centuries as people are too stupid or lazy to see the motive behind the comments.

The world is upside down.  That or there is definitely something in the water.