Straw Jack | Trees and Acorns

9 01 2011

Mr Straw is coming into some flack due to his utterance that Pakistanis see white infidels as easy-meat.  The Meeja are determined to muddy the waters and refuse to see the main fault.

It is the constant and willing collusion between those who proclaim themselves defenders of the truth.  The Government, the Police, the Media, even Charities were in on the act.

If they are willing to mislead us on these important issues, how on Earth can we even begin to trust them on the small issues.

Multiculturalism and the fragmentation of society into large semiautonomous groups have reverted Britain back to the tribal mentality that Pax Britannia had once stemmed.

Each new tribe has a new rulebook, each has their own outlook and it was inevitable that after being allowed to abuse British hospitality in other areas, it was only a matter of time before they pushed into other abominations.

When do we say enough?  Do we wait until we begin to experience what Congo does?  If that is too far from you, have a gander at Norway.  Should we wait until that then?

Jack Straw is from a family of  arseholes.  From his perverted brother to his dopey son, the man is a charlatan.  Slagging off the English one minute, slagging of the Joey’s next, the man has no loyalty except to his controllers.

And people vote for this shite?  They must have had a right old chuckle when they gave the plebs the vote.


Leftarded Fallout | They cannot make up their mind

9 01 2011

With the media circus that has flared up around the issue of certain sections of society preying on defenceless children, the Left do not know where to look.  As Rod Liddle points out…

A bizarre report on the Asian child abuse court case on the BBC last night, which spent most of its time attempting to exonerate the Pakistani community as a whole, including clips of Pakistanis saying “actually, we probably shouldn’t abuse kiddies” and a white child abuse campaigner saying hey, look, it’s not Pakistanis who are the problem, etc etc.

This was broadcasting as a form of crowd control; undiluted propaganda. The fact is that some Pakistani men think it perfectly ok to abuse white girls and there are still gangs out there right now doing so. When Nick Griffin mentioned this fact, many years ago, they tried to prosecute him. When Radio Five covered the story five years ago they were eviscerated for it.

The praise the Left give towards Wikileaks verges on Sainthood, yet God damn those who expose any non-approved fact.  The indignation they display to the public to counter distasteful information stresses the concept of Controlled Media.  All this fallout amongst them shows just how vain and contradictory their ideals are.  And so, they are lashing out at anyone who might try to make political capital out of it, be racist, even the beloved Stooge of Labour, Straw Jack!

Most telling though is the one man you’d think the Controlled Media would be trying to hose down would be Nick Griffin, currently lending a hand to Derek Adams campaign in Oldham.  Instead, we have his views regurgitated, twisted and manipulated by those apologists and appeasers.

A recap of what has so upset the meeja darlings from the spectrum I’ve found are running with; Former home secretary says gangs of Pakistani men see young white girls as ‘easy meat’ (Independent);  Jack Straw, the former home secretary, has sparked a fierce row over his claim that some British Pakistani men regard white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse (Telegraph);  Labour MP Vaz says it is wrong for former home secretary to stereotype entire community over sexual assault case (GulfNews)

This is where I despair at all the criminologists.  The majority of crime victims, no matter what the crime, be it robbery or rape, are usually chosen for their perceived weakness and wrongs.  And the ones doing the choosing are by a large, opportunistic degenerates whose only resemblance to bravery happens when in a gang (or getting the Police or Armed Services to do it).

However, with rape and other sexual offences, it doesn’t help if the Koran advocates treating non-believers as fair-game.  Nor does if help with the constant promoted degradation of women by the Satanic Gods in the Meeja Industry (From Hollywood to Fleet Street).

It would be wrong to isolate this as an immigrant problem, yet the biggest immigration problem is that whenever they have a problem, it’ll be oppressive to point it out.

See where I’m going.  The problem is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in a MULTICULTURAL environment.

They keep going around and around in circles asking is this the result of one thing when it is a combination of many aided by Cultural Marxism disguised as Political Correctness.

(((Click image to enlarge)))

Never forget what Harriet supports!

Never forget what Hodge was head of!

The enemy is not outside the gates no more.  They were imported here by the Enemy to divide us, making it easier to destroy Our Heritage and replace it with a New World Perversion.

Just say NO!

Lee Jasper | Professional Race Baiter

9 01 2011

The ever charming and crooked Mr Jasper, a one time aide of Red Ken, a fulltime Race Peddler, is the pseudo-Marxist reject from the happy farm so many useful stooges are.  Smart enough to know never to answer any direct questions with direct answers, dumb enough to not see that he is nothing but a tool.

A reminder for all those who this despicable parasitic leech is.  When Ken Livingstone duped the deluded into voting him Mayor of London, (twice mind you, so you can understand my lament at my fellow Londoner), he set about promoting all those who helped him garner the block votes.

One thing the Left do well is play multiple tracks to various audiences, where in the end, if all the scripts were merged, it would be contradiction after contradiction and the only promise that would be consistent was ‘vote Ken, get Ken’.  Now this isn’t a rant about Red Ken, the twice divorced, newt-loving Marxist agitator, God no.  This is about his chum and appointee Mr Jasper who I have I had the recent displeasure of displeasing on twitter. The following I copied from The Professional Race Baiter’s twitter account but there is a heck of a lot more.  His moniker is; @LeeJasper

A professional race baiter by trade who tweets constituency about the lack of Black Influence from the overbearing White Oppression he suffers wherever he goes, from music in tube stations to the colour of the crowd.  Not surprising considering the massive chip on his shoulders, and boy is he willing to remind you.  With folks like Mr Jasper, it is not hard to comprehend why racial sentiments develop.

Before anything else, he is Black.  Working class is just laughable.  Anti-racist?  Possibly, although he sure doesn’t let that get in the way of his own bigotry

I explained to the foolish businessman that due to the owners pushing up daisies and the Royalty dues no longer collected, it was FREE.  It also happens to be soothing and promotes a calm atmosphere, perfect for an early morning train ride

Surrounded by his enablers, facilitators, and in general, fellow demented lefturds, he still isn’t happy at the ethnic count.  Mr Jasper began moaning about the lack of diversity in the multitude of Leftarded divisions  present at the #nutroots gathering

Back and forth the tweets went, with myself allegedly a little naughty, calling him a crook (SOURCE) with terrible judgement of character flaw (SOURCE) that is crooked itself.  Although in mitigation, anyone who has ever been paid a penny from the Race Relations Industry, be they black, brown or pink, will receive both barrels from me without mercy.  I detest any soul that would subvert my ancestral homeland, like any sane Kin would.

I was born in King’s College Hospital in 1981.  I have called four places home, all of them in Peckham.  I have worked in Southwark for a decade plus.  The total amount of time I have been away from the London area is roughly 20 months.  In all than time and in all my travels, I think I’ve seen and know more what the real Black working class look like.  And it has never included Jasper the parasitic socialist.

Who knows what dictator we’ll end up with.  And with tools like Jasper, we will.  For once law and order breaks down completely, you’ll watch the masses beg for protection.  Only consolation is that Jasper could probably be one of the first ‘disappearence’ black-op jobs.

Alas, I’m not a journalist and I haven’t the required hacking skills to investigate Mr Jasper’s public and business life so will resort to the Media.

Jasper’s Claim to Fame

Livingstone’s aide admits that £18,000 of City Hall money was improperly diverted to bail out private company

Daily Mail 28 January 2008

So another pseudo-Democrat who uses public money as if his own.  He was one of the company’s directors but ‘didn’t know about it’.  What was he directing then?  And if one bit of bad press wasn’t bad enough…

Whisky-drinking Livingstone faces fresh scandal as aide quits over five-star freebie trip to Africa

Daily Mail 23 January 2008

One of his aides takes the piss under his nose.  I can’t be too hard on him on this case.  The entire City Hall could do with a good scrub.  His lack of judgement shouldn’t come as a surprise considering his lack of financial acumen in his directorship.  Yet more recently Mr Gilligan gives him a little mention…

Ken Livingstone’s dog-whistle politics Telegraph January 5th, 2011

More of his friends seemingly receiving multi-million pound deals for ‘outreach’ work.  Would be comical if this was on TV, yet this is the workings of Government, no matter how small.  They take as much as they can from the public and give it to their friends.  Sure, in return we get a cuddly Labrador (read the article, you’ll be surprised what the right people in the right places can get you).


If Mr Jasper told me the sky was blue, I would have to check.  A professional race baiter, a crooked or incompetent (both are bad) businessman, and to top it all, recommended by Communspastic Red Ken!

What did Earth do to deserve his useless existence?  We weren’t that naughty surely, what about all those food parcels and technological leg-ups beginning with the wheel, iron working and agriculture, surely that should have counted for something?

To be totally honest, I don’t blame Mr Jasper for chasing the dream.  Afterall, if someone comes along and offers someone more suitable in a McJob an easy ride in a governmental position, can’t blame them for jumping at the chance.  It is only natural he abuses his position as a soundboard to encourage the advancement of his Kin.

Just like it is natural for every Anglo-Saxon and Celt soul to yearn the same for his Kin.  It is time we all sang from the same hymn sheet and remind the likes of Lee Jasper that he isn’t welcome.  I’ll be keeping an eye on Jasper the Stooge myself, locking horns with a fellow “working class hero” , I’m sure we’ll soon find something we can agree on.

Fingers crossed, soon after that step, we’ll agree a leaving date for him and his Marxist ideals.  Positively confident that Brother Mugabe would love to have a fine chap like Mr Jasper in Zim.


This is England.

Don’t let it become another Peckham

When do we say enough is enough?  When the population is 60% British55%?  Or do we say mission complete at 50%?

History is littered with warnings against such wishy-washy thinking.  Let us learn from others by understanding the reasoning for certain events.  The flashing red lights and sirens bellowing out the dangers can be seen in Lebanon to Sudan.  Even our open invitations to our fellow Europeans on the basis, come one, come all, is misguided, jeez, we could end up like Belgium.

I stand by what I tweeted to Race-Peddler.  The day the Anglo-Saxon and Celt is cleared from these lands, is the day the Earth crumbles into dust.  The World needs Britain, more than we need the World.

Our own worst enemy is ourselves Britons.  Only when we stop thinking of their feelings, will we see what is best for us.

BNP | Battle of Barking

2 12 2010

An honest review from a commentator named Overlord of the ‘Battle of Barking‘ documentary by that recently aired on More4.  Found this in the comment section at the bottom of the drivel Benji Wilson sprouted.

I watched the battle for barking last night, and frankly it disgusted me.

The filmmaker obviously was trying to portray Hodge in the better light but honesty I think the BNP came off better.

It is true that they did come across as a bit thick and lonely, but they have genuiene grievances about what has been inflicted on this country. It seemed to me that most of the white people filmed seemed to support them. Hodge herself seemed to admit this, when she told her team to ask constituents whether they would go for BNP or Labour. If they admitted BNP, she said it was best to focus on other voters. Ignore the BNP voters.

Then the only campaigning we saw from Hodge was meeting ethnic groups either in their churches or mosques. Her grovelling in the mosque was sickening. She would talk to the odd white person on their doorstep, but the group diplomacy seemed to be reserved only for ethnics.The only time she met white people in any sort of a group was the multicultural street party in the photo above. And obviously there were lots of ethnics there too.

Some of the things she said to people about the BNP were very dodgy and bordered on lies or incitement. She told a group of Africans in church that the BNP would send every one of them home. She said something similar to a the mother and baby in the picture above. Then came a white man with an asian wife. There she did not say they would send her home but they would cause her trouble.

Then we saw groups of youths aggressively attacking the BNP with impunity. If not actually hitting them they would be shouting and swearing aggressively right in their faces. Calling them “white C###s”. Spitting at them again and again. Spitting is assault. Throwing fruit at them. A few punches were definitely thrown at the BNP too. Serious violence was only averted by the BNP constantly moving location. They were not free to stand where they chose. Much of this was in the build up to the fight that was reported in the news just before the election. That news report made out that the BNP were to blame. From the documentary it is clear that the youths were spitting at and goading them all day long.

To me the documentary showed that the establishment stoked a deliberate campaign of intimidation against the BNP. The BNP were demonized and dehumanized. Ethnic minorities were wound up with claims they would be deported, and it was made clear that the BNP were fair game for the youths. The BNP could not fight back as they would instantly be labelled thugs, and no doubt actually be arrested, unlike the youths.

The establishment media always make much of Griffin’s minders. They are used a proof of his thuggishness. However, as the documentary showed, if Griffin did not have security, he would likely be dead. And no doubt the police would miraculously have no leads on the suspects.

Some bloody democracy.

Too right, some bloody democracy.  All I saw was the State-sanctioned illegal actions of everyone BUT the BNP.  From the immigrant to the political whore named Hodge, I was sickened by the depths plunged by the Labour Party, although not surprised, and the Battle of Barking is a very appropriate title considering the amount of dirty tactics employed by the Red Machine.  From soliciting BIGGER donors to employing THIRD-PARTY GROUPS to denounce their opponents’ cause…  Labour’s campaign should be investigated by the Fruad Office.

Even worse is the official declaration (Kudos GV) of the “England doesn’t exist in the EU” malarkey.  We’re nothing but cattle, although don’t taste as good, can be milked all the same.

Another sore spot must e the Lord Nelson pub located in Brighton that will soon be opposite a Mosque due to the Somali influx, which will no doubt increase racial tension, yet do the council give a damn?  Do they fuck (source HERE).

And I wish I could leave you on a lighter note, except Brian Gerrish, the thorn in Common Purpose’s paw has loads (seen six so far) of speeches regarding that political Beast that can be found HERE.

Stay angry, one, it’s good for the heart rate, and two, it’ll keep you warm.  The more we’re nibbled at, the more difficult it will become to remain gentlemanly, and then the fireworks.  Just hope the riots wait til the summer cos I don’t fancy stepping out in this weather.

Damn, only good thing about snow is seeing the face of some of my newly arrived equatorial neighbours.  Damn, only good thing about my equatorial neighbours is their dress sense.  Come Sunday, it looks like a walking forest of bright-colored floral curtain-like wraparounds with contrasting heads poking out.  Jeez, some of ’em even smell of coconut, which is damn better than the usual BO encountered by supersized Africanoes, main reason I avoid public transport in the summer.

Southwark | No angel but…

3 08 2010

This story appeared a while back in my local paper.  If the Sun had gotten hold of it, no doubt the entire nation would have lent an ear (sic and you’ll know later).

A heart-wrenching story about a poor man facing deportation to Jamaica appears in the Southwark News, this poor man who if deported will be leaving his wifey and little girl.  This poor man who only ever wanted to provide and protect his family is currently languishing at vast expense in a a detention centre.

But, and here we have the clincher, even he admits he is no angel…  so how on earth does he think wifey crying that to the local press will help his case just shows that the Immigration Authorities should refuse him on the grounds of stupidity.

Considering this was a while back, I did try to find some more info but I guess he is still languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure.  If only she had called the Sun he could have been a celebrity.

So why the heck hasn’t the Border Agency fast-track this self-admitted “no angel” out of here?  If I’m honest, I cannot be bothered.  There are perhaps ten-thousand of em in Peckham, that or I maths really are bad.

Blighted | Law = Ass

19 05 2010

The lunatics are now literally running the asylum.  In the fear of upsetting the accused, Judges are being reprimanded for the pettiest of remarks that sadly, due to the insistence of some groups to play up to their stereotypes, is the general perception among the majority of Britons.

Take for example the blatant misuse of our resources to house and feed those migrants who come here under the most dubious of circumstances.  Although for every piss-taker living the life of Riley at Blighty’s expense there might be ten thousand taxpayer Samaritans of the same ethnicity, sexuality or other ‘super special need’, it isn’t those that end up splashed across our newspapers.

Hence another man of the law being hauled over the coals for the perceived offence of causing offence.

Judge criticised for ‘immigrants exploiting benefits’ comment

By Daily Mail Reporter.  Last updated at 8:53 PM on 18th May 2010

A Crown Court judge has been disciplined for saying that hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to Britain to get benefits.

Judge Ian Trigger was given an official rebuke over remarks about the UK’s ‘completely lax immigration policy’, which he made when jailing an illegal immigrant drug dealer for two years.

It was one of the last decisions by Labour former justice secretary Jack Straw, who until last week policed judicial behaviour with the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge.

They said Judge Trigger made ‘an inappropriate judicial intervention in the political process’. His criticism of immigration policy was ‘wholly unrelated’ to the case of the Jamaican drug dealer he was sentencing last July.

Lucien McClearley came to Britain as a tourist in 2001 and claimed asylum when his visa ran out.

The defendant was arrested in October 2002 when the visa ran out but he claimed asylum and was released while it was being processed.

This claim was rejected in 2004, but he stayed in Britain without any interference from the authorities until February 2009, when police stopped a car he was driving and smelt cannabis.

McClearley admitted taking a vehicle without consent, possessing cannabis and cocaine, possessing a class B drug with intent and two counts of possessing false identity documents.

McClearley, who was 31 at the time, was jailed for two years on July 28, 2009.

Sentencing him at the time at Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Trigger said: ‘Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax immigration policy that exists and has existed over recent years.

‘People like you, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people like you, come to these shores to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that exist here.

‘In the past 10 years the national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights, largely because central government has wasted billions of pounds. Much of that has been wasted on welfare payments.

‘For every £1 that the decent citizen, who is hard-working, pays in taxes, nearly 10 per cent goes on servicing that national debt.

‘That is twice the amount it was in 1997 when this Government came to power.’

The controversial comments sparked an investigation which resulted in today’s criticism.

Judge Trigger has ‘received formal advice’ from Lord Judge, in effect a slap on the wrist.

A spokesman for the judiciary said: ‘His Honour Judge Trigger has received formal advice from the Lord Chief Justice following an investigation into comments he made in open court during the sentencing of Lucien McClearley.

‘The investigation found, and the Lord Chief Justice agreed, that Judge Trigger’s comments were wholly unrelated to any of the issues which arose for consideration in his sentencing decision, and represented an inappropriate judicial intervention in the political process.’

Instead of tackling the root cause of these stereotypes, all the Establishment seem to be interested in doing is changing our perception to these social groups, and failing that, chastise those who would make it public record that not everyone is happy about the Multicultural Dream imposed upon us.

The truth will set you free.

We hae been lied to for so long and if the above is correct, every lie we let the Establishment get away with is another shackle tied to our sovereign liberties.

Immigration | Cane toad of Oz

10 05 2010

I was lucky enough to have visited Australia back in 1992 and what a wonderful place it is.  I was staying at Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast about 80 miles north from Brisbane in Queensland (the tourist area) and also had a weekend in Sydney (the city, not a man) in New South Wales (just like London except cleaner and warmer).

The hotel in Queensland was just a few streets away from the one that Nigel Mansell stayed in during the Australian Grand Prix (couldn’t afford that suite though but ours was next-door to the beach though and had a sauna – don’t know why they thought the need for that).

Theme parks, pristine beaches and that blistering heat make for the perfect getaway even though it does take 15 hours getting there.  Sydney was just like London and reminded me how much I missed this old city of my forebears.  I used to dream of emigrating to Australia but seeing as pie, mash and liqueur isn’t a speciality out there along with Australia’s deadly wildlife, my dreams have subsided somewhat over the years.

Even back in the 90s the Australian government were debating how best to solve the Cane Toad population.  An imported species brought in to tackle crop pests, it has now become so successful that the pest-controller has become the pest.  Poisonous to the rest of the creatures meant it had no natural predator and with the breeding capabilities of 30,000 eggs a time females, the exponential growth (thanks Sir Morgan) has meant that entire areas can become saturated with the toads in a matter of weeks.

And after trying everything from traps to full-blown Vietnam-style culling (even playing cricket with the critters), the Australians may have at last found a way of controlling the buggers.  All thanks to catfood and ants.

What has cane toads got to do with Immigration?

Firstly, due to the fact that their importation in 1935 was ill-thought out and has resulted in the displacement of native species.  Like our Establishment who from 1948 embarked on a mass importation of workers with just as much foresight.

Secondly, the benefits espoused by the Government at the time were taken on board without a second-thought to the native species, instead focusing on short-term economic growth.  Similar to how our Establishment deem native Britons expendable.

Thirdly, I am not saying that all foreigners are lesser beings than myself or the British in general, we’re just different.  And seeing as we are different, we should only take on those who wish to become us, not import entire new species who have the least intention of ‘fitting in’.

And on a final note, I am not suggesting we ‘eat’ the immigrants or even set the ants on them.  We need to stop the various enticements and all too familiar appeasement that comes with it, that is all.

Importantly, both were deemed the best ideas since slice bread yet left unchecked due to a lack of interest have become problems for the rest of the ecosystem.  Like cane toads, those who come to Britain are usually prolific breeders.  Also like cane toads, the reason for their importation is to fill in the jobs us stoopid lazy chavs won’t do (according to Labour’s public statements, although their private ones differ somewhat).

The Establishment cite that immigration is a natural process.  Sneaking in the back of a lorry trying to circumnavigate the Border Authorities is not natural.  Flying halfway around the world on a Boeing 747 then presenting yourself for asylum perverting International Law is not natural.  accommodating 192 base cultures is not natural.

And even if it is, so is sea erosion.  Doesn’t stop us from building sandbarriers to fight the tide there so if migrational waves of peoples is a natural process, it cannot be offensive to ‘fight that tide’.  To not do so would be foolish.

The people make the nation, not the other way round.