BNP | or these?

4 05 2010

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.  African proverb I know thanks to the ‘enrichment’.  In 2010, our enemy is the Establishment.  In trying to please everyone, they will end up pissing off the lot.

Probably what they have wanted from the start, break the world’s nations into small pockets of international communities that need globalised best-practice type policing.  That or they possess the brains of a rocking horse.

Kudos to Unrepentant for the following video.

“The indigenous British population never voted for mass-immigration. Indeed Labour’s 1997 manifesto stated that ‘Every country must have firm control over immigration and Britain is no exception’. They lied to us, and allowed millions of immigrants to settle in Britain.

Sadly, the rest are equally committed to multiculturalism, the EU and the eradication of the British people and culture. Do you want your children or grandchildren to become a minority in their own land? Balkanized Britain will be hell on earth.”

Make your vote count this election.  And considering the postal ballots, think we’ll need every vote we can get.


Sovietic Labour | Commie Colour Scheme

2 05 2010

I’m  a sucker for looking into things too much and seeing ‘orrible coincidences.  One being the reason that Piers Morgan is eligible for employment after his car-crash CV.  This is the man who was head of the Mirror News-Polluter when they printed untrue stories of prisoner abuse, endangering the lives of many just for a scoop.  He once posed nude for God’s sake!  He is a fuitcake of the highest order.

Another is the symbols used by our Political Puppeteers’ to entice the voter.

Take Labour’s party propaganda posters.  Mundane with the simplest of messages proclaiming nothing but intention.

Yet those colours.

So familiar to their roots that it does deserve a mention.

Now, if only the below was official, maybe I could see myself in a red cap.Talk about pinning your colours on the wall, the Labour Party are still using Commie colour schemes.  Wonder if Dulux has a selection.

Camberwell and Peckham | Patricia Knox PPC

30 04 2010

Okay, Camberwell and Peckham is Dirty Harry’s borough but I have noticed a distinct lack of Labour supporting placards adorning windowsills.  Last election and the Deluded Wing of Peckham were wearing them as sandwich boards (slight exaggeration but claiming poetic licence).  And even if my vote only helps the candidate retain their deposit, I will feel counted.

For my long-gone ancestors never had this opportunity.  Many millions around the world still do not have this right.  The ability to ask someone to represent you in the Highest Chamber on Earth.  A Nationalist at heart who would vote for the BNP tomorrow, the following may be a surprise to some.

The only independent candidate who has a website is Patricia Knox, and I am slightly impressed for what the lady stands for.  Even more impressed with her soundbite.  Main blessing though, she is an independent and isn’t Harriet Harperson.

Educated (look at the books), articulate (I could relate to her) and conservative (five kids!).  Could this be the start of the new beginning promised for Peckham?

Patricia Knox PPC.  Local Candidate for Camberwell and Peckham (website)

“The members of my party are the people of Camberwell and Peckham.  I therefore promise to speak and act solely in YOUR interests”

She also dislikes the corrupt Harman and is a REAL conservative.  So far, so good.  Her views on a variety of issues are expressed in a handy FAQ attached to the site but I’ve highlighted a few I agree with.

Immigration levels are too high.

Immigration like anything else has to be placed within workable limits – any excess and social issues are bound to arise. There is evidence to suggest that immigration has been allowed to increase without limit, no doubt due to the enlargement of the EU.

Should a new British government begin negotiations to leave the European Union?

Yes – while it has any freedom left to make up its own mind about things. We joined the EU for economic reasons but it has now become a political union. A union of trading nations is one thing – but a political union involving loss of sovereignty is quite another matter.

In the context of our constituency it can probably be said that any money received from the European Union for urban regeneration was our money in the first place!

Should British troops stay in Afghanistan as long as they are needed?

No – they should never have gone there in the first place. If terrorists want to attack us on our home territory its up to us to defend ourselves adequately, but that’s something we have failed to do in the past due to lax security. There’s no need for us to go looking for trouble in other countries. We need to put our own house in order before telling our neighbours how to live.

Is it  time to get rid of the LGBT police liaison officer?

There is no need for a lesbian or gay advisory group to advise the police and no reason to qualify crimes against the person into categories depending on race or gender. A punch in the face is painful whether you are black, white or gay and deserves the same punishment under the law. The severity of a crime should not be determined by the race, religion or gender of the victim.

Do you support the immediate withdrawal of British and NATO troops from Afghanistan?

Yes. Afghanistan is a quagmire much like Vietnam was and we are wasting the lives of our soldiers for no sensible reason. We cannot police the world’s corrupt regimes.

Do you oppose the attacks on Muslims and the growing Islamophobia in British society?

I oppose any criminality regardless of race, gender or religion.

So Mrs Knox, you may receive a Nationalists vote for the above for even though vague, you’re not Harriet Harperson.  Sadly, you may have lost it for the following.

Does Britain spend too much money on foreign aid?

There are no reliable figures to show this to be the case. What is too much for one person with a full belly is never enough for a person with an empty stomach.

Are you opposed to the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons?


Still, either your good self or one of those Leftarded Armies of International Armchair Superheroes may get my vote.  Shiver the thought of supporting those Reds.

GE10 faux pas | Bigots and Racists

28 04 2010

Pensioner who claims she was a life-long Labour voter asks Brown how he would tackle the country’s record deficit, east European immigration, pensions, university tuition fees and anti-social behaviour.  ‘Flash’ Gordon reels off some tractor-stats, lessons learned and how the EU relationship is so beneficial to the economy which currently resides in the gutter.  So far, so Brown.

Then thinking he is out of earshot but forgetting the Sky microphone still attached to his jacket, labels the questioning granny as a ‘bigot’.

The delusional monkeys that call themselves Parliamentarians just do not get it.  Opposing the invasion of ones’ ancestral homeland by economic migrants is not bigotry or racist, it is common sense.  How would any of these Stooges like their home transformed into Little Lagos, Little Warsaw or Little Pakistan?

To bleat on about fairness and equality then deem it racist and xenophobic to oppose mass immigration and Eunification is one thing.  To do so while pandering to the Government ‘sanctioned’ and ‘approved’ Black Minority Ethnic groups is just plain hypocritical.  How can we achieve equality when the EU stooge Establishment are attending a supremacist Black Britain Decides event organised by Operation Black Vote?

Leaders to vie for black votes at London rally

(Reuters) – The three main party leaders will appeal to over 1 million black voters on Wednesday in a bid to woo ethnic minorities who may hold the balance of power in some parliamentary seats.

They will speak at a rally in central London organised by Operation Black Vote (OBV), who say the event is the largest of its kind in recent history and could make a “defining impact” on the election outcome.

The three leaders will address an invited audience of 2,500 voters by video-link at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster at 6 p.m, but will reach a broadcast audience of well over one million.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg will each have 15 minutes to speak.

Their respective deputies, Harriet Harman, George Osborne and Vince Cable, who will attend the event in person, will then field two questions each.

“Never before in British history has the black and minority ethnic vote been so crucial,” said Simon Woolley, OBV Director.

Woolley said ethnic minorities in Britain were not a homogeneous block and that tackling race inequality within education, employment and the criminal justice system were paramount.

“Which leader can best provide the solutions for these important challenges will be closer to winning this election,” he added.

OBV’s own pre-election research into the power of the black vote shows there are 113 seats in which the black and Asian voting-age population is bigger than the 2005 election notional majority.

It says 54 of those seats would now be considered very marginal due to the “Clegg factor” during the election campaign but that all 113 could be won or lost by an active black vote.

Other speakers at the event, called “Black Britain Decides,” will include black leaders from faith groups, business, politics, the arts and education.

(Reporting by Stefano Ambrogi; Editing by Steve Addison)

The joys of cultural enrichment, brought to you by the Establishment for the simple reason of keeping YOU in your place.

Camberwell and Peckham | Harriet ‘Horrid’ Harperson

28 04 2010

I could work for the Sun.  Shit, I’d take a job on the sun if it meant getting away from the International Corporatist Cartels that own the majority of shares in Earth Plc.

Damn, Peckham Plc has been electing Dirty Harry since 1982!  All these years me and mine have suffered under the tyranny of Frankfurt School-inspired Superwitch Harperson’s social engineering with a sprinkle of gerrymandering to increase her dependents.  In 1997 they even gave her the fiefdom of Camberwell.

And to think she did it all on the back of the scroungers with Sure Start centres and plenty of ‘extras’, giving the red carpet treatment to newcomers and the planting of deluded supporters in council non-jobs.

Can’t think of any other way she could have gotten in without fellow Camberwell and Peckham Plc stockholders.

Back in the day when my family lived in Laburnum Close, my father had the pleasure of telling young Labour starlet Harry Harperson to “piss off”.  If she didn’t have two large coloured bodyguards standing beside the door, to think of all the agro we could have been spared.  An invite for a cup of arsenic, a couple of hours in the bathtub producing manageable packages, a quick drive along to the coast and then ‘feeding the fish’.  Saying that, we must be blacklisted for we haven’t had Labour knocking since.  Small blessings I suppose.

Once again, as it is election season thought I give the highlights of Peckham’s very own Feminazi in the hope of scaring 10 – 20 points of her majority, although I’d be happy to turn one Labour supporter away.

The one and only, Horrid Ms Harman, residing at an undisclosed address in Dulwich and West Norwood and was nominated by the following members of the public:

Seaton Martin

Squires Anthony J

Mills Victoria

Soanes Sharon

Situ Tayo A

Smith Althea

Thorncroft Dominic J

Mohamed Abdul

Ward Veronica M

Ahern Kevin V

Camberwell and Peckham UK Polling Report…

…and a sad indictment it is indeed.

Boundary changes: Previously undersized, Camberwell and Peckham gains parts of Faraday and Livesey wards from Southwark North and Bermondsey and South Camberwell and parts of Peckham Rye and The Lane wards from Dulwich and West Norwood.

Profile: Covers Peckham, Peckham Rye, Camberwell and Nunhead. This is one of the most poverty striken and deprived constituencies in the country. It has the highest proportion of afro-carribean residents of any constituency in the country and the highest proportion of social housing of any seat, with almost 6 in 10 homes rented from the council or a housing association.

Only Fools and Horses was never actually filmed in Peckham, but it continues to be the public`s perception of Peckham, and its reputation for desperate crime ridden sink estates was, in the past at least, not inaccurate. This is where Damilola Taylor was murdered in 2000 and, while the worst of the concrete estates (including the North Peckham Estate where Damilola Taylor died) have been demolished in recent years as part of massive regeneration projects, with more planned in coming years, the area continues to suffer from problems of high crime and gang violence.

This is one of Labour`s safest seats in the South of England and, while there is some gentrification in South Peckham, and pockets of Conservative support in the large Georgian houses in places like Camberwell Grove, there is presently no possibility of that dominance being challenged.

How Harriet Harman voted on key issues since 2001

  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted very strongly for the hunting ban.
  • Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
  • Voted strongly for equal gay rights.
  • Voted moderately for removing hereditary peers from the House of Lords.
  • Voted very strongly for a wholly elected House of Lords.
  • Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
  • Voted moderately against laws to stop climate change.
  • Voted very strongly for allowing ministers to intervene in inquests.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted moderately for a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.
  • Voted moderately for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted a mixture of for and against greater autonomy for schools.
  • Voted strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.

And the last set of recorded ‘sponsorship or financial or material support’ Harman helpers from 23rd April 2008:

  • Ken Follett, of Hertfordshire (personal donation). (Registered 20 April 2007)
  • Ken Follett, of Hertfordshire (personal donation). (Registered 11 June 2007)
  • Fiona Mctaggart MP (personal donation). (Registered 11 June 2007)
  • Vinod Popat, of West Hamilton (personal donation). (Registered 26 June 2007)
  • Michael V Sternberg, of London (personal donation). (Registered 28 June 2007)
  • Margaret Hodge MP (personal donation). (Registered 17 July 2007)
  • TGWU (Registered 18 July 2007)
  • UCATT (trade union) (Registered 18 July 2007)
  • Vera Baird MP (personal donation). (Registered 18 July 2007)
  • Stefanos Stefanou, of Hatfield (personal donation). (Registered 18 July 2007)
  • David Abrahams, businessman (through Janet Kidd, of Newcastle upon Tyne) (personal donation) (Registered 18 July 2007) (donation subsequently returned)
  • Nicky Gavron, of London (personal donation). (Registered 18 July 2007)
  • Baroness Ashton (personal donation). (Registered 25 July 2007)
  • Anthony Hayes, of Lancashire (personal donation). (Registered 5 September 2007)
  • Muslim Friends of Labour. (Registered 13 September 2007)
  • GMB (Registered 13 November 2007)

Information gleaned from TheyWorkForYou, UK Polling Report and YourNextMP.

Knowledge is power but I could sure do with some ignorance right now.

Vote Labour, get the EU.

Of course, Her Wickedness will be re-elected on the back of her base vote, which are single parents and hard-done by NuBritons.  God damn Labour’s gerrymandering ways.

UAF | Destroying their argument

27 04 2010

UAF claim to be antifascist, yet let’s take a look at the background of the Unite Against Freedom mob.  Forget about the communistic signage and the lack of compassion shown in their message of hate.  “Smash the BNP” sounds like incitement to violence yet they get away with it time and time again.

Consisting of a Vanguard of professional students (think ‘Young Ones’ but less funny and more diverse) who happens to have been able to recruit fellow soft-hearted (and arguably soft-minded) fools that do anything to be seen as ‘radical’.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the Unions laying out the transport were also using the Blue Bus Brigade considering that opposing a democratically elected party that gained a million votes is somehow ‘defeating fascism’.

Sidenote, admittedly, not many voted at the last ballot, but can you blame the apathy felt by the helpless (or thoughtless).  With the blatant corruption shown by the Establishment, the constant fear mongering and all those media smear campaigns against the ‘alternatives’, I’m surprised we haven’t already begun sticking heads on pikes.

Back on track and it is always worthy to remember that the UAF crew are financed by the Government via the Unions who then lay out the transport, sometimes even Public Workers are allowed to leave their governmental sponsored civil duties to scream “smash the bnp”.

So in essence, our ruling Government allows State-employees to join demos that are financed by our taxes being distributed to the various Unions who organise and promote a ‘National Day of Hatred‘.

Our money being funneled into coaches, banners and cheap bottles of cider for those who will berate the Establishment’s political opponents, currently the BNP.

Hopefully the great unwashed will consider just how fascist that is before casting accusations against the British National Party.  It’s like watching the ‘Sturmabteilung‘ (SA) prepare for their ‘Kristallnacht‘ against the Nationalists.  And the biggest clue of the true purpose of the State-sponsored third-party is simply the distinct lack of opposition to the fascist nature of Eunitfication.

Even more dangerous to British Freedoms and Traditions (including our Common Laws) than the British National Party could ever be is the European Parliament, Union, whatever.  Not just ONE unelected President but THREE of the buggers!  Come on, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe only has one, and there is no way on Earth I want to copy China’s model (no offence intended, just not for me).

Are the Masters of the Euniverse going to begin a new revolution inspired by the colour Red?  If so, a little warning would be nice so I can get some steady boots instead of the flashy Reeboks I usually buy.

Not a peep out of Britain’s clawhammer-wielding, Antifa-affiliated, anarchistic thugs and deluded beings from the Unite Against Fascism mob when it comes to TRUE FASCISM.

Islamic Law’s disregard for women rights.  The European Union pursuing a second referendum in Ireland, then piling on the pressure for voting YES to rejected yet revamped Lisbon Treaty.  Or even opposing the fake charity that once shared an office with DPM “I ate every bloody pie yet want more” Prescott called Common Purpose, whose sole objective is to train ‘future leaders to lead’.

Possibly due to the fact that both the UAF share the same objective:  An end to nation states and the beginning of a soft liberal neo-democratic supranational corporatist collective future where only Government Approved ‘political factions’ are able to voice opinion and everything is run by Tesco.

Those who scream false accusations of fascism at the British National Party, open your eyes and see that we have had a passive government since the end of the Second World War.  In that time, the Leftarded Armies of Doom began to their ‘Frankfurt School‘ magic using a technique commonly refered to as ‘Critical Theory‘.

Ever since, we have been eaten from within.

Save your Nation and vote Nationalist if you can.  The BNP are the Establishment’s worst nightmare, let’s make it a reality for em.

Latest ‘National Day of Hatred was outside the Leftarded Media Wing studios of the Establishment, the lorded yet sordid Auntie Beeb as reported in the Evening Standard.

Consider the picture below:

No faces.  Hmm, wonder why that is?  NUJ photographer, BECTU protestors maybe?

Camberwell and Peckham PPCs | God help me!

27 04 2010

With less than a fortnight till we have a chance of ridding ourselves of the EU stooge parties and regaining our dignity, thought it best to check out my options here in my beloved borough.  Especially after considering my previous disheartening post expressing the Wicked Witch’s 28 year reign of terror.

Unsurprisingly, there is no BNP candidate.  Yet due to the Gerrymandering tactics of the Liberal Democrats and Labour, it would be £500 down the pan if a Nationalist stood up and told the ‘NuBritons’ that immigration had to stop along with the promotion of this fairyland dream of a multiculturalism society.

So the list of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates seeking to represent the varied and diverse peoples’ of Camberwell and Peckham are:

Andy Stranack – Conservative Party

Columba Blango – Liberal Democrats

Decima Shamona Francis – Independent

Harriet Harman – Labour Party

Jenny Jones – Green Party

Jill Mountford – Alliance for Workers’ Liberty

Joshuwa Ogunleye – Workers Revolutionary Party

Margaret Sharkey – Socialist Labour Party

Patricia Knox – Independent

Robby Munilla Yohara – English Democrats Party

Steven Robbins – Independent

Ones I will definitely not vote for are in RED, those I’m considering are in BLUE while those that ‘WTF’ are in the ORANGE.  I mean, Alliance for Workers?  Half the inhabitants of Peckham are on the dole, this must be a Mickey Mouse Party if ever there was one!  I can understand the need for a Workers Revolution against the workshy but again, we’re outnumbered here 3 to 1.  Then we have hardcore Labour, not plastic but 100% silicon communists who feel that those who can, should, while those who can’t draw out State handouts, go backpacking or enter politics and do both.

The Establishment’s ‘approved’ EU stooge parties will definitely not receive my vote for I cannot fathom the idea that our solution resides in those who bloody well caused the problems we face.  Not even under penalty of death would I vote for the professional liars employed by the Red, Yellow or Blue teams.

I invite those PPCs mentioned (even the condemned) that if they seek my vote (or defend themselves), the best place to do that would be in the comments here.

For I will not be held responsible for my actions if any Establishment drones knock at my door.  I’ve got a shovel and a garden, not to mention a very good defence lawyer.

Until then, you may see an increase in traffic to your sites while I did up as much on your good selves as possible.  An informed voter is a powerful voter.

This is not the time for blind loyalty to a Party but to our Nation.

A government large enough to give you everything that you want, is big enough to take all that you own.  Don’t get much bigger or diversive than the European Union, Council, whatever.

Further reading can be had HERE in regards to the Peckham’s political history.