Sainthood | Holy smoke Popeman

15 01 2011

It’s not often I have a moan at the Vatican, namely due to the fact that they’re not currently pushing for Britain’s invasion, subversion or souls.  Yet offering up a Sainthood for the last Pope with the floppy reasoning that he performed a miracle in stopping the Cold War is , to put it mildly, preposterous.

What is it with prestigious awards and other ceremonial gratifications?  Our own honours’ list could easily be a who’s who of the vested-interests, from anointing those dodgy unelectable political hacks like, ahem, Miss baroness Aston, to giving a MBE to the life-long Labourshite voter.

But Sainthoods to non-miracle performing Popes, whose only hardship was what colour robe to wear…?  Madness.  All this due to a few hundred people screaming “Santo Subito” in front of the papal palace.

I prefer Catholics though, you can say what you like about them, unlike other sections of ‘society’.  Some of the funniest jokes ever told to me have been by Catholics.  Probably due to the ceasefire forged long ago.  Can’t burn eachother as heretics for eternity, much more important things needed doing.


The Pope knocked down at Vatican mass

25 12 2009

No details as of yet except a lady in the crowd tried to touch the Pope on his way to perform the traditional Christmas Mass.  This clip is from CNN and has been kindly uploaded by BNPxTRUTH.

Still, glad God’s man is okay, not for His Holiness’ benefit as he has a golden ticket to paradise if he followed the scripture correctly.  No, I’m glad the Pope was able to complete his ceremony more for the umpteen millions of Catholics around the world (including some of my dearest).


The Beeb have a better positioned video of the actual event but still very little detail as to why.  He did take a tumble though the poor Pope, even I felt that fall.