Lawfare | Queer Laws and Consequences

7 12 2010

Isn’t it enough for queers to not have to go jail anymore???  Where will the equality stop???  Will the Pink Lobby not rest until everyone has had at least half a dozen perverted experiences???

From the Daily Wail comes a familiar tale.  State-recognised minority group offended by State-recognised majority group, offence is caused and so the offenders must pay.

Two queers book a hotel room.

On arrival, they are refused service due to their religious sensibilities.

Queers offended, call in the police and, presumably, want the couple arrested and persucuted for having the gall to offend them.

No crime was committed though and so it is referred to as a civil matter.

Not wanting the matter to rest, the queer couple decide they want recompense, and with the Equality and Human Rights Commission financing their bid, hence the Government with Our Purse, come hell or high water, will get it.

Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Bull’s legal team will be financed by the Christian Institute, an organisation that I’m sure wouldn’t be eligible for Government nor Lottery handouts, considering it supports Christians.

Lawfare, doncha you love it?  How lawyers and barristers slave away for years in the Law Society crafting complex documents which can be interpreted more ways than an Iraqi Koran, documents that are made law by Old Pals in that other institution, Parliament.

’This case is about liberty of conscience. This guesthouse is Mr and Mrs Bull’s own home.

‘They have rights too, and they should not be forced to act against their sincerely held religious beliefs under their own roof.

‘Their guesthouse is not the only one in Cornwall, there is plenty of room for diversity of opinion.

‘This Christian couple are being put on trial for their beliefs. Equality laws are being used as a sword rather than a shield.’

Mike Judge, Christian Institute



Hate | Is this subject to ‘equality’ too?

2 09 2010

Never understood this hate-crime malarkey.  For if I get stabbed by a white guy, I don’t think to myself that he has done it because he likes me.  So all this bullcrap legislation is pretty all-inclusive no matter what the spiteful motive was.  Having ‘extra punishments’ as a deterrent to crimes deemed ‘hateful’ does not make us equal before the law though, it in fact does the opposite.  And one of the most important, although trampled upon traditions our very system of Rule and Law is supposed to represent is the fact that everyone deserves the same protection under the law.

If I pound the living shit out of someone who is black, it would be deemed a hate-crime, yet if I beat the crap out of a whitey, even though I ain’t knocking three bells out of him because I like him, it is just deemed a normal crime.

Role reversal and say I was on the receiving end of the pain-train, it would be classed as a common assault no matter what the colour of my attacker.  Frankly, in a fair world, the sentencing should be the same for both.  no special treatment, no deferential treatment, just equal treatment.  It isn’t rocket science.

And I don’t even want to start on the ever-increasing encroachment upon our political-leanings.  For where do we stop?

Is a rabid hatred for anything reason for arrest?  Surely there has to be an unlawful attempt at criminality before an inquisition begins?

So a recap:  Like most violent crimes, 9 times out of 10, it is done because you hate someone, can’t imagine people beating up people they like.  So making ‘examples’ sort of makes a mockery out of equality.  Some would say it sort of gives the green light for the other to suffer.

I sometimes think that the Law Society push for all these pointless laws just to keep busy.  Back in the early days of justice, you saw a judge within the hour, evidence heard, verdict given and if punishment was deemed necessary was quick and swift.  Now the Judge, Barristers and Solicitors have put so many considerations and references upon certain crimes that it takes a small lifetime to conduct proceedings.

Worse than pimps!  These Lawturds get paid to screw man, woman, child and no doubt thin frikking air.  Instead of treating everyone equal under the law, they wish to tailor it to suit their own egomaniacal (and economic) needs.  Bloody Masons I blame.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I could dip my finger in the pie once in a while.

Law should be kept as simple to understand as possible.  Our current set of ever-increasing Statutes and EU-approved Directives leave too much room for interpretation.

Peckham | Cocaine playmat

6 06 2010

A local man from Peckham has been sentenced to nine years for attempting the importation of cocaine in a playmat, 1.6kg worth.  That is 1600 grams, then mixed with 1.6kg of a cutting agent would be 3200 grams, sold at £15 per half wrap (0.5g) brings a grand total of £96,000 – not exactly Tony Montana levels but a reason why the war on drugs are unwinnable.

Detective Inspector Brian Cleobury from the Drugs and Firearms team is happy with the result though:

“This investigation has prevented a large amount of cocaine from reaching the streets of Southwark, and disrupted a number of criminal gangs concerned in the supply of drugs who were awaiting its delivery.

Danny Chell now has a long time to consider the devastating effects that illegal drugs and drug dealers have on our community, the fact he used a child’s play mat beggars belief and shows how low criminals will stoop.

I hope this result shows those thinking of taking his place that police in Southwark are committed to bringing them to justice for the misery they cause”

On to the next opportunistic no-hoper who will try their luck.  And they will.  A chance to escape your own miserable existence with the threat of a nine years sentence or an eternity doing sweet FA and remaining in the slums?  What would you choose?

Nine years for importing £155k Cocaine in a child’s playmat – Southwark News (3rd June 2010)

Alcohol | The evolution

31 05 2010

As man advanced, so did his forms of escapism, liquor being a prime example of achievement. Before our mastery over the process, our ancestors only escape from the hardship of life were funny looking tomatoes or bad meat.

From the simplest of methods of mixing sugar and yeast along with more complicate concoctions like Absinthe, to the market-domineering practices of the Corporate mass production of Wife-Beaters, alcohol has been an ever-present companion throughout humanity’s journey.

Yet alas, for the relaxation bearing lubricant has had more than her fair share of detractors, usually from the do-gooders who point at the worst examples of the ‘afflicted’ in the hope of scaring the rest into a more sobering position.

It isn’t drink and drugs that hurts people, it is stupidity.  Everyday, millions upon millions will take risks for the most mundane reasons, and 99 times out of 100, nothing will come of it.  But…

Yet when that ONE time does happen, the gates of Government-sponsored ‘Heaven’ opens up for the angelic armies of righteous to preach about the dangers of our collective ways.

District Judge Alan Berg is one of them.

Alcohol-fuelled violence is plague of Britain, says judge after jailing ‘drunken barbarian’ female student

By Liz Hull, Daily Wail.  Last updated at 1:59 AM on 28th May 2010


“People who live empty lives fill that void by consuming copious amounts of alcohol to a point where they become violent, they become aggressive. They behave in an unacceptable, anti-social way. There is a disease in my view – it has become a plague.

Particularly on Friday and Saturday night, young people go out with the sole purpose of getting hopelessly drunk.

If they can’t remember what they’ve done for the last 24 hours, then they’ve had a good night out.

I don’t see why ordinary decent people should be deprived of the pleasure of walking safely without feeling intimidated, without having to witness raucous behaviour, alcohol-fuelled yobs at night time in city centres.

I don’t see why ordinary people should have to witness violence, should have to step over prone bodies lying on the floor unconscious, or have to slip on vomit. It is a sad state of affairs.

There is this ladette culture which creates these problems, there is a culture among a certain sector of female society of drinking until they are senseless.”

A brick can help build a home or be used to smash the living daylights out of some poor sod.  If someone throws a brick at me, I don’t blame the brick for knocking three bells out of me, I blame the one who threw it.  The most important lesson for others to take from this episode is to learn your limit.  No need to badger every sod with a pair of ears, just harsh sentences for those who lose control to deter others from being so irresponsible.

I swear, one day we shall all be given ration books with daily tokens.  For our own good you see.

DeMOCKracy | You can’t be trusted

25 05 2010

There is talk of having democratically elected overseers of the police authorities instead of the usual Government-backed ones.  I think this is a good idea due to the fact that for too long the police have been nothing more than Draconian State Enforcers.

Yet there are once again worries from the leftarded armies of doom who fear that “the change could hamper the fight against terrorism and organised crime and boost the far-right British National Party.

God forbid the British people have a choice in their protectors, especially if the Establishment’s feared enemies have a chance.

Blighted | Selling your ass

23 05 2010

Once again the Government finds itself in shit creek and once again, look to balance the books by selling our rights.  This time, it is the right to travel.

Before the election there was talk regarding Rothschild’s plan to charge every Briton for the use of motorways, motorways that are already paid for by our collective taxes.

Vince Cable of the Condem Coalition has no “ideological opposition” towards this idea and so we shall probably see this in the next two years.

Well Mr Cable, I have.

If I wish to get to work, I have the choice of a 15min 381 bus ride or a 25min walk.  That is it.  Either I hand over my money to a Government sanctioned monopoly to spare me ten minutes of my life or I use my legs and get to ponder the inequalities of life.  And as I’m not keen on the body odour of fellow Africans in Peckham and am partial to a ponder, I walk.

Also Mr Cable, ever heard of ‘pass the buck’?  An American term that means whenever there is a problem, there is always someone else to blame.  This is a wider scale version of that.  Corporations put the prices up which Government pleads it is powerless to stop, yet said Government still more than willing to take their cut in VAT and Corporate Tax.

And the biggest gripe I have regarding this is the simple matter that selling our assets is not the way out of a hole.  Our collective wealth paid for those motorways and now, due to Government incompetence, our current Government is pursuing with a plan inspired by the money-making machine that is the Rothschild Dynasty now want us to pay for the privilege again.

The day mushroom clouds rise from Earth is the day I’ll be happy.  Reason being, we don’t deserve compassion or understanding, how the heck can we understand those who vote for their continual slavery?  It is you degenerates that voted for the Establishment who are the ones to blame.

I can’t blame the corrupt politicians cos twenty-million sods put them there.

I can’t blame the banking dynasties for it is in their nature to squeeze every penny.

I can’t blame NuBritons for they know no better and only seek a better life than the one they had before.

No, I blame each and every one of the twenty odd million who voted Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats.  I’d rather have lived under a Socialists Workers Government for at least they have principles.  The current scum that pass themselves off as honourable with the help of the deluded electorate have no morals, let alone principles.

Alcohol | Every little helps

21 05 2010

The head honcho of Tesco, Sir Terry Leahy, has suggested in the Telegraph that the way to tackle drunkenness and anti-social behaviour is to set minimum prices on alcoholic beverages.

Not long ago, the Government began to hike the price of cigarettes in an effort to ‘coerce’ people to quit.  Not only that, but public money was given to umpteen different anti-smoking organisations to propagate the message that this is all done for our own good.

The unintended consequence has been a 3000% rise in duty-free products being rolled in, rolled up and smoked, with not a penny reaching the public coffers.

Back to alcohol and let us look into the future and imagine that Parliament has enacted the (anti-competitive) price-fixing law proposed by Sir Leahy.

The Political Class are untouched due to the Palace of Westminster’s tax-exempt status.

The Super-Rich are too busy buying £12k bottles of plonk.

The Submissives to the above two will hardly feel the pinch.

The hard-working minority who have less and less disposable income will feel it the worse.

And those chavs and degenerates targeted, now being priced out of the alcohol game turn to their local crack dealer instead.  Robberies, burglaries, rape and murder increase 300%.

Plus, I get to expand my Peckham empire and move into bootlegging and see if I can help ease the 3000% demand.

I swear, one day the Government will give us ration books limiting us to a shot of Victory Gin per lunchtime.