Criminal | Crooks and the Crooked

13 01 2011

Many moons ago, a teenage gang of degenerates attacked a another teenager outside a school.  The heroic headteacher stepped in to protect the victim and ended up dead for his trouble.  The killer was 15 at the time.

Not so many moons ago, after serving 15 years for his act of murder, the killer was released from prison.  Was he remorseful for his crimes?  No.  Was he rehabilitated?  Obviously not.

Headmaster’s killer charged with robbery (UKPA)

There are some people beyond hope.  This teenage degenerate is one of them and it is for this reason alone that I suport capital punishment.  Especially to cowards who roam about in gangs.

Sod life imprisonment or deportation of these degenerates, the only solution should be the final solution for those unwilling and unable to control themselves.

Justice in Britain is about as foreign today as my new neighbours.  A pox on all those apologists and appeasers who have made this possible.

May the Gods do to you, what you do to others.


Unthinkable Solutions | Which I’m thinking

13 08 2010

This is the beginning of a pickled sandwich.  Nice and soft ontop, the picklest pickle I could pick, all sat upon another slice of softness.  No butter as the churners cannot be trusted.

To soften the mind, a personal minute detail of moi. My own (he says different) father believes I am right-wing, whereas I just think I’m right.  Now I wrote ‘think’, for even I can see the possibility of moi being wrong.  For that is how we truly learn.  The times if only I had listened to my father would I have had fewer hangovers.  Alas, we learn as we fall.  Some get up, some don’t, life goes on.

Now the picklest pickle.

The Criminally Damn’d – e.g:  Kiddy Killers. Fiddlers and Tyrants.

Those we cure we cure.  Some we can save by curing the patient.  Some we can save by executing the ‘disease’.

Now how do we deal with such vile admonitions that would harm and enslave those around them?  We cannot cure those whose’ tastes are unholy.  To preserve such wickedness is to be party to such wickedness.

The noose may not bring back the victims, but it does ensure that the perpetrator shares the same fate.

Yet according to poll after poll, many suggest a strong leaning towards the reintroduction of the death penalty, so this is just the skin of the pickle.  Now for the crunchy bit.

Considering that to hang a man for his crime means pardoning the hangman for his, instead of the noose, the condemned is locked in a cell and starved to death.  The NHS Pathway scheme doesn’t seem to mind doing the same to our Elders, so why the heck should our Death Sentence involve the spoiling of innocent hands?

Is that barbaric?  I know starvation is a slow and painful death but no hands would be dishing out murder.

I suppose if I supported an act where  every time we had some sick child brought before the courts and convicted of a dispicable act, HM Prisons could have organised a ‘killer takes kid’ tournement where the last peado standing gets the young devil.  Two (or a dozen depending on peados) birds, one stone.  Now that would be barbaric.

With those lost children, I don’t know the answer.  Cruel to be kind?  Family loving enviorment?  Or do we treat them the same as adults?  We humans are not ‘one glove fits all’ creatures, we are much more diverse in thought than skin tone, of course, some sing from hymn sheets while others just wear sheets which has an effect on the direction of said thought.

Back to my death by denial, to be honest, I just don’t like the idea of killing a defenceless being, no matter what their crime.  Tasty animals that go with mint sauce, no problem slaughtering, damn, I would do that for fun but the Country Club are all shotguns while I’m all glocks.  Yet in my reluctance of punishing the defenceless, sure, in the heat of the moment I would eat the sick case, or if it was ‘personal’, could literally pull the lever, although doubt HM Courts would allow that.  But to expect the hangman to pull it lays a heavy burden upon the soul.

So a quick death that some would construe as ‘murder’?  Or a slow painful one by denying one sustenance?  Forget the ‘Death Tournament for Peados’, that was just a throw-away rambling.

Back to the softness so not to leave a sour taste. I’m a great lover of words, as I’ve said before, our advanced form of communication is a blessing, how else could knowledge be accumulated so fast.  Okay, with the amount of foul language, myself guilty as charged, it can be a curse too.  Plus, I doubt I’ll ever get used to any African dialect.  Apart from that though, we could not be where we are without the ability to express our feelings.

Some lines from movies remain memorable not for what they were but what it represented.  Take Tommy Lee Jones line in Men in Black, “People are stupid, individuals are smart”.  Could have been in any film but correct.  Must be the reason Democracy is exported when most of the world are illiterate.

Ruled by the fools.  I say that cos the Liberal Democrat voters who helped Simon Hughes into his plumped-up job are rejects from the happy farm, terminology that means that these people are not just short of sandwiches but the whole Goddamn picnic!

You want to know the future:  Watch Idiocracy.  Shit movie but a possibility the way we’re carrying on.

BNP | Paxman v Griffin

24 04 2010

Auntie Beeb would have the world and her sister believe that Jeremy Paxman is a demigod when it comes to political interrogations.  Yet time and again we see the Establishment’s most high-profile attack dog fail to stick it to the BNP and yesterday’s effort was no different.

The video speaks for itself so I will concentrate on an ad hominem attack on Mr Paxman instead.

Paxman stood for the Communist party in school elections.

“Having stood for the Communist party in school elections, he described himself as a socialist on an (unsuccessful) application to edit the New Statesman. The person Paxman always used to remind me of was Alastair Campbell.” – Decca Aitkenhead – Guardian – 9th February 2009

Beeboids’ pay packets.

“They can be terribly grand BBC presenter types – the Paxos and Dimblebys – when quizzed about their personal lives. The salary issue, especially, they seem to think is tantamount to asking the Queen whether or not she goes to the loo. – Delimgpole – Telegraph – October 2009

The Reds’ view on Paxman.

“Paxman and Hywel Williams have composed more up-to-date studies on the  so-called Establishment or ruling elites in Britain. But neither work updated from a Marxist standpoint. More’s the pity, not least because it might explain how the authors’ sons have ended up today as twittering purveyors of ruling-class ideas and policies.” – The Communist Party – August 2009

Mediocracy leanings.

“Above all, how aware is Newsnight that, far from being anti-establishment, it is the establishment. The politicians whom it so proudly bullies are at least elected, whereas its staff are paid for by a licence fee against which British television viewers have no legal redress. Money matters a lot.

Jeremy Paxman, it is reported, earns £1 million a year, five times more than the Prime Minister. That is what the programme thinks of itself. We, who have to pay for it, may not always share that high estimation.” – Charles Moore – Telgraph – 26th January 2010

Program: “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Paxman discovers he is descended from a Roger Paxman who changed the name from ‘Packs-man’ – ‘man with a pack’ – to ‘Pax-man’ – ‘man of peace’.

Roger, to Jeremy’s consternation, went on to become mayor and a member of parliament, or a ‘charlatan politician’ as Jeremy describes him.

“I didn’t think I could go any lower, but we’re doing well so far,” he said.

Kudos to a fellow patriot for the links and additional commentary.

Extra kudos to Mr Griffin for holding his own once more.

General Election 2010 | Auntie Beeb’s guide

6 04 2010

So the great deception begins, with the current Chairman of Britain PLC holding it on May 6th this year.  So be prepared for all the professional liars knocking doors in the hope of reelection, apart from those disgracefully standing down of course.

The joy to be had if one knocks on my door.

So to all the Establishment voters out there who are still considering voting for the EU stooge parties’ Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, remember, they’re all full of liars, cheats and thieves.  All proven by the Lisbon Treaty referendum and lies, parliamentarian expenses cheated left, right and centre (pun intended) and our National savings stolen squandered on Government Luvvies.

A vote for the Establishment is a vote for the continuation of corruption that infects every aspect of our public services.

Auntie Beeb has done a half-decent job for once with the breakdown between to what is on offer and have produced handy little blurbs for each.  And I must say, the BNP skit isn’t the hatchet-job one would assumed the NUJ directed drones in the Media’s Leftarded Army usually produce.

Where They Stand: Guide to party election policies

BBC website

BNP ‘blurb’

Halt all immigration; deport criminal and illegal immigrants; offer legal immigrants financial incentives to return voluntarily to their countries of origin; give preference in the job market to “native Britons”; withdraw British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; only commit British troops to conflicts which “directly affect” British interests; re-introduce corporal and capital punishment; withdraw from the EU.

So as I say, not that bad, bit forceful in the repatriation plans when considering it is something already done by previous governments.  Only difference is this will be openly promoted to the whole immigrant community, not just slyly used bribing jailed foreign crooks to leave early via Eurostar.

Of course, there is no Jury Team, Communist Party, LPUK or National Front dissection.  And why would there be, it is hard enough for the Establishment to smear UKIP and the BNP without having to attack the other options standing.

UK | Kiddy-killers deserve the noose

21 03 2010

You cannot cure the incurable, and sadly for us, some are incapable of controlling their psychotic tendencies.

Even worse than those who commit such depraved acts are the bleeding-hearts brigade who stand up for the ‘Rights’ of such animals, having faith in a ‘rehabilitation process’ that has consecutively failed.


Those who kill kids should face the hangman, end off.  Reason why?  This…

Killer Roy Whiting found with pictures of his victim, Sarah Payne, in his cell

The man convicted of murdering schoolgirl Sarah Payne has been found with pictures of her in his cell.

Rebecca Lefort.  Published: 9:00AM GMT 21 Mar 2010

Roy Whiting, 51, had newspaper and magazine cuttings about the eight-year-old and other young girls in his cell at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire.

The disturbing discovery was made during a routine search and detailed in a prison report seen by the Sunday Mirror.

The newspaper quoted the 2009 report as saying: It is of serious concern that the security information indicates hidden newspaper cuttings of Mr Whiting’s victim and young girls were discovered during a cell search.

”It appears that his interest in young girls continues to be evident within the prison environment.

Some cannot be saved from themselves and so it would be better for all, sickcase included, if they were dispatched with permanently.  We cannot learn from these depraved souls, for they are born liars, most pathological killers are.

Those who dish out misery and madness deserve no second chance.  And for those who say they do, ask yourself, would you leave your child in the care of a ‘reformed’ kiddy-killer?

RIP Sarah Payne.