UK Jihad | War booty

13 01 2011

If you are told that you are the Chosen People, backed up by the lunatic ravings of a Satanic Prophet, you can be as sure as the nose on your face, that everyone outside of their holy group are treated as subhuman.

And so it is with the teachings of the Satanic Book of the Koran.  So it isn’t any wonder why they see our children as meat.

Yet I do not blame the invaders, I blame their enablers.  Be they subversives unhappy at the lack of revolutionary spirit amongst the native Britons or those apologists seeking warm and fuzzy feelings, not forgetting the deluded fools who wish to make amends for perceived injustice they had nowt to do with.  And I haven’t even mentioned the Corporate Powers that use immigration to keep wages low.

Never mind the victims in these schemes.  They are just collateral damage.  Acceptable losses in the eyes of the power merchants.

What if this was YOU though:

Or if this was YOUR child:

Every cultural group has it’s misfits, that is true.  The main difference between native nonces and Muslim ones is the former has no ideological basis for their behaviour, while the latter seem to have entire chapters proclaiming infidels are nothing more than cattle, to be used and abused in any which way they please.

That is the main difference.  And until our Government faces up to that fact, sadly, more of our children will fall prey to these animals.

You voted for this shit.  You sit in it.


Convict Chaytor | tip of the iceberg

8 01 2011

WARNING This is a long read.  If it takes you half as long to read as it did for me to write it, I can only apologise in advance.  To make up for it, see a showcase of the most offensive cartoon ever created HERE

A sentence of 18 months.  Meaning he’ll be out in 9 months.  Probably only spend 2 months in a naughty prison then the rest stuck to Ian Huntley.  Best we can hope for now is when he is released, he’ll need to get expensive reconstructive anal surgery.

I still feel he got off lightly.  All that pussyfooting around, bending the law, trying to surpass the law, then trying to blame it weather conditions, the constant moaning about the constant hounding from the cruel and mean public…  and he gets just 18 months porridge.

The ACPO‘d and Common Purpose‘d directed Filth Police had their arms twisted and looked for the least offensive thing they could charge the corrupted Chaytor with. That said, why only the few bent Parliamentarians???

Blighted in Blighty

The more I think about it, the more I feel we’ve been Royally shafted with a 30ft barge pole with extra splinters.  Hundreds of elected Members of Parliament were dirty.  Probably thousands more complicit partners in return for preferential government job agreements.

Cannot forget that seeing how probably thousands of journalists knew of this vast scam, they were either silenced by their Editors, and then remained silent due to the threat of losing jobs and leads, or worse, were criminally involved in the mess.

Also, for the love of God, the Telegraph were trying to boost their Sales Figures!  They weren’t doing that graft as a Public Service!  In all honesty, you would have a story as important to the public and as big as ExpenseGate would have spurred the Media Giants to pool their resources?  Rhetorical question there, of course they wouldn’t, another reason they are aptly sneered at as the Controlled Media.

Then there are the hundreds of thousands of willing workers, those who know what they do is immoral but, understandably, need to feed their families and can ill afford to ruin those promotion prospects.  They boss the lower level pit bosses and stewards.  These then coerce the one below them, ad infinitum to the lowest organism leaving nowt out.

Worse of all, they prepare the future generations to accept even more crap, sponsoring the indoctrination of our children with what once was called education.  Multiculturalism good, Nationalism bad, Hetro-sex, Gay-sex, jeez, no doubt they skirt around the issues of bondage and role-play, all the while highlighting you have rights (so long as it is Multiculturalism’ approved behaviour).  And if some spoil-sport comes along and reminds you about duties and responsibilities, remind the “faschistic stasi pig” of said rights.

Of course, financing it all takes more than our cattle taxes.  Needs lots of money and hard cold cash to monopolise national governments, unions, charities, religious and educational institutions.  That is where the Top-Collar Criminal Class come in, not the petty pimps or thugs that infest Blighty, nor any of those score-a-wrap dealers down the rubber dub.  The Drug Kings (usually Lords or ‘Special Military Men’, always State-sponsored), the Corporate Kings of the Circus, ahem, entertainment industry (Billionaires and Millionaires), and worse of all, the international Merchants who dabble in all and whose finest skill is trading Nations’ Peoples like pieces of meat.

If this isn’t a conspiracy, I truly do not what is.  Or is a conspiracy okay when several hundred thousand Secret Club members benefit from the misery of millions???  When has the dilution and Our Nation’s Blood at home due to a lack of political defence, preferring pandering tactics against an ever-increasing army of colonists justified???

For that matter, how can we continue to allow the waging of diversionary wars, at great cost to Our Nation’s Name and worse, wasting Our Nation’s Blood, ever be justified for personal financial benefit???  Or is fine and dandy for the Nation’s future prosperity to be abused to feather their own nests???

Where have all the Grand Saviours gone?  Do not we deserve Leaders who can Lead by example?

It isn’t the rotten apples in the barrel alone that is the cause of woe, oh if only so.  Unfortunately, the very source of these apples is a private orchard surrounding by a shark-infested moat, walls 20ft thick, interspersed with constantly manned machine-gun nests with additional anti-armour weaponry, along with a ring of steel with anti-air defences.  Yet over the impregnable perimeter is when the Corrupting Powers of Mankind tend to a twisted and perverted Tree, whose roots suck at the very essence of not only my beloved Britannic Islands and Her Peoples, but the whole World.

I might be paranoid, yet if you had the power to change the world to as you see fit, wouldn’t you?  If yes, then why not those who actually do possess the power.  It has been proven time and again that history is shaped by the few who were led the many.

From the pre-Biblical myths and tales to the modern ages, Man has surpassed himself, civilisations treading up the right path flourished, those that err tp the side, perished.  Some have been Good.  Some have been Bad.  Many were just fortunate.

That leaves it to us, the forunate, to promote the Good that is National Inclusion and reject the Bad that is Multicultural Sectarianism.  Otherwise, we will continue to repeat the Tower of Babylon fable.

I perhaps do propose one or two idealistic pipe dreams, but I’m in no doubt that most would be a pipe dream the Gods would bless.  No doubt that is what every well-meaning sod have thought, from the Divine Autocratic Rulers of old to the Gunboat and Subverted Masters that we suffer today.

To prelude this particular pipe dream, I’ll like to illustrate my point of Corrupted Officialdom by suggesting what should have happened.

ExpenseGate; a golden opportunity wasted

The moment the Telegraph had those files, the MET should have assigned an Anti-Fraud Squad to the Newspaper’s office and photocopied every file the reporters had.  Once done, an operation room should have been handed over to a lead Peace Officer who would then lead the investigation on the simple basis:

Even ONE discrepancy shown in the un-reducated receipts counts as CAUSE FOR ARREST.

The charge:  Corruption in a Public Office resulting in Treason against; and Theft from; every single man, woman, child and embryonic conception conceived at the time of the crime who love to call Britain home.

Now we all now that probably a baker’s dozen were Angels out of the bunch in the whole charade.  That would mean hundreds of arrests and the suspension of Parliament (which happens already every Christmas and Summer holiday Parliamentarians have so it wouldn’t be that bad).  Due to an instant ‘bringing in the Houses of Parliament into dispute’ card, they shall be stripped of their posts with the promise of instant reinstatement if validated.

With that in mind, there would be a need for a Special Task Force to do the job, and the Riot Officers of the infamous Territorial Forces would be a lovely and justifiable choice.  Not only footsoldiers are needed though, but experienced detectives and investigators, even if they have to be drafted in from the Armed Forces.  With the previous in place, all the accused can be arrested with and then transported to a convenient Holding Station for the investigating Team.

While this is happening, search warrants and confiscation orders can be issued against all the accused.  Homes and offices, even the boxroom one in the Commons most share with another, searched.  All items catalogue and marked confidential.  Bank accounts frozen and phone records collected, even lists of known associates should be compiled for later questioning.

I wouldn’t even mind the Police doing door to door knock and greet on the off-chance of finding someone with information regarding dirty Parliamentarians.  So long as they don’t enquire about the exotic smell, I’d be glad to put Harriet Harperson in the proverbial.  I’d even do a ‘politician’ and make up a fable of debauchery involving her and a Alsatian named Bojo.  What?  More believable than anything she has had to say the last twenty years.

Now, considering that trialing them separating through the court system would be too long-winded and expensive, instead, just one mass trial could be commissioned, where a mass examination of all the facts could be had in an open and recorded environment (again be done before, namely Nuremberg).

Of course, every single individual charged would be entitled to a fair hearing but it should be before a panel consisting either of, and, or, several unaligned judges (no Masons), a few high-ranking military officials, perhaps a few dozen constitutional experts as well as the cherry on the cake, a jury of their peers to decide the sincerity of the accused (oh, how we could have shown those filthy dogs real cruelty and meanness).

Those found GUILTY of hoodwinking the public should be punished accordingly.  If a serial crook, a stretch of the neck by hanging would suffice.  Those who just dabbled, a lesser charge could be life imprisonment, meaning natural life, no parole and definitely no compassionate leave possible.

Those found NOT GUILTY should be hanged just in case.  Nah, just kidding.  They shall receive a full reprieve and instantly be reinstalled in their previous post.

Now, this is by no means the end of the matter.  These are just the puppets us plebs get to argue about, the Democratic Tools of our Enemy, the hammers, the spanners and the screwdrivers.  If we just punish them, those reelected will be sponsored by the same cretins.  So each and every disgraced parliamentarian convicted should be given the chance of a reprieve.  Call it an Act of Retribution for their Sins against Man if you want to poetic about it.  But If they, given their inside knowledge of their Backers, name names and can point to areas of interest to the Task Force, the Guilty could not only keep their life, they could be granted the chance of parole.  All depends on success of course.

And considering the vast scale of such an operation, and the ever-present danger it is, a full-time Anti-Corruption Squad would be justified to carry on the campaign. Those found guilty of corrupting the officials will face the same fate.  They shall also be given the same option.  Even if we end up at Satan’s doorstep, we must never cease in ironing out those who would sacrifice us for their vision.  For too long the population has been led by the nose down the thorny broken path of introverted progressive word-twisting politics.

This isn’t an argument for an all-powerful State to have the green light, dealing out death indiscriminately to all and sundry.  Not at all, rather more of an appeal for a purer one, Holy you could say, a population on the path to advancement, where those who make a true contribution are rewarded to encourage the next.

Even those that have wronged however, those who have willingly and happily profit from Satanic hegemony and misery, I’d rather their repentance and spare the necks.  I truly seek the villains and the fools repentance, for only then can we all share in the glory of righteous salvation and soldier on defeating the real battles that face our way of life.

Back to Earth

Why is it, no matter how grand, how magnificent, how glorious Idealistic Institutions such as the State and all her apparatus, even the God damned Church, after so much evolution, loses all self-control and begins crumbling into corruption?  Is it the natural order of things.  We individuals begin life with so much potential yet every year, it ebbs away, all until it’s broken completely, then the slow shuffle to the inevitable exit.  Could it be the same for Institutions, just the shuffling along takes many times longer?  Like creator, like created?

All variables considered, the Bastards’ that Be, that’ll be the true owners of the Earth, according to their very legal paperwork, have the best hand possible.  They have their little drones and stooges in the nooks and crannies of every organisation.  Sometimes they finance both sides of the argument, possibly to hedge bets or possibly a counter-measure, keeping your audience looking elsewhere is an art in itself.

Never forget, it wasn’t only the past decade our parliamentarians have been scoffing their faces.  Ever since the unlawful enactment of surrounding British Sovereign Rights to a foreign power, the mass of Judas’ inspired political whores and traitors have regularly been paid off with their thirty pieces.

They just haven’t the decency to stop.

Law | Sex Case, Sex Case, Hang em, Hang em, Hang em!

7 01 2011

Leftarded reject from the happy farm Libby Brook, the Islamic and immigrant apologist working for the Guardian bogpaper has come to the defence of the “Muslim community”.  And all on the basis of what the British National Party have said.

Does she make a habit of scanning the words of the BNP and from there build her counter arguments?  If the BNP ran a story on preferring dogs, would she then defend cats!?!

She sprouts out some statistics from Engage (another subversive organisation) that nationwide, 80% of all perpetrators in the grisly crimes of sexual abuse are white.

Now, considering that not only Britons are white, for example, most of frigging Europe is, 80% is a rather generous figure.  Still, this is what she proclaims so let us say that the other 20% are just the non-white perverts.

Considering that the only reliable statistics on non-white Britons are a decade old with 7.9% of the national population are classed a different shade, it has been a decade so it has probably doubled to 16% at least.

So 16% of the population are committing more sex crimes per head meaning (and remember, fellow Europeans are included) that the remaining 84% of the population are committing LESS offences per head than those a shade darker than white.

Also consider these stories of injustice:

Margaret Hodge council thwarted paedophile case, says police chief (The Free, 2006 The Mail on Sunday)

Sex Attacker stays because of Human Rights (Express, Wednesday October 31,2007)

Fury as jailed East Lancashire sex attacker wins deportation fight (The Blackburn Citizen, Sunday 18th April 2010)

Anger as child sex attacker back in victim’s neighbourhood (The Telegraph and Argus, Monday 15th November 2010)

Why must we continue to put our kin at risk to foreign perverts, haven’t we enough of our own!?!  Is it so people the likes of Margaret and Libby can feel all warm and fuzzy!?!  If so, it isn’t good enough.  Not only should sex cases be strung up by the neck, but so too their enablers, their apologists and their appeasers.

This country’s governance makes me sick!

Halal Meat | Finally, a need for PETA

28 09 2010

Eating meat is a luxury that once upon a time, many of us plebs could ill afford, hence the saying, bringing home the bacon.  Considering that malnutrition was the most common form of early death back in those dark days, never understood the reasoning behind the celebrity-studded People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Yet now I have found a cause for the too-much-time-on-their-hands-so-need-to-do-something-charity-conscious celebrity to champion.

Halal and Kosher ritually slaughtered meat production and the imposition of it by stealth on the general population.

Although sadly, I doubt many of the celebrities in film or pop will wish to complain about their Bosses’ kosher meals.  Still, seeing how most Fashioned Workers are God hating gay blokes or dog ugly old hags, am sure this is a cause they would champion.

Of course we must respect religious practices but how far do we go?  If we continue to allow Halal and Kosher meat to circumnavigate our laws regarding the unnecessary pain and suffering caused to livestock, what happens when the African Voodoo Priest wishes to circumcise young girls nether regions?  How about a Polynesian family’s wish to carry on cannibal?  Okay, something less parodic, the cultural practices of certain ethnic minorities who are partial to a bit of swan?  Or the family practice of ‘keeping it in the family’ as some caravan dwelling families prove with their elongated foreheads?

Sure, whatever floats your boat should be an overriding principle in most matters, but not when they are literally cruel and inhumane and above all, give the corporate slaughter-house reason to do away with the cost of stunning the animals.

If we don’t maintain standards, is it any wonder they fall?  And anyhow, how come the Jewish and Muslim contingent just pray at the table like most other faiths?  (Rhetorical question, I already know, it’s cos they’re ‘special’)

Banking Harassment | Robotic Debt Collectors

27 08 2010

Every couple of hours, the family phone receives an automated phone call which I always assumed was simply a marketing scam, so like every sane consumer, hung up.  Now, it has come to light to it is in fact a ‘reminder’ from the bank with the embarrassing proclamation of DEBT owed.  Before I bellow further about this subject, it is not moi in debt but someone who used to live here.

Okay, I’ve a slight bit of debt to the Spaniards, yet that is a pittance compared to some I know.  The staff at my bank have probably received more death threats from me than pennies from my account, fight em all the way, especially you can use a work phone, some of those calls can end up expensive.

Alas, I thought I see if it is a bigger problem concerning more than myself.  Now, neighbours are not ones to talk about their financial affairs unless you catch them in your home trying to half-inch your telly, then out comes the “ah come on man, I’m up to my ears in the shit and can barely see” half-arsed excuse.

Thankfully, Auntie Beeb have provided the necessary message board although how Susan from London can suggest a return to Debtor Prisons is beyond me, that is what bankruptcy is for you stupid cow.

“If you spend the money and don’t pay it back then that’s stealing. The banks are totally reasonable to call you constantly – a shame that they don’t have more power to get people to honour their debts. Think how much better everyone would become at honouring their debts if, say, one missed payment equalled a week in jail, two, two weeks and so on.”

I mean for the love of God, does she really mean that?

Thankfully, I’m more inclined to agree with Mr Norris from Birmingham with his explanation of harrassment:

“It is an offence under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 to engage in a “…course of conduct…” that the perpetrator “…knows or ought to know amounts to harassment…”. It further states that it is harassment “…if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct amounted to harassment…” Phoning someone up to six times a day is in my mind clearly a criminal offence. The Act also explicitly allows for a civil remedy. In other words “sue them”. British banks treat their customers with utter contempt. The proper role of government is to protect us.”

Best start taking notes of the calls.  Every one could be worth a bag of sand* if I play my cards right.

For future reference maybe.

Protection from Harassment Act 1997

* Thousand £ pound

Fickle-minded | More than I can carry

19 08 2010

I never knew Geoffrey Bacon nor Mary Porter.  I never shared their joy or pain.  But I now know their end.  Brought about by degenerates that make me ashamed to be human.

Here I am, feeling so much sorrow for what has become of them, that I now question the legitimacy of human dominance.

Earlier I was celebrating/bemoaning the miniscule fact that I need to seek new avenues of funding when more Satanic curses are happening to my eldest and dearest (and dare I write it, most vulnerable).  Worse yet, by petty thugs that deserve the noose but usually have a plethora of excuses thus entitling them to an Alton Tower’s day pass.

My deepest sympathies to the Bacon and Porter clan.  May those who damn’d you be damn’d, for it is the only way they’ll learn.


Benefit Cheats | Mmm, report them you say

12 08 2010

Why the heck bother?  Out of 300-odd greedy MPs, some even re-elected after the fact showing the delusional shite we have for compatriots, only a handful have been brought before the Courts.  So why the feck should I care where any of the tax pot ends up.  No matter what saving is made, I’m sure the ConDem coalition will be able to find something green or foreign to spend the cash on and our cost of living will continue to rise.

So again, why should anybody be bothered about what Mr Jones and Miss Fuller claiming extra or Mr Scott playing the disability card?  I reckon the only solution to our collective anguish at such behaviour is simply to join them.  After all, can always plead guilty if caught and get some soft community sentence.  And if you milk out the case to go before the beak in spring, could end up working in the glorious sunshine.  Picking up rubbish in the sun is better than picking up rubbish in the rain.

Plus, with the Equality Mantra our government love to propagate, surely what THEY get, WE can get?  Where is the fairness otherwise?

Also, imagine the chaos it would cause if EVERYONE put a claim in.  Surely it would never happen but that would be the only way to destroy, and I mean literally destroy the Welfare State, the Law Racket and the Police Service in one foul swoop.

The State tools that infest the Benefit Office would drown under the work, the Lawyers and Investigators too would be at a lost as to where to start.  Considering the average arrest, interview and bailing takes a few hours at least, multiply that by 25 million and not even with the Army drafted in would our Thick Blue Line manage it!  I dread to think of the lacklustre lawjockeys who will have to file this order, sign that authorisation, blah blah blah…

I’m just not that fussed about those who live the life of Riley at ‘taxpayer’s expense’.  To be honest, I envy them.  For if you work, you are forced to hand-over a fifth of what you earn towards the corrupted Government, while if you don’t, that same corrupted Government will pay you!  And let’s face it, with less and less disposable income from our wages, why bother working if the best you can get is £14k per year?

Self-respect?  No good if you’re knackered and living a hand-to-mouth existence.  Paying your dues?  Once more, not very satisfying when Government is keen on frittering the cash away.

Whoever invented work never did one damn day of it.