Convict Chaytor | tip of the iceberg

8 01 2011

WARNING This is a long read.  If it takes you half as long to read as it did for me to write it, I can only apologise in advance.  To make up for it, see a showcase of the most offensive cartoon ever created HERE

A sentence of 18 months.  Meaning he’ll be out in 9 months.  Probably only spend 2 months in a naughty prison then the rest stuck to Ian Huntley.  Best we can hope for now is when he is released, he’ll need to get expensive reconstructive anal surgery.

I still feel he got off lightly.  All that pussyfooting around, bending the law, trying to surpass the law, then trying to blame it weather conditions, the constant moaning about the constant hounding from the cruel and mean public…  and he gets just 18 months porridge.

The ACPO‘d and Common Purpose‘d directed Filth Police had their arms twisted and looked for the least offensive thing they could charge the corrupted Chaytor with. That said, why only the few bent Parliamentarians???

Blighted in Blighty

The more I think about it, the more I feel we’ve been Royally shafted with a 30ft barge pole with extra splinters.  Hundreds of elected Members of Parliament were dirty.  Probably thousands more complicit partners in return for preferential government job agreements.

Cannot forget that seeing how probably thousands of journalists knew of this vast scam, they were either silenced by their Editors, and then remained silent due to the threat of losing jobs and leads, or worse, were criminally involved in the mess.

Also, for the love of God, the Telegraph were trying to boost their Sales Figures!  They weren’t doing that graft as a Public Service!  In all honesty, you would have a story as important to the public and as big as ExpenseGate would have spurred the Media Giants to pool their resources?  Rhetorical question there, of course they wouldn’t, another reason they are aptly sneered at as the Controlled Media.

Then there are the hundreds of thousands of willing workers, those who know what they do is immoral but, understandably, need to feed their families and can ill afford to ruin those promotion prospects.  They boss the lower level pit bosses and stewards.  These then coerce the one below them, ad infinitum to the lowest organism leaving nowt out.

Worse of all, they prepare the future generations to accept even more crap, sponsoring the indoctrination of our children with what once was called education.  Multiculturalism good, Nationalism bad, Hetro-sex, Gay-sex, jeez, no doubt they skirt around the issues of bondage and role-play, all the while highlighting you have rights (so long as it is Multiculturalism’ approved behaviour).  And if some spoil-sport comes along and reminds you about duties and responsibilities, remind the “faschistic stasi pig” of said rights.

Of course, financing it all takes more than our cattle taxes.  Needs lots of money and hard cold cash to monopolise national governments, unions, charities, religious and educational institutions.  That is where the Top-Collar Criminal Class come in, not the petty pimps or thugs that infest Blighty, nor any of those score-a-wrap dealers down the rubber dub.  The Drug Kings (usually Lords or ‘Special Military Men’, always State-sponsored), the Corporate Kings of the Circus, ahem, entertainment industry (Billionaires and Millionaires), and worse of all, the international Merchants who dabble in all and whose finest skill is trading Nations’ Peoples like pieces of meat.

If this isn’t a conspiracy, I truly do not what is.  Or is a conspiracy okay when several hundred thousand Secret Club members benefit from the misery of millions???  When has the dilution and Our Nation’s Blood at home due to a lack of political defence, preferring pandering tactics against an ever-increasing army of colonists justified???

For that matter, how can we continue to allow the waging of diversionary wars, at great cost to Our Nation’s Name and worse, wasting Our Nation’s Blood, ever be justified for personal financial benefit???  Or is fine and dandy for the Nation’s future prosperity to be abused to feather their own nests???

Where have all the Grand Saviours gone?  Do not we deserve Leaders who can Lead by example?

It isn’t the rotten apples in the barrel alone that is the cause of woe, oh if only so.  Unfortunately, the very source of these apples is a private orchard surrounding by a shark-infested moat, walls 20ft thick, interspersed with constantly manned machine-gun nests with additional anti-armour weaponry, along with a ring of steel with anti-air defences.  Yet over the impregnable perimeter is when the Corrupting Powers of Mankind tend to a twisted and perverted Tree, whose roots suck at the very essence of not only my beloved Britannic Islands and Her Peoples, but the whole World.

I might be paranoid, yet if you had the power to change the world to as you see fit, wouldn’t you?  If yes, then why not those who actually do possess the power.  It has been proven time and again that history is shaped by the few who were led the many.

From the pre-Biblical myths and tales to the modern ages, Man has surpassed himself, civilisations treading up the right path flourished, those that err tp the side, perished.  Some have been Good.  Some have been Bad.  Many were just fortunate.

That leaves it to us, the forunate, to promote the Good that is National Inclusion and reject the Bad that is Multicultural Sectarianism.  Otherwise, we will continue to repeat the Tower of Babylon fable.

I perhaps do propose one or two idealistic pipe dreams, but I’m in no doubt that most would be a pipe dream the Gods would bless.  No doubt that is what every well-meaning sod have thought, from the Divine Autocratic Rulers of old to the Gunboat and Subverted Masters that we suffer today.

To prelude this particular pipe dream, I’ll like to illustrate my point of Corrupted Officialdom by suggesting what should have happened.

ExpenseGate; a golden opportunity wasted

The moment the Telegraph had those files, the MET should have assigned an Anti-Fraud Squad to the Newspaper’s office and photocopied every file the reporters had.  Once done, an operation room should have been handed over to a lead Peace Officer who would then lead the investigation on the simple basis:

Even ONE discrepancy shown in the un-reducated receipts counts as CAUSE FOR ARREST.

The charge:  Corruption in a Public Office resulting in Treason against; and Theft from; every single man, woman, child and embryonic conception conceived at the time of the crime who love to call Britain home.

Now we all now that probably a baker’s dozen were Angels out of the bunch in the whole charade.  That would mean hundreds of arrests and the suspension of Parliament (which happens already every Christmas and Summer holiday Parliamentarians have so it wouldn’t be that bad).  Due to an instant ‘bringing in the Houses of Parliament into dispute’ card, they shall be stripped of their posts with the promise of instant reinstatement if validated.

With that in mind, there would be a need for a Special Task Force to do the job, and the Riot Officers of the infamous Territorial Forces would be a lovely and justifiable choice.  Not only footsoldiers are needed though, but experienced detectives and investigators, even if they have to be drafted in from the Armed Forces.  With the previous in place, all the accused can be arrested with and then transported to a convenient Holding Station for the investigating Team.

While this is happening, search warrants and confiscation orders can be issued against all the accused.  Homes and offices, even the boxroom one in the Commons most share with another, searched.  All items catalogue and marked confidential.  Bank accounts frozen and phone records collected, even lists of known associates should be compiled for later questioning.

I wouldn’t even mind the Police doing door to door knock and greet on the off-chance of finding someone with information regarding dirty Parliamentarians.  So long as they don’t enquire about the exotic smell, I’d be glad to put Harriet Harperson in the proverbial.  I’d even do a ‘politician’ and make up a fable of debauchery involving her and a Alsatian named Bojo.  What?  More believable than anything she has had to say the last twenty years.

Now, considering that trialing them separating through the court system would be too long-winded and expensive, instead, just one mass trial could be commissioned, where a mass examination of all the facts could be had in an open and recorded environment (again be done before, namely Nuremberg).

Of course, every single individual charged would be entitled to a fair hearing but it should be before a panel consisting either of, and, or, several unaligned judges (no Masons), a few high-ranking military officials, perhaps a few dozen constitutional experts as well as the cherry on the cake, a jury of their peers to decide the sincerity of the accused (oh, how we could have shown those filthy dogs real cruelty and meanness).

Those found GUILTY of hoodwinking the public should be punished accordingly.  If a serial crook, a stretch of the neck by hanging would suffice.  Those who just dabbled, a lesser charge could be life imprisonment, meaning natural life, no parole and definitely no compassionate leave possible.

Those found NOT GUILTY should be hanged just in case.  Nah, just kidding.  They shall receive a full reprieve and instantly be reinstalled in their previous post.

Now, this is by no means the end of the matter.  These are just the puppets us plebs get to argue about, the Democratic Tools of our Enemy, the hammers, the spanners and the screwdrivers.  If we just punish them, those reelected will be sponsored by the same cretins.  So each and every disgraced parliamentarian convicted should be given the chance of a reprieve.  Call it an Act of Retribution for their Sins against Man if you want to poetic about it.  But If they, given their inside knowledge of their Backers, name names and can point to areas of interest to the Task Force, the Guilty could not only keep their life, they could be granted the chance of parole.  All depends on success of course.

And considering the vast scale of such an operation, and the ever-present danger it is, a full-time Anti-Corruption Squad would be justified to carry on the campaign. Those found guilty of corrupting the officials will face the same fate.  They shall also be given the same option.  Even if we end up at Satan’s doorstep, we must never cease in ironing out those who would sacrifice us for their vision.  For too long the population has been led by the nose down the thorny broken path of introverted progressive word-twisting politics.

This isn’t an argument for an all-powerful State to have the green light, dealing out death indiscriminately to all and sundry.  Not at all, rather more of an appeal for a purer one, Holy you could say, a population on the path to advancement, where those who make a true contribution are rewarded to encourage the next.

Even those that have wronged however, those who have willingly and happily profit from Satanic hegemony and misery, I’d rather their repentance and spare the necks.  I truly seek the villains and the fools repentance, for only then can we all share in the glory of righteous salvation and soldier on defeating the real battles that face our way of life.

Back to Earth

Why is it, no matter how grand, how magnificent, how glorious Idealistic Institutions such as the State and all her apparatus, even the God damned Church, after so much evolution, loses all self-control and begins crumbling into corruption?  Is it the natural order of things.  We individuals begin life with so much potential yet every year, it ebbs away, all until it’s broken completely, then the slow shuffle to the inevitable exit.  Could it be the same for Institutions, just the shuffling along takes many times longer?  Like creator, like created?

All variables considered, the Bastards’ that Be, that’ll be the true owners of the Earth, according to their very legal paperwork, have the best hand possible.  They have their little drones and stooges in the nooks and crannies of every organisation.  Sometimes they finance both sides of the argument, possibly to hedge bets or possibly a counter-measure, keeping your audience looking elsewhere is an art in itself.

Never forget, it wasn’t only the past decade our parliamentarians have been scoffing their faces.  Ever since the unlawful enactment of surrounding British Sovereign Rights to a foreign power, the mass of Judas’ inspired political whores and traitors have regularly been paid off with their thirty pieces.

They just haven’t the decency to stop.


Mindless Minding | Democracy doesn’t work

6 01 2011

EARLY WARNING – This is a bit of a waffle and in no way complete, because, let’s face it, Churchill was right;  Democracy is the best of a bad bunch.  Still, doesn’t mean I can’t tinker with the idea.

Politicians reflect those who elect them, and considering the subversives and selfish parliamentarians and councillors elected since the end of WW2, it is a sad reflection.  Some say it is a triumph that the common man and lady have the vote.  I say it is a travesty that will be our downfall.

I mean, has every single Briton (I’ll speak about NuBritons later) you have ever met in your personal travels had the capacity of individual thinking?  No, they have not.  Worse of all, it doesn’t matter how mad you are and soon, thanks to a slaughterer of an old lady, how many years porridge you’re doing, you’ll have the right to vote!

You wouldn’t place your life in these idiot’s hands so why do we risk our nation with them???

Next up, how can it be right to give immigrants (and descendents) the vote? Forget all the wishy-washy bullcrap, we are talking about people whose first love will naturally be their ancestral land of origins.  How can we ask for their input on which direction we, as a nation, should be heading???

Many will scream that if they are taxed, they wish to have a say on where the money goes but again, look at the evidence.  You don’t vote for the national budget, you currently vote for a party who then implements whatever measures will benefit their financial and political backers.

Now before you place a ‘FASCIST ALERT‘ sticker upon my forehead and try to string me up in barbed wire, I do agree that Freemen should have the possibility to vote, I just don’t agree with the haphazard way it is currently dished to all and sundry.  And honestly, at what age are we truly free?

When we’ve completed substandard indoctrination in the form of education at the age of 16?  Perhaps after choosing a career path at 18?  Or perhaps at 21 when at least you can claim a fifth of a century’s existence?  Of course, considering that at these ages, instead of freedom or slavery of mind, they instead have obligations to undertake and ideals installed that would undoubtably cloud their judgement.

Well, personally, the only way to ensure intelligent governance, we need an intelligent electorate.  With this in mind, no one should automatically receive the right to vote.  Instead, people should earn the right to vote and in doing so, will perhaps give more thought to it than “my daddy always voted such and such” or “blue is my favorite colour”.

So with that position, the next thing to do then is to specify how and at what age should we be eligible?

Now of course, there are young’uns who could give Albert Einstein a run for his money, yet the question remains;  how do we sort out the wheat from the chaff?  If such political-leaning young’uns wished to obtain a vote before time, would an aptitude test highlighting independent thinking even work?

A spanner in the works is intelligence doesn’t necessary mean experience.  I’ve known many a student who worked during breaks who had to be taught the basics so again, a minefield of propositions.

Considering the above points, no matter how intelligent they are, an arbitrary age of 25 years should suffice.

Now the age has been set, what possible way can people prove they’re capable of voting?

How about military or civil service?

Again, as much  as I respect Our Boys and Gals in the Armed Forces, some are out-and-out warriors whose political knowledge resorts to who to shoot first (not always a bad thing mind you).

As for the disdain I have towards the civil service (yes, all of them), I will not let that bias get in the way of my views that those who work in the political machinery perhaps would be more suitable to gain the right to vote but then again, most will have a direct conflict of interest, considering they are in effect voting for their own continual State financed occupation.

Again, testing could be involved to ensure the best possible chance of weeding out the non-political minded.  Problem with this though is the possibility of State interference, for example, manipulating the results to exclude opposing political ideas.

Of course, there would need to be a non-State way of achieving the right to vote but to be honest, I’m at a lost at what to suggest.

Do we attach tax contributions to the remit or propose a bond system of a set price?  Now remember, just because people have money doesn’t necessary mean they are intelligent (Billy Bragg for example).  Also, not every well-meaning individual has the means to contribute so again, a difficult one to consider.

So perhaps, and I hate writing this as much as I hate hearing about it (NuLabour’s ‘Thirdway’ and the current ConDem’s ‘Big Society’), instead of any of the above, although I am partial to cut the Armed Forces some slack on this one, a voluntary scheme to prove you’re willing to get stuck in.  I mean, why should the criminal class be tasked with community work when they should really be punished and/or rehabilitated?

Again, a system would be needed to ensure no undue influence could undermine the participants and sadly, another thing I hate, would involve more bureaucracy, and considering that the Elections Commission can’t even do their own job properly, the room for abuse is abundant.

Maybe I’ve been going about it the wrong way.  Instead of looking for ways to limit the democratic rights of individuals, perhaps there is an easier and better way to encourage the voting population to think before blindly casting their vote.

The simplest way I can think of is instead of just a tick-box ballot paper, room could be made along the bottom for the voter to put down the reason behind their choice of candidate.

So if a voter supports Candidate A, not only do they need to mark the box but also give one short sentence for their choice.  This would not only nudge the participant to consider his actions but also act a rough guide to people’s priorities.

Again, with the manipulation that the political machinery are capable of, I doubt it won’t be long before would-be voters are given the reason.  Election time last year and I spotted two dozen African voters (or NuBritons if you prefer) with Labour pamphlets explaining in simplistic terms where to put their cross, so using a little more ink to school them to write a sentence of support wouldn’t matter to them.

Still, I reckon this would at least provoke the voter to think.  And that cannot be a bad thing.

PS: I cannot stress this enough, this is only me thinking out loud, I’m not secretly wishing nor working for an autocratic takeover or anything.  A return to a Constitutional Monarchy would be nice with all those wonderous checks and balances we once had but sadly, HRH Queen Elizabeth II has already trampled upon Her Coronation Oath…  so not much chance of that.

Jury Power | Protecting the Innocent

13 08 2010

Was listening to LBC (some leftarded radio show) yesterday, and heard the interesting argument against the Government’s practice of dishing out half-sentences to those who admit their guilt at the soonest instance, as opposed to making those who protest their innocence, even when convicted, serve their full terms.

Can’t remember most of it but the conversation was that this is simply a money-saving  scheme.  Lawyer told, quite rightly, that no matter what the cost, confidence must be seen in HM Courts.  Shame it is perverted by crooked lawyers but alas, rather a thorough examination of the evidence than a quick heave-ho off they go routine.

So considering that the Justice System usually has the fate of only a handful of defendants at the most in each case, with our democratic institutions, why can’t a jury be selected and judge before Parliament passes laws that affects umpteen millions?

Could run a raffle system, or if a specialist law, invite those from specific fields, then raffling off the places.  I say raffle for the better chance of procuring a interest-free jury.  For if only 12 out of a hundred can be selected, that would minimise the chance of subversion.

Sure it isn’t foolproof, nothing truly is.  Yet the less accountable our Officials become, the more need for public oversight that isn’t financed by the behemoth we call Government.

Daily Mail | Sensationalist but WTF!?!

25 06 2010

How can you not sensationalize the following stories?  Hollywood wouldn’t dream of writing such scripts but convicted murderers getting payouts for a filling falling out, the ConDem making pensioners £70 worse per year, there goes the shortbread and finally, a copper’s son found guilty of half-inching £40million’s worth of jewellery in the Graff heist!  How can this not be self-sensationalism on a plate, a ready-meal version of a story with no need for artistic invention huh?

This is why I’m saddened that the Politics show clip of Dianne Abbott putting both feet in it brought to my attention by the London Patriot will not get the publicity it deserves.  Especially saddened as the Daily Mail could sensationalize it to the moon and back and bury Ms Abbott literally with the crap in a matter of days!  One can hope.

Over at the dull Telegraph is the update on Nadine Dorries’ affairs, which surprise surprise, is still suspect.  Again, one can hope she wasn’t joking about the suicidal tendencies.  Cheaper than financing her friends with public money to the tune of £51,000 over a 15-month period.

See the resentment brewing?  Products of our enviroment.  Seeing all the skullduggery and thievery taken place at the one place that should be the bastion of moral codes, you cannot be surprised at the hatred directed at our dithering polichickens who would sell Dover if it meant a few extra notes or votes.

Baron Peckham | Lord Harris

6 06 2010

Made a life-peer in 1996 with the fancy title Baron Harris of Peckham for his long-time service in the retail industry, namely being the CEO of Carpetright Plc.  That and his very large donations to the Conservatives.

I have no malice towards the guy though, he at least made his own money in the real world and with his work in Academies around Peckham and the South East, has done a lot more for the community than I have.  Although an improvement in the standard of education would be nice, even MacDonald’s are turning down school-leavers.

My only fault, and it is mine entirely, is that I’m extremely jealous of titled Peckhamites.  Still, much prefer to have the Carpet King as my Baron than David Ross.

Only reason I even brought up Lord Harris was due to reading Camilla Long’s hatchet piece about David Ross, CEO of the Carphone Warehouse group.  Also like the fact that a local boy made it to titledom.

What a pompous little git Mr Ross sounds.  This is the Tory donor who had a 5am scuffle with a Lithuanian call-girl but manages to brush it aside like some trivial matter.

First rule of life is:  Don’t s**t on your own doorstep.

Labour | More financial mastery

5 06 2010

Another day and another disclosure of the previous Labour Government’s criminal mishandling of the public purse.  This time to the tune of £1.8bn being ferried to various ‘consultants’ in another extension of the money-merry-go-round.

It isn’t a rabbit hole we’re peeping into, it is an intricate, air-conditioned, Fort Knoxesque-locked, sharks with frikking laser beams attached to their heads’ moated tunnel network that makes the Vietnam era ones look like a badgers nest.

Labour ministers spent £1.8bn on consultants in ONE YEAR, public spending records reveal

By Gerri Peev, Daily Wail.  Last updated at 4:48 PM on 4th June 2010

Labour ministers spent an astonishing £1.8billion on consultants in a single year – double the amount of the previous 12 months, it was revealed today.

The figure was unveiled in the first publication of the government’s entire expenditure. For the first time ever, the Treasury released a massive database which details spending line by line.

Labour’s spendthrift habit was laid bare across the 24 million individual entries for the year 2009-10.

Sources from the incoming government said they were ‘shocked’ at how much Labour had spent on consultants, particularly at the height of the economic crisis.

The Department of Health was the biggest spender, splashing out nearly half a billion pounds – £480,420,000 in one year alone.

It was followed by the Department for International Development, which spent £288,100,000 on consultants, despite its main aim being to provide aid to the world’s poor.

The scandal-plagued Home Office hired consultants to the tune of £194,116,000.

The £1.8billion consultancy bill is the equivalent of nearly a third of the cuts that will be felt across Whitehall departments and public services this year.

In 2007/8, the 16 biggest Whitehall departments spent £909million on consultants.

The Combined Online Information System  released yesterday has the apt acronym, COINS.

But the Con-Lib government’s claim that it heralded openness was met with some scepticism, as the database is too vast and unusable for anyone but computer and data experts to decipher.

Before they were in government, the Conservatives had talked up the prospect of the database creating a £6billion private industry which would crunch and analyse the data.

The party’s manifesto said: ‘Our plans to open up government data and spending information will not only help us to cut wasteful spending, but according to new research… it will also create an estimated £6bn in additional value for the UK.’

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said it paved the way for more transparency across government.

‘For too long, the previous government acted as if the public had no right to know where their hard-earned taxes were spent.

‘Today we have lifted that veil of secrecy by releasing detailed spending figures dating back to 2008.

‘This data is complex, but this is a major step forward and shows we are delivering on our promise to make this government more open and transparent while ensuring we deliver value for money for the taxpayer.

‘I hope people will take the opportunity to scrutinise carefully how their money is being spent – as I am doing every day in preparation for the spending review.’

‘We plan to release more data in the coming months that will be easier for the general public to understand.’

The Taxpayers’ Alliance welcomed the publication of the database, and  hailed it as a victory for its campaign to unveil the public finances.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘The publication of the COINS database is another fantastic victory for transparency.

‘The TaxPayers’ Alliance has long campaigned for this level of openness about public spending, as the public have a right to know how their taxes are being spent.

‘It is right that this data is out in the public domain, saving departments time and money responding to Freedom of Information requests.

‘The next step is for this trend to continue, so that all information about government spending is available, allowing the public to call the government to account.

‘There is an army of enthusiastic, skilled amateurs out there who will gladly explore and use this information to suggest ways in which the Government can save money and improve public services.’

Former Labour minister Jim Knight, warned that there could be privacy implications however.

He said: ‘These days, people can mesh government data with commercially available data. That can give you data right down to the level of a few houses.

‘It won’t be hard to get down virtually to the individual. Some would argue that gets pretty scary.’

Love how the politicians love to claim privacy this and privacy that when it involves anything to do with our fight against political corruption but change their tune when it is the pleb’s privacy at stake in their war on terror, drugs and violence.

The first act of any new government is to hold the old one to account.  Sadly, that will not be done for it is exactly what the ConDem’s plan to do.  Over twenty-million deluded souls voted for the Status Quo.  For the continuation of the greatest scam ever conceived, government.

We’re doomed.

Prezza Express | Hypocritical MP to become hypocritical Lord

1 06 2010

The dishonourable swine who wears a red rosette John Prescott has decided to accept the Government sanctioned-by-tradition invite to the House of Lords, once again confirming the status of Parliamentarians as hypocritical.  As if it needed any confirming.

Simply put, this is another deMOCKratic piss-taking exercise.

Once an hypocritical stooge, always an hypocritical stooge.

For more, visit the Daily Wail who are just as outraged as usual.  ‘Save the planet’ my arse Pieman, you just thinking of the perks.  The chicks love a bit of power, cos it cannot be your cocktail-sausage of a wiener that pulled Tracey Temple.

Wonder what MI6 has on Prescott for him to be such a valuable asset.  Apart from being a very useful idiot of course.