Irish independence | Didn’t last long

19 11 2010

What will probably go done as one of the shortest periods of independence ever experienced by a developed nation, Ireland will soon be lock, stock and barrel in the hands of the Eurocratic Overlords.  Just like the English bought the Scottish parliament, today it is the Eurocrats who are busying themselves buying the Republic’s Taoiseach.

And to think, there wasn’t even a united Ireland until the English turned up and subsequently turned them over.  Yet ever since the birth of Empire, Eire has done Her utmost to sever the ties with the rest of the British Isles, and to moi amazingly preferring to subjugate themselves to the pontificating activities of the Vatican.  Given another thirty years and another terrorist-appeasing Labour government, I would have been in no doubt that Ulster would have eventually ceded to the Republic.  All I see now though is a change in management.

I once looked up to the Republicans in their earlier efforts of minimising casualties with the half-hour warning to maximise the time allowed for the evacuation process.  Sure the effort was spurred on by the heavy-handed reply from the Special Forces to the previous bloodshed perpetrated by the IRA.  Of course, the response details which are most definitely sealed and will remain so for the indefinite future, What the IRA did find out was unless you have a terrorist-appeasing Labour government, blowing up innocents’ and off duty soldiers isn’t the way to conduct rebellion.

Shudder to think of the ‘threat’ today.  Shudder even more if I really do hark back at the old IRA campaigns as the glory days but things at least seemed more civilised back then, ya’know, before all the Madhammad Bombers of Doom from the Islamic quarter showed up complaining of how un-Islamic we are.

In honour of the passing of my grandmother’s homeland, a few pre-prepared Irish themed anecdotes:

Wee Irish boy crying by the side of the road. A man asks “What’s wrong?” Boy says “Me Ma is dead” “Oh bejaysus” the man says “Do you want me to get Father O’Riley ?” Wee boy replies”No thanks Mister, sex is the last ting on me moind roight now.”


Man lost in a hot air balloon over Ireland . He looks down and sees a farmer and shouts to him, “Where am I?” The Irish farmer looks up and shouts back “You can’t kid me ya bastard, yer in that feckin basket!”


Paddy is cleaning his rifle and accidentally shoots his wife. He dials 999. Paddy says “It’s my wife, I’ve accidentally shot her. I’ve killed her” Operator “Please calm down sir. Can you first make sure she really is dead?” CLICK,BANG Paddy “OK, done that, what next?

I’ll miss Ireland for a host of reasons, one of them not being Cork, that place reminded me of Croydon.  Sure there were fewer blacks and even lesser asylum seekers but the buildings similar and I still couldn’t understand a word spoken by a Corker, so sadly it’ll always be another Croydon for me.


IMF’s Strauss-Kahn | Ever closer union

19 11 2010

With a name that sounds like an electric guitar, Chief Strauss-Kahn of the world-renowned IMF has called on the leaders of European Nations to surrender what little autonomy they have left to the unelected Board of European Financiers so to avert future cash confidence crises.  Now remember that the IMF is an intergalactic organisation that can transfer, ahem, I mean transform Nation’s ailing economies into more productive industries so are not to be scoffed at.

Yet talk about twisting-arm politics.  Just so we’re clear, Dominique Strauss-Kahn said;

“The wheels of co-operation move too slowly. The centre must seize the initiative in all areas key to reaching the common destiny of the union, especially in financial, economic and social policy. Countries must be willing to cede more authority to the centre.”

Placing all our eggs in one basket, now isn’t there an old proverb regarding that???  Still, spiday’sThat would be a great leap forward… only we’re on the verge of the abyss” at least brought a sly smile to my mug.

No matter what democratic process you are subject to, the rule is the same.  Vote the same, get the same.

Still unemployed | and loving it

21 10 2010

No alarm clock, no deadlines, no lazy know-nothing boss blasting about missing deadline, I imagine this is what heaven is like.  But alas, far from enjoying myself, I’m only half happy due to the fact that I no longer pay for the incompetence of my masters.  Instead, they can now pay towards my own.

Of course, once the indians start circling the wagons I shall need to find an income stream and considering that I speak English better than most of my fellow communtarries, won’t have half as much trouble finding some sap of an employer to pay me a salary.  Probably the NHS considering their lax standards.  So yes, be scarred.

Still, I’m sure no one wishes to hear my tales of watching daytime tv while scratching my arse so instead, a couple of rants.

News from the Express that we may face a tax imposed by the European Paramentarian Nobility, my eagerness to rejoin the wage slaves is waning once more.  Sure this won’t get pressed into law yet, but it will.  Those satanic Eurocrats don’t spend resources hammering out such proposals for the fun of it.  Oh no, all part of the bigger plan to make us European, whether we like it or not.

Then another governmental musing mentioned in the Telegraph regarding social housing tenants ‘bequeathing’ the family home to their own.  This has nothing to do with cost but the need to privatize everything.  Scammed some of the tenants into buying their 20+ year old council properties, now just need to push the rest out.

Well, spank you all who voted for the same old shite.  I truly mean it.

Things don’t change, they just revolve.  Main reason I feel the political class treat the plebs with such disrespect is the utter gullibility of the general public.  No matter what immoral act the Bastards that Be commit, the brain-dead masses will continue to vote the same old shite.

Spank you very fucking much.

A million bullets wouldn’t be enough to shoot the traitors in this nation.  Thank the Lord for rope.

EU’s FBI | Europol WANTS you

29 08 2010

So let me get this straight.  Due to the incompetence of past British governments, who opened up our borders to all and sundry, leading to an increase in foreign criminal gangs making a mockery of said lax controls, the EU now wishes to expand their Europol operations, even as Mercer puts it, “If that means a loss of sovereignty, then so be it because in this case I do think it’s a good thing“.

Oh, I see, create the frikking problem, provide the frikking solution.  Well, screw you EU stooges and the horses you rode in on.

Time for me to upgrade my arsenal to include nukes, cos judging by North Korea and Iran’s actions, it’s the only way to keep these damn monkeys off our backs.

Thanks to Goodnight Vienna from Calling England blogspot for the news round-up, would have missed it otherwise.  And to think, I thought I had my fill of media-induced rage.

Law | UK v EUSSR

2 06 2010

Another example of the law working against the citizen in the name of cost-efficiency.  Seems being a law-abiding citizen can be a pain in the arse if some of the laws can fling said arse out of your home, which thanks to our European Judges, has now been made legal.

Won’t be long before they auction your possessions in front of you…  damn possible even your organs will be up for sale, thankfully I’m more likely to be on the ‘need’ list with my vices.  Although that freaky doctor that did the live autopsy on Channel 4 a few years back might be interested in my cadaver.  Shiver the thought.

So, that is how the EU Law screws us, yet over the channel and far away, our EUSSR allies in the Hungarian parliament have passed a law allowing anyone who can ‘prove their Hungarian worth’ gets a free passport.  The UK Government’s mouthpiece denies this piece of foreign legalisation will have any effect on our own immigration level.

Now considering that holders of an EU passport are entitled to work wherever they bloody well like, I doubt our Government has the power to refuse entry to new holders.

One reason for the EU have giving the go-ahead to make room by moving Granny and Granddad on.

Labour | Dirty Harry speaks to SLP

27 05 2010

The Wicked Witch of Camberwell and Peckham have graced the pages of the local South London Press newspaper, and sadly, the news is not good.  The ‘Champion of the little people’ has declared that she has no intention of entering the leadership race and worse than that, plans to stay on as Deputy Leader.

For the interview, click HERE.  Although, at least I’m not the only one peed off at Miss Harperson.

“Ms Harman mentioned in her parliamentary speech yesterday that the staff of Highshore School had asked ’whether they will be able to go ahead with their new rebuild’. What we actually asked was why she had not responded to our multiple requests for a visit during our campaign AGAINST the rebuild – we don’t want it, never have. Clearly she only visited us for her own political ends!”

Highshore, Peckham, London | Wednesday 26/May/2010

Labour | NuOpposition

24 05 2010

In the last week, we’ve had a couple of Labour apparatchiks claim that the Iraq War was a mistake, with OH writing what we’re all thinking, the public-moneyed millionaire champagne socialist Neil Kinnock is backing one of the Millipede brothers in the leadership race and now Andy Burnham confirms what we already knew, that Labour deliberately tried to “stifle debate on immigration“.

Looks like the worst government I have ever seen will be followed by the worst opposition.