Internet | Dirty Little Spammers

2 02 2011

I don’t usually mind spammers.  To be honest, who can blame any ‘business’ trying to increase their market share in this day and age of digital prowess.  But for several days now, this blog has received spams that contain not only illicit but depravity-engrained named links, such as ‘liolta’ this, ‘underage’ that…  I mean for the love of Christ, what the fuckity fuck is going on???

Click to enlarge

I’ve only captured the one screen because I didn’t fancy having to censor a whole load of them.  So in the interests of perhaps saving some time for the spammers and the few seconds it takes me to clear the offending comments, will you please desist.  You will not breach onto the boards no matter how persistent you are.


UAF | Some good links

8 12 2010

The following was brought to my attention by a fellow compatriot and involves the Leftarded Army of Doom, ironically calling itself Unite Against Fascism (screaming ‘smashing‘ your political opponents sounds extremely fascist to me).

First LINK is to a list of emails on the UAF mailing list.  Enjoy yourself spammers.

Second LINK (scroll up to the first entry) I was nudged to from the first and will take you to a forum explaining UAF’s Modus Operandi.

Apart from adding that I find anyone who supports such a leftist organisations hell-bent on the destruction of Britain, well, fucking retarded.  A people makes it Nation so with members of these vile organisations belonging to these lands, is it any wonder we’re fucked?