UK | Perceived Grievances

21 03 2010

Man books a double room with a Bed & Breakfast.  Man turns up with boyfriend and the Landlady turns them away due to her ‘convictions’ (religious I take it).  Gays scream ‘homophobia’ and report the matter to police.  Police have to investigate due to the fact that it is deemed illegal to refuse services based on peoples’ sexuality.

If I had my own business, I would like to think I can serve who I wish.  So unless the Government wants to cover all overheads and losses, they should cease with their continuous interference.

Gay couple turned away from B&B in Cookham

BBC.  Page last updated at 17:33 GMT, Sunday, 21 March 2010

A gay couple were turned away from a Berkshire guest house by the owner who said it was “against her convictions” for two men to share a bed.

Michael Black and John Morgan, from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, had booked a double room at the Swiss B&B, Terry’s Lane, in Cookham, for Friday night.

When they arrived Susanne Wilkinson refused to let them stay.

She admitted she did turn the couple away because it was against her policy to accommodate same-sex couples.

Under the Equality Act 2006 it is illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Ms Wilkinson told the BBC: “They gave me no prior warning and I couldn’t offer them another room as I was fully booked.

“I don’t see why I should change my mind and my beliefs I’ve held for years just because the government should force it on me.

I am not a hotel, I am a guest house and this is a private house.

Mr Black and Mr Morgan were in the village, near Maidenhead, to meet some friends for dinner and to see a local play.

Mr Black told the BBC: “We’re two respectable middle-aged men – John is leader of the Lib Dem group on Huntingdon Town Council.

“This was the first time either of us had experienced homophobia at first hand, despite being aged 56 and 62, we were shocked and embarrassed.

“Mrs Wilkinson saw us both before we got out of the car and immediately acted in an unwelcoming, cold way, but my boyfriend and I were polite and friendly.

“She said if we’d told her in advance she would have told us not to come.

She apologised for turning us away. I asked for a refund of the deposit, which she gave me without quibble.

“We stayed polite and, to be fair, she wasn’t rude or abusive.

“All she said about her reasons for turning us away was that it went against her convictions for us to stay there.

“We’ve since told a large number of friends and acquaintances and the reaction has consistently been amazement that this should have happened.

I’ve reported the matter to Thames Valley Police who have confirmed that they are following it up.

A spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police said she could not comment on this particular case but said similar complaints would tend to be dealt with as civil matters.

A spokesman for Stonewall, which campaigns for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, said turning someone away on the grounds of sexual orientation was illegal.

Derek Munn, director of public affairs, said: Stonewall was delighted when the law changed in 2007 so that lesbian and gay couples could go on their holidays like anyone else.

“In open and shut cases of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation the law’s quite clear – it’s illegal for businesses to turn away gay customers or discriminate against them when providing goods or services, and this can’t be overridden by personal prejudice.

A pub landlord has the right to refuse service.  Why shouldn’t every business owner be given the same right?  It is their business afterall.  Sure the gay men felt a little disheartened but why are their ‘convictions’ more important than Ms Wilkinson’s ‘convictions’?

Welcome to Animal Farm, where some animals are more equal than others.


SWP | Incitement to violence

21 03 2010

The Socialist Workers Party website, a Marxist front group that supports Labour due to the fact it is unelectable, is not my cup of tea.  But on hearing the possibility that UAF’s Dr Rhetta Moran may have been arrested, tried to find some info.

Sadly not much joy.  However, I did find the following which is proof of the pudding of the anarchic-fascism practiced by the SWP and UAF.

Smash the racist EDL in Bolton[1]

Veterans from the Battle of Cable Street support the mass protest this Saturday

On Saturday the racist and fascist supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) will try to march through Bolton city centre to spread violence and intimidation.

Our job is to stop them.[2]

Activists in Bolton have put out a statement asking everyone to join the Unite Against Fascism counter-protest.

Whenever the racists and Nazis try to rise, there are key moments which decide whether they are able to spread their poison wider or whether they are halted.

One such moment was the Battle of Cable Street in 1936, when anti-fascists stopped a march through London’s East End by the British fascists – Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts.[3]

Anti-fascists Max Levitas and Alice Hitchen, now both in their 90s, were at Cable Street – and they want you to protest against the EDL this Saturday.

“We have to stop the fascists and the racists,” Max told Socialist Worker. “We need public meetings and agitation in the communities and in the workplaces. But we also need to confront them on the streets.”

Alice Hitchen said, “Cable Street knocked the Blackshirts’ confidence. They never tried to march through Whitechapel again. That is why it is essential to fight today’s rascists and fascists – you’ve got to stand up to them, and stop them from marching.

“The police said don’t march in the 1930s as well. There were huge arguments at the time against confronting them.

“My father was a Jewish immigrant who escaped from the Baltic in a hay cart – he knew from experience what the pogroms in eastern Europe were like and he was terrified.

He said, “‘Keep your head down, and keep out of the way. If you ignore them and laugh at them they will go away.’

“But we knew that staying at home wasn’t the answer.”

“If you do nothing, you strengthen the fascists,” says Max. “Look what happened in Germany! We know now what fascism does when it’s in power.

“We have to make a stand against racism and fascism in Bolton. We’ve got to protest. Whoever you are – if you’re against fascism, come!”[4]

[1] The title itself is ‘incitement to violence’.  [2] Thought job would be a worse word than Nazi to these work-sky degenerates.  [3] Cable Street was not the ‘victory’ they claim (SOURCE), unless of course the communists, marxists, anarchists and other degenerates believe attacking police is okay.  [4] The Weimar Republic happened in Germany (SOURCE), where communists were actively trying to subvert.  Of course, when Communist-backed groups attached to Global Banking Houses try to subvert a nation, a natural reaction is the increase of Nationalism.

But of course, communists, marxists and anarchists will never let the truth get in the way of their collective mission.  They will scream ‘racist’ at those who see immigration as an unwanted burden, ‘fascist’ at those who oppose ever more socialism and even ‘nazi’ at those who support Nationalism.

In essence, those who oppose the freedom of association, freedom of thought and freedom of expression from the likes of Patriots and Nationalists are the real racists, fascists and nazis.  For it is them who seek to displace white Britons in their ancestral homelands, it is them who seek to control thought with the indoctrination of our youth and it is them who deem us Britons as ‘untermensch’.

They call themselves anti-fascist.  They are not.

They are actually anti-democratic and should be named as such.

Now what is that word…  oh yeah…


Mindless Musing | The perfect retort

9 03 2010

Came across this gem of a thread hilariously entitled “Why only a communist solution can make Britain great and get the idle ‘thickoes’ working..” in the Daily Mail debating thread.  This is a classic of a reply by charliesback.

“There are those Humans that ‘hate’ spiders and mice. Who then determines when and why the opinion of such groups is problematic? If you left such a determination to the spiders and mice, we would eventually be forced to find their infestation politically ‘normal’.

Gay folk are a particular branch of the collective who are, in my opinion, quite silly to allow themselves to be used by the politicians to ‘fight their cause’. Do we really believe politicians give a hoot for gay folk?….Of course not. They are a fringe minority that have survived and to some extent flourished on their reputation and propensity to be unobtrusive, anonymous, and therefore harmless.

It’s not my problem, but if they allow the politicians to use them as social division bait for any length of time then they may just find themselves in direct conflict with what is still the mainstream of social opinion. It’s just the way ‘society’ reacts when it identifies a threat.

You can’t socially engineer evolution. The best the politicians can hope to achieve is a ‘Society’ bending agenda for a period of time that benefits them before the whole thing recoils back in on its evolutionary path: We got to this place because we remained true to the single path of continued evolution. That wont change any time soon no matter how many fringe elements would like it to.

But back to ‘change’.

Do I detect you to be in some way a supporter of Social Engineering?

For all those who seek to understand ‘Society’ there must surely be a desire to engineer a change for the better; it’s just the way understanding has to work.

If you look through history, you will see some amazing examples of Social Engineering that has hugely benefited Mankind – Religion, being perhaps the best example; but it comes at a terrible cost and as far as I can make out – No, example of Social Engineering has ever been ‘eternal’.

It is this inevitability of failure that leads me to contend that the stronger forces behind the success of Mankind as a species are his animatistic attributes; Man IS a superb and adaptable predator.

Of course we have only been in this guise for perhaps 100,000 years, a spec of time in history, so there is no telling what the future holds.

I am beginning to understand the way the influences of Hierarchy and how the social engineering of such structures affect evolution – its stark – they don’t…. So. Why oh why do we struggle to seek answers from such mechanisms?

There just has to be another way.

Right now we are banging our heads against a wall struggling between a nature-al desire for Anarchistic Freedom and the eternal constraint of one hierarchical tyranny or other, for solutions that lie within and not outside the human experience.

No one has the answers. And least of all amongst those who cannot formulate those answers are the political controllers who are part of a hierarchical System that relies, in an increasingly tenuous manner, on Control to get its corrupted way over other Humans.

Humans cannot evolve inside control. Humans CAN only evolve naturally free.

If there is an answer to ‘Life, The Universe, and Everything’, it will not be found in Whitehall.”

And that isn’t the only one worth reading in the thread.

UK | March of the herbivores

7 03 2010

Harperson will be remembered not only for being a witch but also her perseverance to push through the upcoming and misnamed Equality Bill.  This will criminalize all thoughts and actions that are not ‘approved’ by the right committee and ‘may cause offence’ to the wrong person.  Community Cohesion is the name of the game, even if it is done with the full force of the law, us plebs will get along or end up in court.

More confirmation of how mad this Act would be is the fact that it ‘identifies’ even more ‘special interest groups’, giving them ‘extra legal protection’ to protect them from unwanted challenges.  How do you get equality by treating some groups more equal than others?  Didn’t the term ‘harrashment’ cover what are now being designated as ‘hate-crimes’?

The mind literally boggles at what our Parliamentarians conspire to do with their buddies in the world of Law, Finance and Industry.  One thing for sure though, we rarely feel the benefits and yet reminded daily that it is we who bear the costs.

Don’t mock my lentils: vegans to get discrimination rights

VEGANS and teetotallers are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups, under legislation championed by Harriet Harman, the equalities minister.

Members of cults and “new religions” such as Scientology, whose supporters include the film stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta, would also be offered protection, as would atheists.

A code of practice explaining the legal implications of the equality bill states that religions need not be mainstream or well known for their adherents to gain protection. “A belief need not include faith or worship of a god or gods, but must affect how a person lives their life or perceives the world.”

The code, drawn up by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, singles out vegans, who do not eat any animal products or wear leather, as meriting protection from religious discrimination. It says: “A person who is a vegan chooses not to use or consume animal products of any kind. That person eschews the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, accessories or any other purpose and does so out of an ethical commitment to animal welfare.”

A spokesman from the commission explained: “This is about someone for whom being vegan or vegetarian is central to who they are. This is not something ‘thought up by the commission’. Parliament makes the law, the courts interpret it and the commission offers factual and proportionate guidance to organisations where necessary. We are providing guidance on the implications of the equality bill.”

The legislation also covers “any religious belief or philosophical belief” and even “a lack of belief”.

Philosophical beliefs to be protected could include humanism and pacifism, but a spokesman for Harman said scientific or political beliefs such as Marxism and fascism would not be covered. The commission added that the recently founded International Church of Jediism, with 500,000 followers worldwide who base their philosophy on the Star Wars films, would not qualify. Beliefs had to be heartfelt.

The watchdog also warns that advertisements giving preferential treatment to men or women could be illegal. This could mean the end of “ladies’ nights” at clubs, when women receive cut-price drinks or free entrance but men pay full price.

People for whom abstention from alcohol was a way of life would also be protected. Conversely, the bill would make it unlawful for a shopkeeper to refuse to sell cigarettes to a woman because she was pregnant.

Interesting that they use the phase “…eschews the exploitation of animals…” when describing the virtuous vegan ‘belief‘.  Personally, I would round-up all vegetarians and place them in the Nile, show them how the animal kingdom cares about us humans when we’re lunch (sic).  We are what we are, not what we want to be.

Another thing of interest is the fact that certain “…scientific or political beliefs…” will not be ‘protected‘ while other ‘philosophical‘ persuasions might be.  Government approval needed I suppose, wouldn’t want anyone to challenge the ideas of those Globalists, all with their ‘wholesome, communistic, brotherhood of humanists’ leanings.  While it will surely be open-season for us pesky Nationalists with our ‘bigoted, fascist, racist, narrow-minded’ views which have no place in The Establishment’s designs for a Corporatized Europe.

How the mighty fall.  Our Government corrupt, our Law Courts corrupt, our Monarch, well, either part of the solution or part of the problem, and Her Majesty hasn’t exactly protected the borders lately or dissolved with just cause a Parliament consisting of half-wits and scoundrels, some who have not even got a democratic mandate.

Freedom of speech, soon we’ll need permission.  Way we’re heading, one man’s harmless quip will become another man’s ticket to court.

UK | Email snooping in Oxford

7 03 2010

Could it be that Oxford are actively scanning emails sent on campus and scanning them for inappropriate behaviour?  Either that or there is a snitch among the fourteen Romeos.

Oxford college students suspended over e-mails

Fourteen male students from a University of Oxford college have been suspended over allegations about the sending of sexist e-mails.

It is believed the e-mails sent at Hertford College contained a secret list grading female students.

The 14 male students have been suspended from the college while an inquiry is carried out.

The university said it takes the allegations extremely seriously and will investigate fully.

Sure it was not in the best of taste but surely there are better ways to handle this without smearing fourteen lads with the ‘sexist’ tag.

EU | The New Law Lords

6 03 2010

More plans for the domination of European nations by a Corporate-style Elite with the march towards Total Eunification under Law.  All with the help of that little Lisbon Treaty.  And some still say Our Government and Crown are not guilty of treason against the people.

They knew all this from the beginning, for they surely read and understood the darn thing before committing their Nation to such a treaty.  They knew yet still carried on.  And this is the only reason you should need to vote Nationalist or Independent this coming election.

Once the European Masters gain control of the Law, they will begin to criminalize all those that oppose them.  It is only natural for a State to want to protect itself, and seeing how successful ‘hate-crime’ has been, only a matter of time until “hating the EU” becomes a criminal offence.

European prosecutor could prosecute Britons without Government’s permission

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor, 06 Mar 2010

The European Union is planning to create a new super-prosecutor who would have powers to bring cases against British citizens without the approval of the Crown Prosecution Service or the Government.

The Spanish EU Presidency, backed by France and Germany, announced that it is going to propose the creation of an EU European Public Prosecutor next month using powers under the Lisbon treaty.

The move is regarded as “extremely worrying” and is seen as a further attempt to transfer powers from London to Brussels.

It would mean that British people could face prosecution through a justice system the UK Government has made no contribution to setting up.

The British Government has consistently opposed the plans but is powerless to stop them going through as they can be passed as long as they have the backing of nine member states under so-called “enhanced co-operation”.

Britain has “opted out” of the system, which means that while the European prosecutor will not be able to bring cases in this country, he will still be able to issue European arrest warrants to force UK citizens to face prosecution in another member state – without asking the permission of the Government or the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer.

The news comes after The Daily Telegraph disclosed how the European Union is drawing up plans for its first direct tax with a “green” levy on petrol, coal and natural gas that could cost British consumers up to £3 billion.

The prosecutor’s initial powers will be confined to cross-border financial transactions – specifically to “investigate fraud and speculation against the euro”.

Conde Pumpido, Spain’s Inspector-General of Finances, said: “The single currency needs a specific institution that protects the application of criminal law against fraud and speculation.”

However, there are concerns that once appointed the new European prosecutor will seek to use his powers to prosecute a range of different and non-financial crimes.

The Spanish Presidency’s website raises the prospect of allowing the prosecutor also to “investigate and initiate criminal proceedings against cross-border crimes such as people trafficking, drug trafficking or terrorism“.

Sarah Gaskell, from campaign group Open Europe, said: “This is an extremely worrying move for UK citizens, who could face prosecution by a European Public Prosecutor that the UK Government had no hand in setting up.

“The deeply undemocratic Lisbon Treaty is being used to outsource controls over our justice system to EU institutions, in what is the start of a very worrying trend of judicial creep that could see such a prosecutor’s powers expanded into all manner of areas.

“This just goes to show that the Government’s so-called ‘opt-outs’ from the Lisbon Treaty in justice and home affairs are a totally inadequate safeguard for the UK’s criminal and justice system.

A future government needs to fundamentally reform Britain’s participation in EU criminal and justice rules and reclaim much greater control over the legal rights of its citizens.

Mark Francois, the shadow Europe minister, said: “The Lisbon Treaty allows other countries to establish a European prosecutor for themselves if they wish, but we are not obliged to follow suit.

“In fact, it would be absolutely unacceptable for Britain to participate in any such project.

“It would endanger the integrity and accountability of our legal system. A Conservative government would not allow a European Public Prosecutor to have any authority in Britain. Labour and the Lib Dems should now match our position.”

A spokesman for the EU Commission said: “The Commission is looking at its options but no decisions have been made.

Welcome to European Fascism.  Once again proving that whatever us Europeans do, we sure do it better (depending on control-structure perspective) than all those other tinpot despotic lands.

Soviet-style gulags in the cold deeps of the land, nah, not needed.  North Korean death camps with starvation round every corner, again, thanks but no thanks.  African tribal machete gangs who literally paint towns red, way too uncivilised and just as messy.  Islamic Jihadic atrocities in the name of some bearded camel breeder who couldn’t keep his dick in his rug to scare our fellow-man into submission, definitely not very British.

Nah, us Europeans do it with razzle and dazzle, smoke and mirrors, Punch and Judy politics with lashings of zombifying entertainment, all part of a much more extensive and complex conditioning process that would make Goebbels green with envy.

The Eunification Project will soon be complete.

Then the fun will really begin.

EU | Don’t insult your Rulers

3 03 2010

Nigel Farage has been fined £2,700 for insulting European President Herman Van Rompuy.  Okay, he did not get fined for the actual insult, it was due to him not apologising for his actions, thus admit all guilt.

This would make the EU in the right and Mr Farage wrong.  Behaviour common in Stalin’s Russia and a scary thought where this will lead to.  Another few years and those fines will be replaced with jail terms, and the remit for its use a lot further than those European Chambers.

Nigel Farage fined after Herman Van Rompuy slur

Ukip’s European leader Nigel Farage has been fined £2,700 after refusing to say sorry for a colourful outburst against the new European president.

I take my hat off to Mr Farage although he might not have the same idea of Nationhood as I do. I do appreciate it when a Europuppet has to hear some home-truths.  Sadly, always busy.

Wonder how much it would cost to call him the ‘Grinching Bastard Child of Beauracracy’?  Probably cost me more to translate in the forty odd approved languages than any forthcoming fine.  What a bitch to be poor.