UK Jihad | War booty

13 01 2011

If you are told that you are the Chosen People, backed up by the lunatic ravings of a Satanic Prophet, you can be as sure as the nose on your face, that everyone outside of their holy group are treated as subhuman.

And so it is with the teachings of the Satanic Book of the Koran.  So it isn’t any wonder why they see our children as meat.

Yet I do not blame the invaders, I blame their enablers.  Be they subversives unhappy at the lack of revolutionary spirit amongst the native Britons or those apologists seeking warm and fuzzy feelings, not forgetting the deluded fools who wish to make amends for perceived injustice they had nowt to do with.  And I haven’t even mentioned the Corporate Powers that use immigration to keep wages low.

Never mind the victims in these schemes.  They are just collateral damage.  Acceptable losses in the eyes of the power merchants.

What if this was YOU though:

Or if this was YOUR child:

Every cultural group has it’s misfits, that is true.  The main difference between native nonces and Muslim ones is the former has no ideological basis for their behaviour, while the latter seem to have entire chapters proclaiming infidels are nothing more than cattle, to be used and abused in any which way they please.

That is the main difference.  And until our Government faces up to that fact, sadly, more of our children will fall prey to these animals.

You voted for this shit.  You sit in it.


Bullcrap | Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly

14 12 2010

These suicidal fruitbats are literally a danger to themselves.  instead of going through expensive trials, these Islamists should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.  Anyone who considers blowing themselves up in the hope of killing others deserve to spend the rest of their natural lives behind plexiglass.

So what do we know about the latest follower of the Religion of Peace…  Gates of Vienna have done an excellent job once more in collating and translating the media regarding this dirty affair.

My own thoughts now turn to Murdoch’s opinion piece in the Sun, the retarded sounding The Sun Says…  even though it’s written…  or am I being too picky?  No matter.  To save you having to visit that bogsheet of a paper, I’ve reproduced their musing below:

Hate slated

THE Luton-based Muslim suicide bomber who blew himself up in Sweden was clearly a dangerous fanatic.

But there is a positive side to the revelations about Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly.

It emerges that the vast majority of regular worshippers in his Luton mosque had no time for his ravings.

Mosque leaders sent him packing, saying they wanted nothing to do with his brand of extremism.

Good for them. Luton has its share of Islamic hotheads and anti-war demonstrators.

But there are many responsible and wise community leaders there, too.

They sent him packing, then lo and behold, Taimour ends up exploding in Stockholm.  Sure, let’s give the moderate Muslims a round of  applause for not supporting him.  Who knows, maybe if they had passed on this information to the relevent authorities, the bomber wouldn’t have gotten pass airport check-in but hey-hp, let’s thank them for remaining a spectator.

Anyhow, I’m more interested in whether or not Taimour’s widow knew beforehand of her dead husband’s plans.

Asked if she knew of her husband’s bomb plot, Mona said: “No, of course not. I am very devastated and upset.”

To be really honest, I don’t care if she didn’t, guilty by association sadly.  And before leftards get upset, if I’m guilty of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the British Empire and Racism just for being associated with or proud of certain individuals and groups, then I will lump every single member of his family as a terrorist and to hell with the consequence.

UPDATE: The plot thickens with the Daily Wail screaming ‘Hunt for mastermind behind the Sweden plot: Police believe Luton cell helped Stockholm bomber plan terror attack‘ – so much for the Sun’s belief in the greater good.

Leftarded Ideals | Multi-CULT-madness

28 06 2010

Either the Intelligence Services of the world are that good and foiled a plot to poison the Eiffel Tower, or are actively encouraging the useful morons to instigate the hatred and Islamophobia the Islamic lobby scream about?

French Police Foil Attack on the Eiffel Tower – Gates of Vienna

I’d love to think that French have their own version of James Bond, but come on, surely the time has come to consider all possible outcomes and make measures to counter all possible threats to our way of life.

But then they go and spoil it all…

EU human rights watchdog condemns burka bans- Evening Standard

The job of every local council, let alone National governments is to Promote and Protect the diverse way of life they are responcible for that already resides within their borders.  That is it.  Everything else will follow.

To invite umpteen cultures here, stick them all together and then run away, what the heck do you expect to happen?  The Latin name for it is Clash of the Civilisations.

Like it or not but war happens on many fronts and some are continuous, culture being the most important one.  Those who can finance international cultural drives such as old-school Commie groups, US economic hitmen and the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia are the masters at the game.  Of course, they all needed Central Bank help to massage the money but everyone has to pay the piper, even the scammers.

So all these well-financed special interests’ try to cultivate a more pleasing enviroment to their culture.  You can sit all high and mighty and say that isn’t possible but that is the way of human nature.

Another problem with human nature is the habit of ‘parasites’ popping up playing the middle-man at best, Judas at worst.  Anything for a bit of coin, eh Lord Mangledbum!?

You can shove your cultural enrichment.  If I wanted to live in Little Africa, I would have moved there, instead, the leftarded armies of doom thought it fit and proper to invite em all here!

No wonder we’re so shit at putting men in space, we can’t even work out simple historical-proven mathematical equations of people plus mass equals friction.

This used to be England once upon a time.  It isn’t no more thanks to the ineptitude of Government past and present.

Israeli Stupidity | An Arabic Analysis

1 06 2010

An excellent review of the Israeli Military f**k-up from an Arabian perspective, considering that my own underclass view of the matter is to sit back and do a Tony Sopranos on the fallout’s leftovers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally heartless but when an ideological battle has been raging for over 1500 years and still at full sail, it is kinda hard to think that now is the time for salvation.

Back to the now though and the following analysis shows that even a Nation that kicked the living daylights out of three Muslim States in six days can do ‘stupid’ sometimes.

ANALYSIS / Israel has forgotten the lessons of the Exodus

Israel played into Hamas’ hands by storming the boats of the ‘Freedom Flotilla.’

By Yossi Melman. Published 22:52 31.05.10.  Latest update 22:52 31.05.10

Despite having its eyes wide open, Israel fell into a trap. Israel knew that the organizers of the flotilla wanted to present the Israel Defense Forces to the world as an army that does not hesitate to use force. The flotilla organizers wanted deaths, casualties, blood and billows of smoke. And this is exactly what Israel gave them.

Every child knows that the conflict here is one of consciousness,images, emotion and gut-feelings; not one of justice or logic. Therefore, Israel should have acted differently.

Israel’s decision-makers should have revived memories of Israel’s own history. It shows just how short a historical memory the prime minister, defense minister, chief of staff, and Navy commander all have. They don’t remember the story of the Exodus ship in 1947.

The British Mandate authorities imposed a blockade on the shores of the land of Israel and Jewish leaders believed it was their right and their duty to break it. The Jewish immigrants on the Exodus decided to forcefully oppose every attempt to stop them. The Jewish leadership wanted to arouse the world’s conscience and gain a victory in the
battle for international sympathy.

In our day, Hamas leaders believe and act similarly. Without getting into the question of the justification or logic of the blockade imposed by Gaza and its residents, it was indeed clear that it was only natural that Hamas would try to break the blockade by force. They have been doing this by means of the smuggling tunnels and via the sea. It was clear that they saw it as their natural right to oppose attempts to stop the ships.

In 1988, when the PLO organized a ship named “The Return” to be sent to Israel with Palestinian refugees, Israel chose a different method to stop it. It sent Mossad agents and Naval commandos to Cyprus to sabotage the ship before the passengers had embarked. The ship was damaged but no one was hurt.

Israel should have considered a similar approach with the Gaza flotilla. But apparently the days in which Israeli agents could operate freely in friendly countries are gone.

There was another possibility. During Ehud Olmert’s term as prime minister, Israel permitted a lone aid ship, filled with supplies and activists, to enter Gaza. The skies did not fall on Israel in the wake of this.

The Israeli government could have acted similarly this time. No disaster would have occurred. The boats would have landed, the supplies would have been unloaded and the activists would have disembarked.

So what? You may argue that this would have set a precedent. But I argue that if Hamas had tried to do the same thing again in the future, Israel would still have had the ability to operate differently and outsmart Hamas.

As a last resort, it would also have been possible to simply sabotage the motors of the boats, halting their voyage without having to seize control of the ships. Instead of this, the Israeli government preferred to take control of the ships by force.

Apparently Israel, which prides itself as having the best intelligence in the world, should have known better that there were violent elements aboard one of the boats, equipped iron bars, knifes and slingshots. Had Israel known this, it would have probably used more appropriate ways to storm boat, to avoid death and injuries. And that did not happen.

Israel has played into Hamas’ hands. It’s not the fault of the young soldiers who obeyed the orders of their commanders. The responsibility lies with the cabinet and the military planners.

No matter how one looks at the conduct of the Israeli government and the IDF, it is hard to understand how stupid and tragic it was. Time and again, Israel tries to prove that what can’t be solved by force can be solved by more force. Over and over, the policies of force fail. The problem is that with each failure, the part of the world in which we would like to belong is losing patience with us.

The IDF took the bait and no amount of wiggling will undo this propaganda win.  To have commandoes rappelling down from  helicopters in the dead of night is just so damn provocative and risky that it is usually reserved for only the most daring hostage rescue missions.  If the ship posed any form of danger, that is what torpedoes are for.  Damn, could have torpedoed the entire flotilla and blamed the North Koreans dodgy guidance technology, even that would have been an improvement.

Jihad Commission | Islamic Irony

19 05 2010

A Facebook group promoting ‘Draw Muhammad Day’ for tomorrow have upset the Pakistan Government so much that the Powers that Be have up’d the ante from banning the offending page and instead ordered the country’s ISPs to block the whole of Facebook from Pakistani webwaves.

And all because some followers of the Religion of Peace have held very peaceful demonstrations carrying very peaceful messages of their peaceful grievances.

Very ironic of them, doncha’fink.

Islam | Southpark Jihad update

2 05 2010

Why oh why do the Muslims go mad when it comes to satire?  Do these retards see Eastenders as a documentary for Christ’s sake?  This is the culture that gave us the ‘zero’, then had the Taliban branch ban music.  Damn they’re a confused bunch.  More confused than our own Leftards, both getting the meaning of ‘progress’ wrong.

Now to save myself getting a fatwa I will let the Telegraph explain it.

Why Muslims regard images of Mohammed as blasphemous

By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter.  Published: 4:03PM BST 02 May 2010

Although the Koran does not specifically forbid physical depictions of the Prophet Mohammed, many Muslims follow a tradition which regards such images as blasphemous.

The Koran contains a general reference to the worshipping of idols being a “manifest error”, without referring to pictures of Mohammed, but ancient oral traditions, called Hadith, quote Allah as saying it is “unjust” to “try to create the likeness of My creation”.

Another Hadith says that “all the painters who make pictures would be in the fire of Hell”.

Islamic scholars are divided over whether it is ever permissible to depict the Prophet, though the biggest controversies in recent years have followed depictions which are mocking or disrespectful.

In 2005 a Danish newspaper caused worldwide controversy by publishing a set of cartoons depicting Mohammed, including one in which he wore a turban shaped like a bomb.

Angry protests were staged outside Danish embassies in London and elsewhere, and in 2008 police in Denmark arrested three men on suspicion of plotting to murder one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard.

The cartoon show South Park, which has a history of satirising religious figures including Jesus, featured Mohammed in an episode in 2001, without provoking a major backlash.

In 2006 its creators intended to feature Mohammed in another episode, inspired by the Danish cartoon controversy, but were banned from doing so by the Comedy Central network.

The cartoonists did feature Mohammed, dressed in a bear suit, in an episode broadcast on April 14 this year, but references to him in subsequent broadcasts were heavily censored after warnings of reprisals.

Of course, in the interests of defending the Right to Offend, I mean Free Speech, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris began (then disassociated herself with it after a few hours) to promote ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day‘.

Once more, over to the Telegraph.

America’s disappointing reaction to South Park censorship

By Alex Spillius in Washington.  Published: 3:07PM BST 01 May 2010

America’s failure to rise up against the intimidation of cartoonist Molly Norris and South Park animators is a sad sign, says Alex Spillius.

The trouble with terror is that it can be terrifying. Just ask Molly Norris, a cartoonist from Seattle.

As far as we know, she hasn’t been explicitly threatened by Islamic extremists, but evidently she feared she might be.

Her error was to post on her website an illustration with many different household objects with speech bubbles all claiming to be the likeness of Mohammed, including a tea cup, a domino and a box of pasta. It was part of a mock campaign to dedicate May 20 as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”

Ms Norris pinged her cartoon to a few bloggers and talked to local radio, saying she it was “a cartoonist’s job to be non-PC.”

Quite reasonably, the radio man asked her “are you sure you want to do this?”

Bold as you like, she replied: “Yeah, I want to water down the targets …”

Ms Norris had launched her pretend promotion in response to the treatment by Comedy Central of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, the satirical animated show.

Its 200th anniversary episode featured a parade of celebrities and religious figures it had parodied over the years. Aware of the offence that depicting Mohammed could cause to Muslims, the show’s characters debated how to represent the prophet, eventually deciding to hide him in a bear costume.

That prompted a New York-based website,, to warn Parker and Stone that “what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh”.

Lest we forget, Van Gogh was the Dutch filmmaker murdered by a fanatic, his head almost severed, for a film depicting Koranic verses on the naked female form. The website also had information about where the animators lived.

“It’s not a threat, but it really is a likely outcome,” said Zachary Chesser, a resident of Virginia who wrote the posting. “They’re going to be basically on a list in the back of the minds of a large number of Muslims. It’s just the reality.”

On the next edition of South Park, the producers placed a big “Censored” over Mohammed and beeped the utterance of his name. For good measure the channel deleted an entire segment about censorship and refused to put the show on the internet.

Norris was therefore inspired to let her own genie out of the bottle. Within a few days there were 8,000 members of a Draw Mohammed Day! group on Facebook. A counter group, Ban Draw Mohammed Day, started up. Bloggers picked up the campaign.

Thoroughly overwhelmed by the response, and realising that the ideological battleground was no place for coffee-guzzling Seattleite, Ms Norris removed the cartoon and its “campaign”.

Revealing something of her reasons, her newest cartoon is a mock advertisement: “Try the New Diet of Fear! … All you have to do is tick off a few million Muslims and you’ll be too afraid to eat!”

No one should blame Norris for withdrawing from the fray, for this kind of case throws up lingering and insidious uncertainties. Any threat could blow over quickly or endure, Rushdie-style, for decades. The row over the cartoons depicting Mohammed in the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten percolated for months before bubbling over into violent protests.

But what has been disappointing in the land that prides itself on free speech is the relatively meagre coverage given to the South Park-Norris affair. Even the new pro-drawing Facebook community now shows sign of losing heart.

Politicians and commentators here love to label objects of scorn as “un-American”. There is nothing more “un-American” than the denial of humorous free speech by the threat of violence, whether direct or indirect.

The American media has been more or less cowed into self-censorship by a jihadist group that has, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s Centre on Extremism, all of 12 members.

But, as we all know, the internet is a perfectly even playing field when it comes to incitement. Few major papers around the world have published those Danish cartoons. Who wants to look over their shoulder on the way home from work? Which editor wants a colleague maimed or killed thanks to a valiant editorial decision?

Let’s leave the last word to that other animated institution of American popular culture, The Simpsons. During the opening credits of last Sunday’s episode Bart Simpson scribbled on the blackboard: “South Park – We’d stand beside you if we weren’t so scared.”

After all that appeasement, it seems that the Madjihadistic Cultists of Death won’t be satisfied until they have tasted blood.  Religion of Peace my arse.  Once more, over to the Telegraph.

Times Square car bomb: police investigate South Park link

By Nick Allen and Gordon Rayner.  Published: 2:03PM BST 02 May 2010

Police in New York are investigating whether a car bomb in Times Square was targeted at the makers of South Park over a controversial depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

The device, which failed to detonate, was left near the offices of Viacom, which owns the irreverent cartoon series.

I’m one for Free Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Association although even I feel this is just antagonistic.  Saying that, I’m not one for blowing shit up if I’m pissed off at a cartoon crap.  You don’t like something, complain like the rest of us by all means, but don’t go all Rambo and expect us to understand.

There is enough violence in the Muslim world without justifying more over some cartoon.

Moderate Muslims, apologies in advance but your Islaminazi Brothers are painting a really intolerable picture at the moment and if it continues, we will not see a clash of civilisations but a bloodbath.  You can blame MOSSAD all you want, but until you have an overhaul of Renascence proportions, how can we trust the Islamic herd?

I fear the end result will be a Police State for all, and all in the name of Security and Equality.

Islamic Kamikaze | Why the mystery?

21 04 2010

Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

Let’s see now…

No Christmas

No Easter

No Television

No Music

No Sport

No Nude Women

No pork BBQ

No hotdogs

No chocolate chip cookies

No lobster

No nachos

No Beer nuts

No Beer

Rags for clothes and towels for hats.

Constant wailing from the guy next-door.

Constant wailing from the guy in the tower.

More than one wife.

You can’t shave.

Your wives can’t shave.

You can’t shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung.

Your bride is picked by someone else.

She smells just like your donkey.

Then they tell you that when you die it all gets better!

I mean, really, is there a mystery here?

Kudos to ‘they know who’ for this one.