Recommendation | And a waffle

27 10 2010

What did you do in the war Daddy? is a take on an old WW2 call-up campaign and a very good one at that.  Also, I cannot recommend the following book enough.  Aldous “the only universe you power over is your own” Huxley, alleged Mason, Satanist, the lot, wonderful dystopian/utopian novel;  Brave New World.

If there is a plan, and there surely is, fail to prepare, prepare to fail an’ all that, then I think the unintended result whatever the original intentions will probably resemble something like this book.  Efficiency is key to survival, it is what separates the species and the individual alike.  How we can overcome nature’s temperament and beasts is due mainly to our ability to communicate and work as a team working from the same gameplan.

Every human being is capable of being a cog, and in the past, great personal sacrifices were made unwillingly but necessarily so others could perhaps enjoy another minute of life.  The social revolution of the late Victorian, Early Edwardian age was true progress.  After the war, every gift given has been a poisoned chalice, from the ‘free at the point of service’ NHS to the ‘free for all’  State Education.  ‘The mass replacement of cheaper cogs to plug up the gaps due to the killing fields in Europe and beyond was regressive.

Some human beings are born leaders, and I don’t mean the big-eared inbred nobility that have avoided the axe, I’m talking about your Horatios and Drakes.  A few become legends, King Arthur and Robin Hood to name but two, and to ensure the ladies don’t feel underrepresented, Britain’s Pagan Saint Boudicca.

Other human beings can be a nuisance but in the most part bearable.  A few have their moment in the sun, Edward Teach and Dick Turpin from our dark past yet we survived their thievery.  Some are despatched by the gallows while some don’t but justice has always been a fickle mistress.

Yet there are those with dark souls and darker hearts (baby-eating Satanists) who just cannot help themselves but be bad.  Many probably began with the most modest of intentions and just saw a hole that needed to be filled.  Then again, perhaps they were responsible for the hole in the first place???

The birth of thinking man spawned the geo-political hydra we see today.  Probably started with a few tribal heads at first yet with the wonders of modern gizmos and gadgets, has grown into the miliary-style ‘help the world‘ brigade we possess today.  Filled with the likes of the United Nations, NATO, European Union, United Kingdom and various extra admin zones, the African Congress, the Islamic one, the <insert cause here> Lobby Groups and the billions of idiots who think blindly that clap their hands in applause cos they’re getting something for nothing.

There’s always a catch though.  Always.


In Defence | Social Housing

11 08 2010

Everyone likes to bash the Social Housing provided by the Council, some are against the very idea of it, others don’t like the dampness caused by idiotic neighbours who don’t know that washing machines not only take water in but also dishes it out.  Personally, I grew up as a Council tenant and once, I would have said I was proud and hopeful of carrying on the tradition.

For two reasons.

Firstly, to pay money to the Local Council instead of some private landlord has the benefit of being public knowledge.  At least I can be outraged when I find out that Southwark Council are renting offices on Tooley Street owned by HSBC to the tune of £5m per year.  Haven’t even mentioned the fact the lease is for five years.  £25m for offices.  Now, if I was paying it to some private landlord, how would I know if he was blowing all my cash on coke and whores?  Sure it might not be my business what he does with his money but him having a good time doesn’t keep ‘my’ area nice, does it?

Secondly, it’s cheaper and safer dealing with an accountable Council than it is with a wandering landlord.  If Southwark Council wish to force their way into my home, they need to get a Court to issue a warrant, no easy feat unless Old Bill are involved.  Yet all our private landlord needs to do is wait till we go work and use his/her spare key.

Now why I used to be proud and hopeful.

The pride once felt for the community spirit died when my community died.  Employment worries and the enrichment process took its toll.  Both aided and abetted by a system of alienation supported and enforced by my very own Government.

And how can I, as a White Male Briton (WMB), ever compete with some pregnant African Zulu princess with a sob story full of oppression and despair for a chance at having my own gaff?  I can’t.  Unless I go to drastic lengths like jail or the loonybin, and no Council house would be worth that.  Well, perhaps the one those Somalis got but that isn’t a guarantee.  So that is my lack of hope explained.

Personally, I just think this is a British ‘Government’, which remember, is the Country for the time being, wanting to shake off more of Her responsibilities.  “Passing the buck” is the American term for it.  Now before you try to sink my battleship, it is the duty of a nation’s government to address the needs of Her inhabitants.  Basic needs first and foremost, food, water and shelter.  That is it.

Now of course, with the willy-washing brigade of do-gooders getting involved, flatscreen TVs and iCrap has been thrown into the mix, leaving a stale taste for those who perceives themselves holding the bill.  But to deny the poorest Britons, most where they are not through a lack of trying but a lack of podium positions available, access to affordable and clean housing is exactly the reason for Council Housing.

Hundred odd years ago, Londoners especially, lived in the most squalid conditions known to man.  Chorea, pox and other nasties infested the overcrowded rooms that made a home then.  These conditions shocked many good souls, motivating people like Lord Peabody to throw his weight behind a social housing project, with the simple goal of improving the standard of living of their fellow kin.

Before that and the reason for the shocking housing conditions provided was the great influx into the cities.  Once again, this was down to the Landed Gentry transporting their pleb workers from the mlls and fields in their country estates to their toxic factories into borough council built estates.  More economical to keep the work, thus workforce, in one place.

Jumping back to today, our kin having been sidelined by the British piss-takers along with those needier NuBritons who wash up on our shores, the resentment against subsidised housing has probably grown sufficiently enough that soon all Britons, even the newer ones will suffer.  Of course with more and more machines and more and more cheap turd worlders, there is less and less need ungrateful natives to man the posts.

Alas, once the Government wipes Her hands clean of housing, do you honestly think that the ‘private sector’ will give a hoot about ‘affordable housing’, ‘community’ or even continuing local improvements?  More bloody likely we have a return to Oliver Twist!

Still pessimistic, still got a toothache, still hard grafting at work… etc etc

OBV | Black Britain Decided?

29 04 2010

From my previous posting regarding the supremacist organisation Operation Black Vote, have finally got some news of the event.

And just like the National Black Policeman’s Association and Operation Trident, this is another racist front organisation supposedly supporting Equality yet working towards the opposite and enforcing the need for Race Relations.

Parties woo black voters at rally

(UKPA) – 1 hour ago

Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats attempted to woo black voters at a lively rally on Wednesday night.

Hundreds packed the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, central London, for the Black Britain Decides event organised by Operation Black Vote.

The campaign group said the votes of black and ethnic minority people could have a “defining impact” on the outcome of the General Election.

Harriet Harman, Labour deputy leader, shadow chancellor George Osborne and Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable addressed the rally, while Tory leader David Cameron and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg both recorded messages which were broadcast in the hall.

Actor Kwame Kwei-Armah hosted the event, fielding questions from a vocal audience and using humour to keep control of the crowd.

The politicians were grilled on issues such as police use of stop and search powers and the DNA database, with those attending the event expressing concerns about disproportionate targeting of black people.

During the three-hour event they also spoke of their parties’ beliefs and pledges to make British society more equal and described personal experiences and motivations to bring home their message.

Asked what would be done to deal with a situation where a black man was five times more likely to be stopped by police than a white man, Ms Harman said: “I think that there is great concern, including in the Metropolitan Police, to make sure that there is not a sense of unfairness about the way stop and search is happening. I know there is a great deal of concern about that.”

She said it was important to balance the public’s desire to feel safe in the knowledge knives were not being carried on the streets with the need for fairness.

Kwei-Armah prompted cheers and applause when he ended the exchange by saying: “I think it’s very clear to Harriet and the Labour Party that people feel very strongly about the DNA database and it’s something, if you are elected, they would like to see reviewed.”

Copyright © 2010 The Press Association. All rights reserved.

And major kudos goes to Federica Cocco for covering the event and providing photos that can be found HERE.  Also provided the following blurb which I thought needed highlighting.

Harriet Harman, George Osborne and Vince Cable attended the Black Britain Decides rally organised by Operation Black Vote (OBV) in the Methodist Hall in Westminster. The rally was organised in partnership with Peace Alliance, church leaders, business leaders, activists and many other eminent members of the British community of black and ethnic minorities (BEM).

Up to 120 marginal seats could depend on the black vote, organisers say.

As prominent members of the three main parties spoke of their policies in favour of enhancing equality and justice, they faced tough and challenging questions from the audience, particularly on stop & search and on the national DNA database.

Okay for the Establishment to pander to the NuBritons to further the Internationalist Agenda yet evil for the Nationalists to oppose it on behalf of TruBritons.  Reminds me of High Street Banks, will bend over to gain your custom but once you’re in the vault, will move straight onto the next sucker.

The Western World hoovers up citizens like the Devil collects Souls.  Saints or Sinners, all are welcome to toil for the Internationalist Dream of Financial Salvation.

Some novel advice from myself regarding the ‘dissprotianate’ Stop & Search policy that so oppresses the yooth.  Tell your yewts to cease dressing and acting ‘Gangsta’, drop the South Central slang and STOP becoming one-man crime-waves.  Damn, not only do the Policeman get their own grouping but also the crooks!!!

Operation White Vote – for one day, we may just well regret it.

GE10 faux pas | Bigots and Racists

28 04 2010

Pensioner who claims she was a life-long Labour voter asks Brown how he would tackle the country’s record deficit, east European immigration, pensions, university tuition fees and anti-social behaviour.  ‘Flash’ Gordon reels off some tractor-stats, lessons learned and how the EU relationship is so beneficial to the economy which currently resides in the gutter.  So far, so Brown.

Then thinking he is out of earshot but forgetting the Sky microphone still attached to his jacket, labels the questioning granny as a ‘bigot’.

The delusional monkeys that call themselves Parliamentarians just do not get it.  Opposing the invasion of ones’ ancestral homeland by economic migrants is not bigotry or racist, it is common sense.  How would any of these Stooges like their home transformed into Little Lagos, Little Warsaw or Little Pakistan?

To bleat on about fairness and equality then deem it racist and xenophobic to oppose mass immigration and Eunification is one thing.  To do so while pandering to the Government ‘sanctioned’ and ‘approved’ Black Minority Ethnic groups is just plain hypocritical.  How can we achieve equality when the EU stooge Establishment are attending a supremacist Black Britain Decides event organised by Operation Black Vote?

Leaders to vie for black votes at London rally

(Reuters) – The three main party leaders will appeal to over 1 million black voters on Wednesday in a bid to woo ethnic minorities who may hold the balance of power in some parliamentary seats.

They will speak at a rally in central London organised by Operation Black Vote (OBV), who say the event is the largest of its kind in recent history and could make a “defining impact” on the election outcome.

The three leaders will address an invited audience of 2,500 voters by video-link at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster at 6 p.m, but will reach a broadcast audience of well over one million.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg will each have 15 minutes to speak.

Their respective deputies, Harriet Harman, George Osborne and Vince Cable, who will attend the event in person, will then field two questions each.

“Never before in British history has the black and minority ethnic vote been so crucial,” said Simon Woolley, OBV Director.

Woolley said ethnic minorities in Britain were not a homogeneous block and that tackling race inequality within education, employment and the criminal justice system were paramount.

“Which leader can best provide the solutions for these important challenges will be closer to winning this election,” he added.

OBV’s own pre-election research into the power of the black vote shows there are 113 seats in which the black and Asian voting-age population is bigger than the 2005 election notional majority.

It says 54 of those seats would now be considered very marginal due to the “Clegg factor” during the election campaign but that all 113 could be won or lost by an active black vote.

Other speakers at the event, called “Black Britain Decides,” will include black leaders from faith groups, business, politics, the arts and education.

(Reporting by Stefano Ambrogi; Editing by Steve Addison)

The joys of cultural enrichment, brought to you by the Establishment for the simple reason of keeping YOU in your place.

Media Quote | Islamic Vote

22 04 2010

The ‘special interest’ groups, whether it’ll be the incoming tribes that follow the Islamic way of life or our native mincers whose only wish is to be able to prance along the street, are very important to the Establishment.

What better way to divide the political spectrum than to impose Political Correctness?  And there is no better stick to beat the Nationalistic nature out of man than to deem it inherently evil to be so.

The Double Standards of identity Politics

Pandering to the indigenous natives who feel displaced and aggrieved by the rate of change is condemned as ‘pandering to racists and fascists’.  Echoed by the Establishment, thrid-party groups such as Hope not Hate and also the leftarded expendables that make up the UAF mob in an effort to dehumanize the bereaved to remove the argument.

Yet it is fine and dandy to pander the Black Minority Ethnic groups to dilute the Nationalist vote.

For some MPs the Muslim vote will be vital

Muslims are a small minority nationally but their votes will swing certain seats, and local issues will be key

HA Hellyer,, Tuesday 20 April 2010 13.15 BST

The Muslim vote in the UK is not large. The last census taken indicated there were 1.58 million Muslims in the country, and even taking natural growth since then into account, they probably constitute no more than 2-3% of the entire British population. Not particularly significant for politicians in this election.

But that 2-3% is concentrated in particular urban areas, and as a result, it becomes proportionally much larger when considered part of a constituency population – in some cases, 40% in a single constituency. And then, they become very significant for politicians.

The Muslim population of the UK is incredibly diverse – it cuts across racial and ethnic lines, as well as class. It’s almost pointless to talk of a Muslim bloc vote in such circumstances – but there are some key common aspects. For one thing, Muslim Britons are generally (not exclusively) blue-collar, and the majority started to become very politically active in the early 1980s – a time when a party that specifically focused on the working class was in opposition, and wanted to swell up their ranks. It’s not surprising, therefore, that Labour managed to command the Muslim vote for so long.

This year is a different ball game altogether. Just like any predominantly migrant community, over time they have diversified in their voting patterns, with some switching to the Conservatives as they move up the economic ladder. Yet, Muslim community lobby groups have not yet built the same quality or quantity of bridges with the Tories, and are unlikely to do so for a while, particularly as there is a strong current of suspicion that exists on both sides.

On the other hand, the Iraq war, and the securitisation of Muslims since 2005, particularly through the Prevent strand of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, has further alienated some Muslims who would have otherwise voted Labour, benefiting the Liberal Democrats. The issue for the Lib Dems is to find another issue, such as the Iraq war, that holds the Muslim community’s imagination – which so far, they have not managed to do. And as they have learned, Muslim voters might emotionally bring in a Liberal Democrat MP over a Labour one, owing to foreign policy issues – only to vote against the MP later, because of local issues.

Perhaps most fascinating about this election, however, is the level of interest that is taking place within the Muslim community. There are a number of dedicated websites urging participation – Muslim Vote 2010 and You Elect, for example. All of them, it must be said, are non-sectarian and non-party political – but apathy towards politics is at an all time high in Britain as a whole, and it could mean that the Muslim British community does not turn out to vote in very large numbers.

In this election, all bets are off – anything could happen. But what is definitely likely is that local issues are going to be particularly important, perhaps more than foreign policy – the rise of the far-right, with parties such as the BNP, could encourage Muslim communities to get involved in strategic voting to keep out the far-right.

All in all – it is going to be very interesting to see how this community votes come election day. One way or another, this will be a new era for Britain, and a new era for its Muslim community – for better or for worse.

No wonder the Establishment so like their pets.  The joke is on the immigrant though, for if my own kin can sweep me under the carpet, do the newcomers truly believe they will be treated better?

Diversify the population and you divide the people.  It isn’t rocket science.

Who should ‘We’, as a nation, please?

Labour | Local manifesto

9 04 2010

Received the hotly anticipated Labour manifesto, which I must say, was worth the wait.  In fact, I could have waited another thousand years before seeing the Labour ‘Rose’.

Nothing special about it, attacking the incumbant Liberal Democrats for their waste and neglect.

So alas, to break it down, they have condensed their main ‘promises’ on the front page of the promotional hand delivered fold-out A3 sized.

They have promised to introduce free healthy school meals for all primary schoolchildren.  Afterall, we cannot expect their parent/s, guardian, auntie or kidnapper to assume responsibility for looking after their young ones.

Another promise is the dream of making every council home warm, dry and safe.  Either planning a large sell-off or advocating more intrusion into family life, hence the ‘safe’ part of the message.

And the last main promise on the main page is a Labour Council would keep our taxes low by cutting waste.  Excuse me but hasn’t the last thirteen years seen a Labour Government turn out our collective pockets?

How can Local Labour sprout this kind of bollox and get away with it I don’t know.  Surely the Advertising Agency has some regulation about promoting goods that are fit for purpose.

I know this cos a Government funded radio advert on Xfm reminded me that I can go to a Government funded website for more information.  And guess what.  It is, it is!

No bother though as the Devil protects his own.  I mean our Corruptibles literally rub our noses in it on a daily basis.  And if by the luck of Zeus a PPC from any of the Establishment knock on my door, you’ll be seeing me on the 10 o’clock news claiming temporary insanity.  Better chance of a lighter sentence thanks to Labour.

To save you spoiling your evening and visiting the God-awful Labour shite, have a couple of screenshots of the advertised ‘promises’ (can’t see the small print but there has to be a disclaimer somewhere, surely).

click to enlarge

So more CCTV cameras and a new 1 o’clock club (where young single mums go during the day to ‘mingle’) is on offer?  Zero tolerance on dog-litterers and a dedicated team to decide on what to do with Peckham?

Go <beep> yourself you dirty <beeps>!

For the love of God, what about the illegal immigrants that infest the borough or the proliferation of guns by bloodthirsty plastic gangstas too keen to use em?  Can’t offend the ‘new natives’ now, can we.


Only person missing is Mr Blobby.

Labour are part of the Establishment, full of professional liars and political whores.  They are the cause of our collective woes, not the solution.

Also, not one mention of Labour’s dear leader, Mr Gordon Brown.  Expected I think.

Full Pdf File can be found HERE, be warned though, not one mention of England, English or anything else of that nature.  Once again, can’t offend the ‘new natives’ now, can we.

General Election 2010 | Auntie Beeb’s guide

6 04 2010

So the great deception begins, with the current Chairman of Britain PLC holding it on May 6th this year.  So be prepared for all the professional liars knocking doors in the hope of reelection, apart from those disgracefully standing down of course.

The joy to be had if one knocks on my door.

So to all the Establishment voters out there who are still considering voting for the EU stooge parties’ Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, remember, they’re all full of liars, cheats and thieves.  All proven by the Lisbon Treaty referendum and lies, parliamentarian expenses cheated left, right and centre (pun intended) and our National savings stolen squandered on Government Luvvies.

A vote for the Establishment is a vote for the continuation of corruption that infects every aspect of our public services.

Auntie Beeb has done a half-decent job for once with the breakdown between to what is on offer and have produced handy little blurbs for each.  And I must say, the BNP skit isn’t the hatchet-job one would assumed the NUJ directed drones in the Media’s Leftarded Army usually produce.

Where They Stand: Guide to party election policies

BBC website

BNP ‘blurb’

Halt all immigration; deport criminal and illegal immigrants; offer legal immigrants financial incentives to return voluntarily to their countries of origin; give preference in the job market to “native Britons”; withdraw British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; only commit British troops to conflicts which “directly affect” British interests; re-introduce corporal and capital punishment; withdraw from the EU.

So as I say, not that bad, bit forceful in the repatriation plans when considering it is something already done by previous governments.  Only difference is this will be openly promoted to the whole immigrant community, not just slyly used bribing jailed foreign crooks to leave early via Eurostar.

Of course, there is no Jury Team, Communist Party, LPUK or National Front dissection.  And why would there be, it is hard enough for the Establishment to smear UKIP and the BNP without having to attack the other options standing.