OWG | Agenda 21 and Diet

22 10 2010

James Delingpole is oh so more eloquent than myself in the writings of rage, that I shall direct you to his piece in the Telegraph regarding the ideas thrown around about our collective, and that word is important, diets.  I won’t cut and paste it all but just highlight the third from bottom paragraph and one phrase in particular.

‘Let them eat vegetables’ says the Eton Grocer’s eco-fascist quango

Apart from being riddled with false assumptions – the main ones, of course, being that “Greenhouse Gases” need to be controlled in the first place; that their effect on “Climate Change” is anything to worry about; that any of this is any business of the Food Standards Agency anybloodyway – the document is really just a means of further advancing the cause of the Quangocracy, Big Government and the UN’s Agenda 21.

Now, just what is the UN’s Agenda 21?  Well, according to the following video, just another step towards One World Governance resulting in property rights suspended, collectivism imposed, and just a general corporatisation of the entire globe under one roof.  One glove fits all.  Or possibly one iron gauntlet to keep all in check.

The official plan can be read HERE, yet unsurprisingly, once more the authors deliberately skirt around the written bush, using all sorts of soundbites that no sane human could reject, yet what one says they are going to do and what they actually do, are two very different things.

1.4. The developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries, in order to cover the incremental costs for the actions they have to undertake to deal with global environmental problems and to accelerate sustainable development. Financial resources are also required for strengthening the capacity of international institutions for the implementation of Agenda 21. An indicative order-of-magnitude assessment of costs is included in each of the programme areas. This assessment will need to be examined and refined by the relevant implementing agencies and organizations.


Redistribution of wealth which of course will be handled by a respected banker who of course wouldn’t dream of skimming some of the top…  whose ever heard of an untrustworthy public servent 1US??? 2UN??? 3UK???

2.4. Governments recognize that there is a new global effort to relate the elements of the international economic system and mankind’s need for a safe and stable natural environment. Therefore, it is the intent of Governments that consensus-building at the intersection of the environmental and trade and development areas will be ongoing in existing international forums, as well as in the domestic policy of each country.


Consensus-building usually means “We’re right, you’re wrong and if you step outta line, we’ll smack you one“, or worse, ‘blow you up‘ as if the below was an innocent mistake.  (warning, those with a nervous disposition should not view this as this is uncensored)

I could go on but it’s best if you skim through the whole thing yourself, and I say skim otherwise it’s like reading any governmental release, mind-numbingly protracted bullcrap that actually has the ability to make you vomit.  When something looks too good  to be true, it is usually bullcrap.  And after all them years finessing this art, the political masters and their puppets in the world do a splendid job of smoke and mirrors and top of the range bullcrap.

Even the best intentions can have the worst consequences.  And every time I hear the UN and various whores mention sustainability, I can’t help but picture euthanasia on tap.  Remember our business partners in the Chinese government’s approach towards over-population.  No problem with murdering an unborn soul to sustain their economy.  How long before the UN adopts this stance as a way to save the planet?  And why, in the age of equality restrict this barbaric and sadistic measure to those conceived yet not received?  Why not the over 50s?  Or the unemployed?  Or the disabled?  Or those on low incomes?  Or anyone else that doesn’t tag along?

Just like UN Peacekeepers raping their way across Africa to the dodgy dealings with Saddam and the Oil for Food programs, I wouldn’t trust this bunch of despots with my shed.  Bet the UN is just one giant horse-trading show in which each representative tries to outdo the others in vying for the UN’s cushy jobs. Oh yeah, we’re the horses.  And oh yeah, the Owners of this planet appoint the cushy jobs;  for economic power can buy political power, ad infinitum.

The root of all evil is the love of money…  money buys many things, yet most sought, is good old-fashioned control.  And it doesn’t matter how well-off you think you are, compared to Earth PLC’s stockholders, you’ve got sweet FA.

All’s fair in love and war.


Corruption | The small fish

5 06 2010

Considering the Government-sanctioned kick-backs enjoyed by the Political Class, it isn’t any wonder that the smaller fish try their luck at lightening the public purse.  It is of even less wonder that when caught, the smaller fish always pay the piper while the Political Class just claim it was “within the rues” or a “technicality”.

Three jailed for bribes on £1.3m of education quango contracts

By Amy Wilson, Telegraph.  Published: 8:29PM BST 04 Jun 2010

Three people have been jailed for their role in bribery and money laundering involving £1.3m of public money belonging to Britain’s biggest quango.

Paul Kent was sentenced to four and a half years in jail on Friday, after receiving kickbacks of more than £300,000 for corruptly awarding more than £1.3m of contracts on behalf of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) in Shropshire.

Between 2004 and 2005, Mr Kent and his wife Sarah embarked on a “lavish lifestyle” of “exuberant spending” the Serious Fraud Office said. That included a £40,000 wedding and honeymoon, Audi sports cars and numerous designer watches from brands such as Cartier and Rolex. In one eight-month period, they spent more than £95,000 when their joint pay for the period was £35,000.

The Serious Fraud Office and West Mercia police launched an investigation in July 2006 after being alerted by a whistlebower to a corrupt contract tendering ring at the LSC in Shropshire. The offences took place between 2003 and 2005 and the defendants were sentenced on Friday at Birmingham Crown Court.

The court heard how in 2003, Paul Kent lied on his CV to secure a senior job at the LSC in Shropshire, which involved soliciting and evaluating tenders. He then encouraged Rebecca Hoyle, an old school friend, to apply for contracts through her business. She went on to pay Kent £29,000 from £94,000 of contracts awarded by the LSC. Hoyle received a one-year suspended sentence on Friday.

Kent also received corrupt payments from Silinder Singh Sidhu, who worked with him at the LSC in 2003. Sidhu later resigned to become a paid consultant to the quango. He made £80,000 of corrupt payments to Kent for £266,000 of work from the LSC. He was sentenced to three years in jail.

Also jailed on Friday was John Stuart Ford, sentenced to two years. Ford, who had previously failed to win contracts from the LSC, was approached by Kent and then was awarded £920,000 worth of work to set up the Telford Learning Centre. He repaid Mr Kent with £190,735 in kickbacks.

Sarah Kent will be sentenced on June 12.

The Learning and Skills Council was the UK’s biggest quango and was set up to fund and plan education for over-16s. It was closed down in April 2010.

Paul Kent pleaded guilty to obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception and 11 counts of receiving corrupt payments. Sidhu admitted two counts of corruption and was found guilty of two more after a trial. Ford pleaded guilty to five counts of making corrupt payments. Hoyle pleaded guilty to three counts of corruption. Sarah Kent admitted money laundering.

And what is the difference between the above and the Labour Party helping out friends?  Quite simply, power.  Even with a new government there seems to be a distinct lack of will in investigating that particular money-merry-go-round, which cost far more than the £1.3m embezzled by Paul Kent and co-conspirators.

DeMOCKracy | The GTC

2 06 2010

For those who don’t know, the soon-to-be extinct GTC stands for General Teaching Council, which sadly/gladly is being resigned to the dustbin by the new ConDem Coalition.  The reasons given are short and swift apart from a long rant about the failure of the organisation to nail Mr Adam Walker to the cross.

“…this government wants to trust professionals – not busybody and patronise them.

“But when professionals do dishonour the vocation of teaching, action needs to be taken.

“And when the GTCE was recently asked to rule on a BNP teacher who had posted poisonous filth on an extremist website they concluded that his description of immigrants as animals wasn’t racist so he couldn’t be struck off.

“We need new proposals to ensure that extremism has no place in our classrooms and the bodies that have failed to protect us in the past cannot be the answer in the future.”

For those that need reminding, why not visit the BBC and see a nice biased conclusion of events and possibly the hidden reason for the GTC’s coming demise.  With such a slanted worded introduction and a classic ending shows that the Beeb just cannot help themselves.  Absolutely loved how Auntie Beeb made a dash for the anti-democratic protestors at the end of the clip.

Conditioning the nation 100% dandruff-proof.  Only problem is the amount of bullcrap that accompanies it.

Labour | NuOpposition

24 05 2010

In the last week, we’ve had a couple of Labour apparatchiks claim that the Iraq War was a mistake, with OH writing what we’re all thinking, the public-moneyed millionaire champagne socialist Neil Kinnock is backing one of the Millipede brothers in the leadership race and now Andy Burnham confirms what we already knew, that Labour deliberately tried to “stifle debate on immigration“.

Looks like the worst government I have ever seen will be followed by the worst opposition.

BNP | McCarthy style witch-hunts

22 05 2010

I was going to report that binmen in Rotherhite had suspected the letters’ “B/P” written on the top of recycling bins meant the resident was a BNP supporter and reported this ‘orrible offence to their supervisor.  Said super has a chinwag with the occupier of the property finding out that the markings were innocent reminders of the recycling order.

And even after being told the above, the super still offers to swap the ‘offending‘ boxes to avoid further confusion which the occupier rightly refuses and categorically states that although he is not a supporter of the party, even if he were, what business is it to the council?

But alas, Simon Darby beat me to it so will instead bring you the tale of Gary Marsden I’Anson, a victim of a witch-hunt McCarthy would be proud of.  First the background with the help of an HR website, HeadOffice (23/04/2010):

A former employee of West Yorkshire Police who writes controversial right-wing songs in his spare time has brought a claim for unfair dismissal against the force.

Gary Marsden I’Anson was sacked from his job as a police imaging officer in February 2009 over alleged links with the British National Party (BNP) and for using work time to produce far-right DVDs, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports.

Mr I’Anson is a singer-songwriter who performs in front of a Union Jack and has published lyrics expressing right-wing views.

However, he has denied claims his material is racist and also told the tribunal he never used police time to work on his promotional CDs and DVDs.

The 48-year-old said: “I did not steal one minute of police time because I am not a thief.

“I have been discriminated against because I have celebrated my culture and heritage. The police didn’t like it full stop.”

David Jones, representing the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, said profits from a website run by Mr I’Anson were used to fund BNP activities.

What the above fails to mention is that Mr I’Anson was arrested for the alleged offence of being involved with the BNP.  In any other country this would be classed as political persecution would it not?

Excluding people from society because of their religious, cultural or political beliefs is immoral is it not?  Or is this an acceptable price to pay for Liberty?  Only being allowed to join the Inner Party if you are a supporter of the Centralist Establishment Parties, otherwise it is a life as a prole that beckons.

Leeds racism row singer loses unfair dismissal claim against police

Yorkshire Evening Post.  Published Date: 21 May 2010

A racism row singer fired from his day job with West Yorkshire Police has lost his claim for unfair dismissal.

Gary Marsden I’Anson, of Morley, was arrested and sacked over his alleged association with the British National Party and for using work time to compile right-wing CDs and DVDs for his rock band Anglo Saxon.

The police imaging officer of 23 years claimed West Yorkshire Police unfairly dismissed and discriminated against him.

But an employment tribunal in Leeds has ruled against Mr I’Anson.

Deputy Chief Constable David Crompton said: “This case was significantly aggravated by the fact that force computers were being used in order to generate material which was clearly supportive of the BNP and which had content that was unquestionably contrary to the aims and values of the force.”

Now jobless Mr I’Anson, 48, said: “It’s a sad day for freedom of speech, artistic expression, liberty, democracy and human rights. It is a good day for political correctness.”

Mr I’Anson denies any political links to the BNP and says he is not racist but an ‘anti-terrorist patriot.’

He said police were “talking nonsense” over claims he is associated with the BNP.

In 2007 Mr I’Anson was arrested on suspicion of possession of written material with intent to incite racial hatred. He denied any wrongdoing and no charges were brought.

After being suspended on full pay he was eventually sacked in February 2009, after a two-year investigation.

Listen hear Mr Crompton, the aims and values of the Police Force are simple, it is to deter crime and be incorruptible.  It is not to be the Government’s political enforcer.  You are paid to uphold the law, not waste two years perverting it.  Two years for Christ’s sake!?

Where were you when our Politicians were busying themselves signing away our sovereignty?  Where were you when our Thin Blue Line executed an innocent man in Stockwell?  Where were you when our grannies and our kids were being robbed, assaulted and killed?

I tell you where, you were investigating a political motivated catch-all ‘hate’ crime for two bloody years!

God.  Mad.  Funeral Pyres.

ConDem | Big Society

19 05 2010

The EU Constitution was renamed the Lisbon Treaty and thus continued the Eunification project, and by all means, call me a cynic but I’ve got a feeling that the promised Big Society is just another rebranding exercise for the continuation of the Establishment’s Big Brother agenda.

The Big Society policies include:

  • Training a new generation of community organisers who will support the establishment of neighbourhood groups
  • Giving communities a greater say over their local planning system
  • Encouraging volunteering and involvement in social action, including launching a national Big Society Day
  • Piloting the National Citizen Service, which aims to give teenagers from different backgrounds the chance to take part in a two-month summer programme including community involvement
  • Supporting mutuals, co-operatives, charities and social enterprises to have greater involvement in the running of public services
  • Funds from dormant bank accounts being channelled to a Big Society Bank, which will provide finance for neighbourhood groups, charities and social enterprises
  • Increasing access to government-held data through a “new right to data” for citizens to ensure Government data is published. The police will be obliged to publish monthly crime statistics
  • Extending powers for local government and conducting a comprehensive review of local government finance to help remove restrictions that limit the work of local councils

Yet Mr Sam Leith from the Evening Standard has painted the various reasons that could lay behind PM Cameron’s Big Society:

The simple view is that he was just trying to find a way of laying the ghost of Mrs Thatcher to rest by using the word “society” somewhere in a sentence — and, flailing around for a qualifying adjective, he hit on “big”.

A second school of thought maintains that he had in mind the vision of a Burkean civic Conservatism, with “little platoons” of volunteers — or, in this case, big platoons — swarming over the country doing good works and squeaking “heave! heave!” like the mice in Bagpuss.

The third school of thought is that the “Big Society” is simply a nice way of explaining public-service cuts. If you say: “Sorry, no more bin men, fire engines, surgeons. We’re doomed” you risk spreading despondency, see?

So instead, you say: “We are reaching out, to you, the people of this great nation. And this is our invitation. Join us. We need people, in their communities, to collect the bins and take pride, once again, in making a better place for us all to live. We need people who, when they see their neighbour’s house on fire, don’t just dial 999 — but fill a tooth-mug with water and run towards the flames.

“We need people who don’t just sit around collecting their disability benefits and waiting for the NHS to do their kidney operation for them — we need people who will pick up the sharpest teaspoon they can find and get stuck in. And you will learn these vital skills at the free school’ that we invite you, the people of this great country, to start.”

I’m in no doubt that whatever the intended purpose, it will just be more of the same old State-sanctioned theft, just wrapped in a different bow.

Mindless Musing | Dogs’ Law

14 05 2010

Telegraph prodded me, scroogle pointed me to m’Lord Harris and the summary is:  Lord’s money-saving idea:  Kill Fido

Former head of the Metropolitan Police Association (MPA) now Lord, Toby Harris has suggested culling all those dangerous dogs currently in police custody to save £10,600,000 in the next ten years.

Now before you all side with the Labour Lord, remember that many of these dogs are suspected of being illegal breeds with a small percentage being those involved in actual attacks.

Whatever your personal taste on the ownership of animals, these pets are the property of some Briton and so should be treated with the utmost respect.

Now, if m’Lord had suggested a cull of all those sick animals currently residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure (with us picking up the £70,000 per prisoner bill), I would be praising the man’s courage.  But here he is, proudly offering a final solution to the canine problem.

Considering that m’Lard was once part of the thin blue line, Toby would’ve known his proposal could never become legit.  The State cannot seize your property and then dispose of it if it becomes an inconvenience to store.  It goes against Common Law, let alone the millions upon millions of additional statutes, rules and regulations the Old Bill happily enforce.  With m’Lard knowing that and still suggesting this cull…  looks a little like attention seeking to me.

And seeing as the new Coalition Government has pushed Labour into Opposition, doubt m’Lard’s comfy contracts will last much longer so no most probably looking to top up those loses with some media spin.

Politics is an ugly business, m’Lard proving no exception.

Rather put Fat Toby to sleep than those little puppies.  Probably save us just as much.