Musical Crime | Another half-truth blackout

11 01 2011

Music are sounds in emotion.  Certain styles have the power to invigorate, inspire and sooth the soul.  So if that is possible, surely the opposite can be achieved.

Now I’m not going to cast assertions on which style of rhythm is worse, for musical taste varies from person to person.  However, this pipped my interests in the local paper.

Cops are linking an increase in phone thefts with the type of band playing at a town centre’s music venues.

Lambeth police reported the “correlation” last week but remained tight-lipped on the styles of music that attract the most “organised criminality.”

I very much doubt Simon Cowell’s God awful acts are involved, although personally, every time I hear one of his tart creations I feel suicidal, but not once have I thought about robbing someone.

Now, there are two reasons the Police are keeping quiet on naming which music scene is the main culprit.  The first is definitely race relations.  It is a fact that most street robberies in South London are committed by Rudeys (nice way of saying black criminals).  The second reason is to protect the Corporates business interests from bad publicity.

So instead of the Police warning the public of hot-zones like our Home Office does to would-be Briton tourists travelling abroad, it instead muddies the water so you don’t know which scene is more prone to crime.

Worse of all, it increases assumptions instead of fact on the one hand and on the other, ignorance and thus lowers defensive instincts.  Both are as dangerous as the other.

Take the assumption recently made by the Controlled Media in relation to the leftarded wingnut who shot an Arizona politician.  This will definitely bite them on their arse soon enough, and I very much doubt even the Messiah Obama will be able to shake it.

Next, let us move to the ignorant, those that choose to not let their instinct get them the better of them and walk past a group of Rudeys ending up in their local newspapers as victims of robbery, rape or murder (sometimes all three).

Back to this matter, I lament at the stupidity of our Thick Blue Line.  It seems an uninformed public is defenceless without the facts and cannot take necessary precautions to protect themselves.  And all this just so the Police can keep protecting the Multicultural Nightmare that has exasperated tribalism and the Corporates who help pay for it.

When the law doesn’t protect you, what then?


Edna House | The Twilight Zone

3 08 2010

The Unwin Estate of Southwark, situated on Peckham Park and Bird and Bush road, had a refurbishment a while back.  Gawd knows how much it cost but I do know the Council had to pay out twice for scaffolding as some nark forgot to put the drain pipes on.

For those not privy to the layout of a Sarf London council estate (lucky bastards!), they are usually made up of large groupings of flats called ‘Something House’, serviced by lifts that smell of pish if your lucky, or if your unlucky, hallways that smell of pish.  Unlike our American cousins who seem to build in blocks, our Estates sprawl over into every nook, cranny and disused canal it can, usually surrounding a tiny rubberized playpen where you can sit and while away the day.

Alas, it isn’t the Southwark Shoddy Workmanship I wish to bemoan or an explanation of Southwark Wonders from the Victorian Age but what should be a local landmark for all to see.

After the scaffolding came down from Edna House, the second time, our Dear Council decided to place a score of photographic murals along her base.  Now a walk past the outdoor gallery is like looking at what was while smelling what is!  Very unsettling.

Photographs of beaming white children waiting on the train platform, lines of well-wishers for a local dignitary in a motorcar, a couple of kids playing by the canal, the wood yard beside the canal showing the waterways for what they were.  All with the soundtrack and aromas of our replacements.  Very twilight zone.

“Celebrate the diversity and get involved” the Righteous would say.  “Be proud of Britain and stay strong” my compatriots say.  I cannot do neither for I have already lost my home and am reminded of it every bleeding day.

No matter what we do, the Bastards who Be will win.  If  we revolt, we’d only end up buying our arms from the same people.  If we move our money away from them they’ll only print more devaluing it anyways.  They own everything.  No need to own the people when you own the tenancy.

Damn, what was meant to be a Peckham tourism promotion turned into a doom-ridden rant.  Blimey, and to think, I wasn’t feeling so beaten the other day.  Must be the umpteen paper cuts, dislodged vertebra and half a kilo of olde archiving dust in my airways since.  I’m too nihilistic when clogged up.

Southwark | No angel but…

3 08 2010

This story appeared a while back in my local paper.  If the Sun had gotten hold of it, no doubt the entire nation would have lent an ear (sic and you’ll know later).

A heart-wrenching story about a poor man facing deportation to Jamaica appears in the Southwark News, this poor man who if deported will be leaving his wifey and little girl.  This poor man who only ever wanted to provide and protect his family is currently languishing at vast expense in a a detention centre.

But, and here we have the clincher, even he admits he is no angel…  so how on earth does he think wifey crying that to the local press will help his case just shows that the Immigration Authorities should refuse him on the grounds of stupidity.

Considering this was a while back, I did try to find some more info but I guess he is still languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure.  If only she had called the Sun he could have been a celebrity.

So why the heck hasn’t the Border Agency fast-track this self-admitted “no angel” out of here?  If I’m honest, I cannot be bothered.  There are perhaps ten-thousand of em in Peckham, that or I maths really are bad.

Labour | Dirty Harry speaks to SLP

27 05 2010

The Wicked Witch of Camberwell and Peckham have graced the pages of the local South London Press newspaper, and sadly, the news is not good.  The ‘Champion of the little people’ has declared that she has no intention of entering the leadership race and worse than that, plans to stay on as Deputy Leader.

For the interview, click HERE.  Although, at least I’m not the only one peed off at Miss Harperson.

“Ms Harman mentioned in her parliamentary speech yesterday that the staff of Highshore School had asked ’whether they will be able to go ahead with their new rebuild’. What we actually asked was why she had not responded to our multiple requests for a visit during our campaign AGAINST the rebuild – we don’t want it, never have. Clearly she only visited us for her own political ends!”

Highshore, Peckham, London | Wednesday 26/May/2010

Southwark | Legacy of Labour

12 05 2010

Since 1997 my beloved borough has lost 110 pubs.  In the Southwark News they write “increases in beer tax, the smoking ban and the recession have seen a third of the boozers in the borough close down during the period, the statistics from the Valuation Office Agency have disclosed.”

No mention of the cultural enrichment that NuBritons have brought to the borough.  Couldn’t be that most Africans only ever visited the pub to watch Sky Sports and even then, only purchased a lemonade.  Nor could it be that most TruBritons have been priced out of the job market with ever-decreasing wages and so cannot afford a pint and have to make do with 6 for 5 offers from the Off-Licence.

Run.  Piss-up.  Brewery.  The fools that rule us can’t even handle that.

Thuck you very much Labour.

For full story: Southwark. More pubs closed here than the rest of England

Southwark | Useful link for upcoming election

3 05 2010

To be honest, I thought I’d be able to sift through all the info on my own and translate the process in simple underclass English.  Woe’e me, woe’e me though that there is so much crap out there, that I just cannot be bothered.

There are only so many promises and pledges one can read before he becomes a total cynic.  And that is no fun in a Bermondsey pub, or healthy for that matter if you’re moaning at everyone and everything.

So, if you live in the glorious and historic borough of Southwark, for all the local and national candidates standing in your locality, visit the following Official Council link for information before you cast your vote:

Local and general elections 2010

Once you have the name, with a little search on google, facebook, twitter and 123people, you should be able to acquire some background information.  If you can’t find them online, they don’t deserve your vote.

My own advice is simple.  Do not vote for the Establishment, even if it means spoiling your ballot with a lovely drawing of Gordon, Clegg and Cameron in compromising positions, for the smaller the mandate, the more just all-out revolution will be, heads on sticks ‘n’ all.

Joking (or fantasizing aside), if you can vote Nationalist, do so, for we need a Patriotic team to counter the agenda propagated by the Globalist Subversives currently infesting our Nation’s Institutions.  Failing that, vote for an independent candidate.

For if the Nationalists are truly as useless as the Establishment propagates, it won’t matter as it’ll just mean the EU will continue their takeover except at a slower pace.  And if your independent ends up corrupted, at least they won’t have an entire gang to help conceal it.

Family, Kinship and Ancestral Homeland.  Are they not worthy of protection?

Britain cannot continue to suffer under the protection of those who profit from our woes.

Vote the same, get the same so whatever you do, please don’t encourage the Houses of Swine class of the last sixty years!

Local Election | Peckham Independent

3 05 2010

The upcoming elections not only include the General but also the Local and it is with great sadness that out of twenty-five standing, only one is an independent in my beloved Peckham.  Even the hippified greenies are backing six candidates for Christ’s sake!

I have to elect someone though and considering that there are three councillor positions up for grabs, will somehow have to cast all three to the one independent.  Don’t know if that is possible but I’ve got an arts’n’crafts kit (thanks Peoples’ Republic of Peckham) so will do my best.  They say I would have gotten a GCSE in art if I had done that instead of becoming the scourge of Sarf London.  Okay, the Old Kent Road but in my youth, we had to pay for (or bunk) the bus.  Sure, if Kurt Russel ever needs a new backdrop to escape from, this place would make the perfect setting but it’s still my home.

Enough of what I will do and what I have done, this is about the future of the wasteland known as Peckham.  I cannot trust the Political Cartels of Red, Blue, Yellow or the watermelon Green Brigade to my borough so by default, it has to be…

The Independent

Phil Bale, the independent candidate standing to become Peckham Councillor had my vote when I found out he was the only independent.  Safe to say, after reading his background, he doesn’t seem like such a bad bet either.

Phil Bale ‘Standing up for Peckham’

Of course, I’m not that stupid to vote for someone without doing a little digging, for no-one deserves to win by default.  And am glad that I did as Mr Bale seems competent enough for Peckham and also has a handy little blog that I shall be reading up on over the next couple of days.

One word of the joys of diversity though and I will spoil my ballot paper with a drawing of improbable-sized boobies instead of placing the ‘X’ next to Mr Bale.

So Mr Bale, if you do so happen to read this, stay silent about your politically correct beliefs and you can count on my vote.  If not, at least look forward to a comical democratic insult.