Earth Plc | Institutionalised corruption

18 04 2010

We know our Parliament is corrupt.  We know the Courts are too.  The Police most probably.  The Press most definitely.  Council Officials of course.  Church and religious leaders fare  no better.  Every orifice of a public (or major private) office seems to be oozing with corruption.

And with Chatham House rules in place, those with their paws on the gears of progress can hammer out all sorts of nefarious plans away from the gaze of their intended victims.

We know what is wrong with the system.  It is the lack of Quality Control shown by our protectors.  Instead of working for the Nation, the Bastards that Be pass Laws to which they know little about, usually at the bequest of the Law Society or the European Council, and even less inclination to challenge them.

A point of interest, check out the UK Statutes and Acts and see if you can understand some of them.  May have well have been written in Japanese with the amount of legalese used, no wonder it takes so long to become a lawyer.

So how do we fix such a problem?  Well, firstly, we all need to oversee Our Democracy from now on.  Every vote, every ballot needs to be seen by us.  Labour should have been wiped out of the European elections, something doesn’t fit.

If we can do that, once election time comes, we’ll get the correct result, and hopefully Britain will have come to its senses and voted the entire Establishment out.  A goalpost is preferable to anyone NuGov puts up.  If we can destroy the Big Three, we may have a chance of redemption.

Only then could we leave the Neo-Fascist European Empire.  Only then could we instigate a real investigation on what the Establishment have been doing in our name.  Only then could we have laws repealed and amended.  Only then could we remove all undesirables from society fairly, equally and above all, using common sense and rope if necessary.

So long as the Establishment remains, so will the degenerates that infest it.

We have the Right of Reply at the Ballot Box.  Let  us shout out the Corruptibles before they not only have Gold-Plated Pensions, but Vote-Proof Positions.


PR Dave | Hung parliament

17 04 2010

Proving once more that the Tory team are unfit for purpose.  Short of ideas and policies through the paralyzing fear of losing votes, simple soundbites and non-committal promises are dished out like candy.  Tiring of appeasement, Mr Cameron sure is firing both barrels and now trying to scare the electorate into voting Blue.

“A hung parliament would be a bunch of politicians haggling, not deciding. They’d be fighting for their own interests, not fighting for your interests. They wouldn’t be making long-term decisions for the country’s future, they’d be making short-term decisions for their own future.”

Perhaps a coalition government with short-term aims set out by the people would force the Establishment to rethink their positions, that is, if they wish to keep them.  For never have we suffered such a political rash brought on by rotted corruption.  At least in the past the common man and woman had a chance of fleeing for a new life in the colonies.  Today, we are the colonies!

Even Tory Ken Clarke is festering in the brown brigade extolling this pearl of wisdom.

“There would be a risk of another financial crisis if we had a hung Parliament.”

Our markets are ruined anyways, some jobs overvalued, others underpaid, investment converted into dividends, packed up and sent to China, toxic toy for return, the stench is overwhelming of the global money-go-round.

Personally, I want a hung parliament in every sense of the word.  The Bastards that Be have had plenty of time to reflect and repent, a purge of biblical proportions would not satisfy me in the pursuit of Corruptibles.  So Politically, the only representative I want that meets me halfway in my demands is the direct-democracy supporting BNP.

The real danger of a hung Parliament:

All three of them working together.

It took a team of Internationalists to subvert the British Isles, so it is only logical that a team of Nationalists would be the best medicine for our predicament.

And neither Brown, Clegg or Cameron can be described as Nationalists.

‘Flash’ Gordon | Not to be outdone

17 04 2010

Mr Brown must have read about PR Dave’s address to the Jewish contingent and so thought he better announce his own Big World Society plan.  Or course, anyone taught to be sane knows that there is no New World Order conspiracy controlled by secret societies.

That would be silly, as if those with the ability to buy entire parliaments would even dream perverting nation’s governments for personal benefit.

Gordon Brown sets out vision for global society

Gordon Brown set out his vision for a global society during a speech at the Open University headquarters in Milton Keynes as part of his series of election lectures.

By Rebecca Lefort, Telegraph.  Published: 4:56PM BST 17 Apr 2010

The Prime Minister was speaking to academics, international development campaigners and supporters.

He said he had a vision of creating a global institution to help reconstruct countries where civil society was broken; a global environmental organisation to tackle climate change; and a global financial system which serves the people.

He also said he wanted to provide more support to international development agencies. “What people say is impossible and beyond our reach can happen,” he said. Mr Brown used images of World War II, the Holocaust, Apartheid in South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, the Balkans and the Congo to illustrate what he said was a continuing progression of worldwide values towards a more compassionate and ‘global society’.

He spoke of his own experience of visiting a 12-year-old orphan in Africa, saying: “There was simply no hope in her eyes,” and of his pride that the Labour government had helped 40 million children in developing countries access education.

Mr Brown talked about the vision of former American President John F Kennedy whose enthusiasm and determination spurred his country to the moon. Last week Tory leader David Cameron also referenced the iconic JFK during the Conservative’s campaign.

Although the focus was on international development issues Mr Brown also spoke about domestic issues and said the leaders’ debate had established the ‘choices of the election’.

“I believe that your jobs, your NHS, your schools, your policing, these are what are on the ballot paper when it comes to the election a few weeks from now,” he added. He said the Conservatives had made ‘strategic mistakes’ by ‘putting the recovery at risk’ and failing to realise the importance of public services to the electorate.

“It looks very much like the same old Conservative party with new public relations but similar policies to the past,” he said.

Forget about Labour’s benevolence in educating 40,000,000 turd worlders, the use of emotive propaganda that has little to do with Labour or Britain and the blatant orphan prop.  Let me highlight the man’s vision:

‘A global environmental organisation to tackle climate change; and a global financial system which serves the people.’

So much for any pretence of democracy.  If the Establishment Political Media Complex felt the need to deny us a vote on the revamped Lisbon Treaty, our chances of having a say in this lies in the coming election.

Identity Politics | Gayness and beyond

12 04 2010

Apologies for yet another story on something a little bit queer, problem is, the subject seems to have endless amounts of media coverage where various leftards are given the platform to scream for more to be done.

Nice when I come across one that doesn’t though and makes a little sense.  James Parker’s article “Sex, gay rights and the Cross” in the Times which the following snippet is from, explodes the ‘legislating to equality’ bullcrap the Fabians deem necessary.

Once stripped of a socio-sexual identity, which by its very nature can bring about feelings of inequality and exclusion, many report over time experiencing a deeper sense of integration within themselves and with those around them, and a new-found sense of equality irrespective of any homosexual feelings.

Many today call for increased legislation to rid our society of its seemingly draconian inequalities. And yet equality for one sector will always diminish the equality for another and thereby fail in the goal it seeks to attain.

Concern shared by some homosexual men and women is that pockets of society, including the so-called gay community and other minority groups, are looking for deep inner resolution merely through external means.

We have discovered, much to our surprise, that legislation will not, because it cannot, eradicate the deep sense of injustice that so many face. In fact, legislation can often further blind and hinder us from making the necessary inner journey we all have to take to bring about greater social equality.

Once again I remind my poor unfortunate readers that since 1945, the common man and woman has had the vote.  So since 1945 we have been cajoled and coerced en mass.  Labour, Conservative, Labour, Conservative, Latour, Conservative…  an endless rotation between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  How did they do it?

Identity Politics

Probably originated when humanity first formed settled tribes with the structures and relations that came with it.  Arguments where one bunch of hunter-gatherers have had a disagreement with another bunch, who then proceed to spread malicious rumours of how the ‘offenders’ has shown dislike to tribal traditions or similar, leading to a massive kick up the arse from the one collective to the other.

Since that time it has been refined to an art form and is now simply called Politics.

Simply by pitting one ‘offended’ lot of the public against the perceived ‘offenders’ then politicking the situation furthering the divisions preserving the status quo, the calming presence of the Establishment, thus ensuring their grip on power due to the thankful.  The more splintered the British electorate, the better for the Establishment.

For the Government who robs Peter to pay Abdul can always rely on Abdul’s vote and I suspect there are more Abdul’s than Peter’s.

Safe to assume though that enough voters work or have business links to the Establishment, while others sadly, depend on it.  That or the vote counters are mathematical geniuses equivalent to Stalin’s tractor statisticians, not like vote rigging would be new to Parliament.

Yet so long as the rest of the electorate who do not feed off the State scatter their votes accordingly, the Paid-For-By-Tax Voting Block will always be enough to keep the Corruptibles safe.

We need to fix democracy from the ground up before we end up like Uzbekistan.  We need to reign in outright Corporatism, aka, Free Market Capitalism before every company is ‘off-shore’ funneling millions into yachts.  We meed to reduce immigration to a drop, we’re full to the brim and I say a ‘drop’ for we can’t refuse everyone.  Just most of em.

God, we need so many things, and the only way I see such a thing happening is for us all to vote Nationalist.  Nationalism is not about everyone dressing in grey flannel suits singing the Queen’s anthems, although I do rather like Rule Britannia myself, it is about the first bastion of defence against foreign interests, even Scottish ones.

British Nationalism encompasses all the Home Nations.  The simple reason this was ever promoted was the logic that the British Isles are best defended by the British.  I’m also an English Nationalist, a Southwark Localist and a part-time Millwall hooligan, one of the ‘non-violent but will kick you in the nuts if you want some’ type.

But without a Nation as a firm support base, what hope does Britain have to rebuild?

The future will consist of hard graft no matter who you vote for.  We should do our best to at least keep the work in-house.

Fascism | UAF’s Colin on R4

25 03 2010

The Leftarded Colin probably resembled his communist flag after his embarrassing defence performed on behalf of the fascist, anti-democratic, freaks of the Unite Against Freedom mob.  Mother of a concerned English Defence League member does an excellent job of demolishing Colin, serves him up good and proper.

Showing the usually peaceful ambiance of BBC Radio 4 the true colours of the Unite Against Freedom mob can only be a good thing.

Massive kudos to NATIONALISTgeordie for the upload.

I love it how Colin confirms that the Leftarded Armies of Doom are:

Anti-democratic Brownshirts.

Can’t have those nasty nazis running about, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of speech of any group we disagree with.

Racist low-lifes.

The EDL are subhuman from bad-breeding, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of expression of any group we disagree with.

Violent thugs.

We don’t care about causing violence, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of association of any group we disagree with.

Less brains than a rocking horse.

Yeah, in 1945, there was a nasty man, he says.  Will OPPOSE the FREEDOM of choice of any group we disagree with.

If I wanted to mimic the Unite Against Freedom tactics, I would insist on the rounding up of those Leftarded Fools in the UAF, taking to the main roads and then lynched high from the lampposts with signs around their necks proclaiming their treason.  Yet I’m not a savage so will do my fighting at the Ballot Box.

But if the Unite Against Freedom mob succeed in taking away that route,

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

UK Plc | Government pays Union staff

20 03 2010

More proof of the Government’s money-merry-go-round in the news that Labour has spent £17,000,000 in one year (2008/2009) of taxpayers’ monies on staff to carry out ‘trade union activities’.  Of course, Labour would only give our money to worthwhile causes and to them, what is more worthwhile than themselves?  Certainly not us the electorate.

Taxpayers’ money spent on union salaries

Whitehall departments are spending millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money paying the salaries of trade union officials.

James Kirkup, Political Correspondent.  Published: 8:00AM BST 20 Jun 2012

The Ministry of Justice said it paid its staff to carry out 43,208 days of trade union activity in 2008/09. The estimated total salary cost to the taxpayer was £6.5 million.

HM Revenue and Customs paid its staff for 48,902 days of union activity during, at a cost of £5,918,065

In the current financial year, the Department for Work and Pensions has budgeted to pay its staff to carry out 42,460 days of trade union activity, at an estimated cost of more than £5 million.

Several ministries said they effectively employ full-time union representatives at public expense.

The Department of Children, Schools and Families pays the salaries of four members of staff engaged in “national full-time trade union activity”. Their annual wage bill is £118,000.

The Department of Communities and Local Government employs two full time union workers at a cost of £95,000. It also spent £192,000 paying part-time union workers for their union activities.

The Department for International Development said it has one full-time staff member “allocated to undertake trade union activities” and paid £30,000 to £35,000

At the Treasury, one senior official spends three days a week on trade union activity.

Other Government bodies that confirmed they are paying for union activity include the Crown Prosecution Service, which spent £535,915 last year, the Treasury Solicitor’s Department, which spent £37,212, and the Royal Parks, which spent £29,333.

The total annual bill for trade union activity in Whitehall is likely to be significantly higher than £17 million, because several ministries and agencies have refused to provide figures for their spending.

The union representatives being paid by the Government are understood to be from a number of unions.

Many are members of the Public and Commercial Services Union and Prospect. Some based outside Whitehall are believed to be members of Unite, the union behind the British Airways strike.

Union representatives have had a statutory right to “reasonable paid time off” to carry out trade union duties since 1975.

Labour gave union representatives more rights to paid time off in 2002, passing a new law allowing union members paid time off for union training courses.

We haven’t moved on from the rotten boroughs of old.  Gerrymandering and buying votes with public money to entrench themselves is as rife today as it was in the last few centuries.

Still thinking of voting Establishment?  If so, there really is no hope for this Nation.

EU | Well d’uh

19 03 2010

Should have posted this ages ago, d’uh!

Dan Hannan, an MEP who has been ‘fighting’ the EU from the inside for over a decade in the political cesspool of Europe, once again proving he is in the wrong party.  That or he has fallen victim to the European Easy-Life and is nothing more than a stooge who provides the Euroskeptics a release valve.

Brussels is run by and for lobby groups

Last updated: March 12th, 2010

Nearly two years after the European Commission introduced a register for lobbyists, only 40 per cent of Brussels lobbying firms have signed up (hat-tip, EUObserver). Forty per cent, that is, of the 286 companies that explicitly market themselves as Brussels political consultants. We’re not talking here about the in-house lobbyists of the big corporations, nor of trade and professional associations, nor yet of the lobbying-at-one-remove that can be undertaken through proxies, so as to avoid having to declare meetings.

Nor, needless to say, are we talking about lobbying by green pressure groups which, as we discovered earlier this week, often fund their activism with grants that have come from the EU. Nor yet about lobbying by the mega-charities, which also receive tens of millions of euros from Brussels. Include all these, and the register would start to look like a Yellow Pages.

Lobbying is not intrinsically wrong. Indeed, three of my oldest and dearest friends have become lobbyists, and I can’t imagine them ever behaving unethically. The trouble is that the Brussels system cuts out the voter, concentrating power in the hands of unelected functionaries and, to a lesser extent, anonymous Euro-MPs. Lobbyists, naturally enough, have filled the vacuum.

Perhaps the best option is to do a John Redwood: that is, to refuse to deal with any lobbyists, however benign their motives. This attitude is doubtless unfair to many wholly innocent public affairs people; but it avoids any appearance of conflict of interest. And here’s the thing: if you have a problem, you can write directly to your elected representative. Nine times out of ten, he or she will take up your case for nothing.

Lobby groups are nothing more than ‘special interest groups’.  Think-tanks, Charidees, Non-Government Organisations and Corporations want to borrow the violent power of government to further their special interests.  They have no interest in asking Politicians, only buying them.

With the concentration of power in Brussels, it becomes so much easier for these special interest groups due to the fact that instead of buttering up umpteen politicians from umpteen nations, they can do so in the comfort of Strasbourg or Brussels.