BNP | Leftards answer to the Nationalists

20 04 2010

Although this has already been stated by others, I’d like to throw my ten-pence in.  The (news to me) Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank posing as a charity,when in reality, it is a left-leaning grouping of like-minded individuals trying to impose their communistic dreams into an ever greater proletariat have published a study.

Once again, it is detailing how to combat the rise of their mortal enemies and the eater of babies, the evil far-right Nationalists who oppose Internationalist Corporate Ownership cartels.

How IPPR is funded

IPPR is a registered charity. Our work would not be possible without the valued support offered to us by our funders, including:

  • trust and foundation grants
  • European and international funds
  • central and local government funding
  • corporate, public sector and voluntary sector support

So bankrolled by us, under the guidance of our subversive Government and with clear intentions of increasing European and World integration through interdependence, and we are supposed to take this report seriously?  I will cut to the chase and leave out all the waffle (for that go HERE or HERE or HERE), I just want highlight the gist of this internationalist plan to rid Nationalists of a voice.

More immigration to displace more Britons to blatantly dilute the nationalist vote.  Isn’t this classed as gerrymandering?

And just how of earth do they propose achieve a task such as that!  Go in and disperse settled african communities scattering them to the four corners of the Kingdom?  Split Britain in Nick Clegg ‘mentioned’ European “Regions”, issuing ALL with restrictions within said regions?  Impose an interaction scheme where those with the least in common spend twenty minutes per day talking about their feelings?

Or just continue the flood of people until the pips squeak?


* PS:  For abusing the pictures from Marvel, do invest in a comic or two of theirs, less freaky than that Manga-babe-robotic-actionrama the Japanese knock out and a hero for everyone (or villain for others).  Akira was good though.